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29 Oct
P. Ahamba

Pastor Ezekiel Ahamba

Nigeria’s newest gospel sensation, Pastor Ezekiel Ahamba, is set to launch his maiden album, God Is Great.

The album launch will kick off at exactly 4pm on Sunday, 2nd November 2014, at the Main Auditorium, Merit House, Maitama-Abuja.

The event will feature renowned gospel minister and ‘Glorious God’ crooner, Pastor Elijah Oyelade, Sure Voice Choir and other anointed ministers.


Pastor Elijah Oyelade



Artiste: Ezekiel Ahamba

Album: God Is Great (2014)                     

Record Label: Sure Music Records

Producer – Xstuff
Running time – 51:56 minutes

Track List: 

  1. Lifted High 04:53
  2. Igwe 06:15
  3. God Is Great 08:01
  4. More and More 06:14
  5. Hide My Life 07:49
  6. King of Africa 09:25
  7. Onye Nwe m 04:58
  8. Don’t Give Up 05:41

Sure Music Record 002

Emotions make for the best music classics ever to sound the surface of the earth. God is Great, a beautifully put together body of work with lines that speak straight to and renders your heart in praise to God. With his rich tenor voice and lit up heart, Ezekiel Ahamba has found silver lining in churning out a record that will outlive his physical presence and existence in the universe.

With Hit singles like Lifted High and Don’t Give Up’, he has proven that he sure has what it takes to take the Gospel Music Industry by storm.

God is Great is an 8-track album whose soulful praise and worship symphonies literally ignite a fire that burns with a passion for the love of God.

The emotion-laden composé opens with the beautiful ballad; Lifted High is about an emotional outpouring of worship to God whose name is worthy to be exalted!

Ezekiel Sure’s musical dexterity on Igwe – Ochi Ora has a special swing and sway to it as he switches from his alto octaves to the zenith of his contralto range. Strings and horns introduce this track with a percussive feel to it, very nice and most especially the build up from the intro into the lead vocal coming in like a rush of juicy opera keys and synths.

‘God is Great’ is a beautiful sound with beautiful vocal riffs that renders soulful praise to the ever loving and ever caring God. It is that kind of song that will make you want to recount your blessings despite prevailing challenges.

‘More and More’ is like the commandments slate from the ageless Holy Book that excites, teaches, chastises and condemns, and yet imbues one with immense love for God.

The lord is our strength and our refuge, and as such, ‘Hide My Life’ is in consonance with Psalms 121. It is a good mid tempo song executed, and it is easy to rave and clap along with because of its bouncy feel, more like one step at a time.

King of Africa is a typical African worship song that takes none right to the altar, emotions were expressed in this quality piece of art, the deliveries were on point. But above all, the message of the kingship of Christ is evident throughout the whole track.

Onye Nwe m completely captures our resolve to surrender ourselves to God for Him to dispose of us according to His desires. It goes a long way to express the fact that, left on our own accord, there is nothing we can offer God that will be enough, except making ourselves available to be used by Him. But for the many little things we choose to ignore, we should be grateful in the truest and most honest form – culturally baring our thankful heart in our local dialect spun over this sonorous melody.

The composé draws to a close with a mid tempo exhortation for us to go out into the world and live our lives for God. This reggae-inspired gospel work recognizes that travails and pains are part of life’s inevitable – the vicissitudes of life. The message in Don’t Give Up is as clear as Romans 8; Let Nothing Separate us from the Love of God!

You can literally feel the album’s synergy even strengthening as you slide from track to track. Best of all, one music mind delivered all of this variety in a singular production effort – XStuff, would be the other music genius who makes Ezekiel Sure’s rhinestone shine even through bright light.

This album is a good work of art put together but like we always say “there’s room for improvement”.

Meet the man who tamed Nigeria’s most lawless city

27 Oct

Babatunde Fashola has won near-celebrity status for transforming west Africa’s biggest city Photo: AFP/Getty Image

Babatunde Fashola, governor of Lagos, has transformed the city – and helped halt the spread of Ebola in Nigeria

He famously claims to be “just doing his job”. But in a land where politicians are known for doing anything but, that alone has been enough to make Babatunde Fashola, boss of the vast Nigerian city of Lagos, a very popular man.

Confounding the image of Nigerian leaders as corrupt and incompetent, the 51-year-old governor has won near-celebrity status for transforming west Africa’s biggest city, cleaning up its crime-ridden slums and declaring war on corrupt police and civil servants.

Next month, he will come to London to meet business leaders and Mayor Boris Johnson’s officials, wooing investors with talk of how he has spent the last seven years building new transport hubs and gleaming business parks.

Yet arguably his biggest achievement in office took place just last week, and was done without a bulldozer in sight. That was when his country was officially declared free of Ebola, which first spread to Nigeria three months ago when Patrick Sawyer, an infected Liberian diplomat, flew into Lagos airport.

Instead, Mr Fashola turned a looming disaster into a public health and PR triumph. Breaking off from a trip overseas, he took personal charge of the operation to track down and quarantine nearly 1,000 people feared to have been infected since Mr Sawyer’s arrival.

Last week, what would have been a formidably complex operation in any country came to a successful end, when the World Health Organisation announced that since Nigeria had had no new cases for six weeks, it was now officially rid of the virus.

“This is a spectacular success story,” said Rui Gama Vaz, a WHO spokesman, who prompted an applause when he broke the news at a press conference in Nigeria on Tuesday. “It shows that Ebola can be contained.”

Ebola free

A school official takes a pupil’s temperature in front of the school premises in Lagos (Reuters)

The WHO announcement was a rare glimmer of hope in the fight against Ebola, and even rarer vote of confidence in a branch of the Nigerian government, which was heavily criticised over its response to the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls by the Boko Haram insurgent group in April. As a columninst in Nigeria’s Leadership newspaper put it last week: “For once, we did not underachieve.”

For Mr Fashola’s many supporters, it is also yet more proof that the 51-year-old ex-lawyer is a future president in the making, a much-needed technocrat in a country dominated far too long by ageing “Big Men” and ex-generals.

“He is the best governor we have ever had,” said Odun Babalola, a Lagos-based pension fund portfolio manager. “He’s made a lot of progress in schools, railways, and infrastructure, and unlike a lot of politicians, who are corrupt, he’s a good administrator.”

True, the successful tackling of the Ebola outbreak was not Mr Fashola’s doing alone. For a start, the doctor’s strike that was under way when Mr Sawyer collapsed at Lagos airport turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Rather than being taken to one of Lagos’s vast public hospitals, where he might have languished for hours and infected numerous fellow patients and staff, he was instead admitted to a private clinic. There he was seen by a sharp-eyed consultant, Stella Adadevoh, who spotted that his symptoms were not malaria as had been first thought.

She then alerted the Nigerian health ministry, and along with other doctors physically restrained Sawyer when he became aggressive and tried to leave the hospital to fly to another Nigerian city. Her quick thinking help stop the virus being spread more widely, but also cost her her life: she caught Ebola herself while treating Mr Sawyer, and has now been recommended for a national award.


Patrick Sawyer (AP)

But even by the time Mr Sawyer had been isolated, the virus was already on the loose. Knowing that he had passed through one of the busiest airports in west Africa, health officials had to try to track down every single person who had potentially been infected by him, including the other passengers on his flight. The list started at 281 people and grew to nearly 1,000. as eight others whom he turned out to have passed the virus to subsequently died.

That was where Mr Fashola stepped in. He broke off from a pilgrimage to Mecca, flew home and then helped set up an Ebola Emergency Operations Centre, which spearheaded the mammoth task of monitoring all those potentially infected. A team of 2,000 officials were trained for the task, who ended up knocking on 26,000 doors. At one point the governor was being briefed up to ten times a day by disease control experts. He made a point of visiting the country’s Ebola treatment centre, a way of communicating to the Nigerian public that they should not panic needlessly.

“Command and control is very important in fighting disease outbreaks, and he provided effective leadership,” said Dr Ike Anya, a London-based Nigerian public health expert. “He also said exactly the right things, urging for the need to keep calm. Regardless of whether you support his politics, he has been very effective as a governor and I would be happy to see him stand for leadership.”

Born into a prominent Muslim family but married to a Christian, Mr Fashola trained as a lawyer and went into politics after being appointed chief of staff by the previous Lagos governor, Asiwaju Tinubu, a powerful politician often described as Mr Fashola’s “Godfather”. But while he has long enjoyed the backing of a political “Big Man”, is his role as a rare defender of Nigeria’s “Little Men” that has won him most support.

Once, while driving through Lagos in his convoy, he famously stopped an army colonel who was driving illegally in one of the governor’s newly-built bus lanes, berating him in front of television cameras.

“The bus is for those who cannot afford to buy cars,” he said. “I want a zero tolerance of lawlesness, and those who don’t want to comply can leave our state.”

It was one of the first times Nigerians had ever seen a civil servant confronting a member of the security forces, whose fondness for committing crime rather than fighting it has long contributed to Lagos’s legendary reputation for lawlessness.

Armed robberies – sometimes by moonlighting police – used to be so common that few people ventured out after dark. Foreign businessmen would routinely travel with armed escorts, and the few willing to live there would stay mainly in a heavily-guarded diplomatic area called Victoria Island, a rough equivalent to Baghdad’s Green Zone. Add to that the suffocating smog, widespread squalor and regular three-hour traffic jams, and it was no suprise that the city had a reputation as one of the worst places in the world to live.

Today, much of the problems remain. But members of the vast Nigerian diaspora say they now notice big changes whenever they go back. “When you return you see an absolute difference – things have improved 100 per cent,” said Nels Abbey, a London-based Nigerian journalist and businessman. “Traffic is not what it used to be, bus lanes have been introduced, and it feels a lot safer. Fashola has been like a Tory mayor for Lagos – he is trying to make it attractive to the well-off.”


Lagos, Nigeria (AP)

Styling himself as Lagos’s answer to Boris Johnson has not endeared him to everyone. As well as laying plans for a vast offshore business park intended as an “African Dubai”, he has accelerated programs to clear the ever-expanding shanty towns, ordering their occupants to return to their homes in Nigeria’s poorest east and north. That has led to criticism from human rights groups, although others say it is hard to see how Lagos will ever improve otherwise. “Do I endorse it?” said Mr Nels. “I am afraid it is a bit of a necessary evil.”

Another big achievement has been increasing tax revenues, vital in a city where the GDP of $43 billion makes it the fifth-biggest economy in sub-Saharan Africa. Mr Fashola has tried to sweeten the pill by putting up signs on all new infrasructure projects, saying “paid for by your taxes”. It is a rare acknowledgement of gratitude in a country where a guaranteed stream of state oil wealth has historically allowed rulers to remain aloof from the ruled.

However, despite being relected with 80 per cent of the vote in 2011, the main hailed as Nigeria’s brightest political hope in years is far from guaranteed a life in office. Having served two terms in office already, he is not allowed to run as Lagos governor again. And as a member of a minority tribe and the country’s opposition All Progressives Congress, he currently lacks the political backing to go head to head against Goodluck Jonathan in next year’s elections.

In the meantime, fresh from ridding Lagos of Ebola, he is focusing on an arguably even tougher challenge, launching a new initiative to stop motorists stuck in traffic jams from blasting their horns all day. As he put it: “If we can overcome Ebola, then we can overcome noise pollution.”

culled from

Health officials had long feared that the outbreak, which has already claimed nearly 5,000 lives elsewhere in west Africa, would reach catastrophic proportions were it to spread through Lagos. One of the largest cities in the world, it is home to an estimated 17 million people, many of them living in sprawling shanty towns that would have become vast reservoirs for infection. To make matters worse, when the outbreak first happened, medics were on strike.


21 Oct
Victor 1

Victor Obinna Anokwuru is in a dire medical situation…

Victor Obinna Anokwuru, a promising young man is currently fighting for his life after been diagnosed with a chronic kidney infection.

He has started dialysis session which costs him close to N50,000 per session, and he is required to carry out at least two sessions every week, to keep him alive, which has drained the finances of the family.

Victor 4

Victor undergoing a dialysis session…

The family is appealing to all kind-hearted citizens of the world, and able Nigerians to come to their aid by assisting them with funds for a kidney transplant abroad, which cost has been estimated to be within the range of Seven and Eight million naira.

And if the members of his family does not share compatibility with him, an additional fund of Three to Four Million Naira will be needed to provide a compatible donor.

Victor 5

Victor.. was once hale and hearty… Let’s help him recover his health

Victor is a 35-year old man;  a former student of Lagos State University(LASU) with Matriculation number 0406/is/01/038, 2004 session.

He was born into the family of late Comrade Billy Bright Anokwuru a former national auditor of the Nigerian Labour Congress, (NLC) and Mrs. Celine Chika Anokwuru.

Please help to keep him alive, as the life of their mother who is highly hypertensive depends on it.

Victor 2

Victor’s health is exacerbating, and he needs our urgent help..

To help save the life of Victor Obinna Anokwuru, you can contact the family through the details listed below;
Name: Anokwuru Victor Obinna

Account no: GT BANK –0116983382 or ECOBANK—2951027692
BBM PIN: 267989C8.
Contact numbers: 08062589343, 08029002341. 08107642244.07033462302

Meet Nigeria’s Top Chef – Chef Fregz

21 Oct

It was Virginia Woolf who opined that  “One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well”.

Don’t you just love good food and the people that make good food look so easy? Well, Meet Gbubemi Fregene, known popularly as Chef Fregz, Executive Chef and owner of Chef Fregz; a private catering business.

Chef Fregz

Gbubemi Fregene was born in the south-western Nigerian city of Abeokuta. He is a part of, what can be called ‘the new-age Nigerian youth’ – who are carving out niches for themselves, as creative’s, outside of the regular professional career paths.


As a Chef, Gbubemi’s passion is to merge a creativity that is fresh and unbridled with elements of the budding youth culture and the world class training he received at Le Cordon Bleu in order to make every meal a truly unique culinary experience.

He shared some culinary secrets with us. Enjoy… , .

What was your inspiration for starting up the business?

Chef Fregz 1

Passion for eating good food. As a child I really loved the food my mum and Aunt Rosalind made and I started to question how it was made and showed interest in cooking my own food. So through the years, I was obsessed with things like BBC food, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. I would spend my savings on cooking for friends and people in the house. Whether it was sweet or not I more or less force fed people to try what I had made. In my University days, I was pushed to ask myself what I wanted for my life. I was force to think about was really drove me and what I was passionate about. I heard Fela Durotoye speak once and he said whatever you are willing to do for free is what you really should be doing; and cooking food for people to enjoy was my biggest passion and something I didn’t mind doing of free so I went for it.

To transform this into a business was really out of desperation. After I moved back from Paris where I attended Le Cordon Bleu culinary Institute, I actually did not want to work. I wanted to “relax” it had been one whole year of cooking and I wanted a “break” but when I noticed that no one was footing any more bills for me and my hotel job I really wanted was not coming through anytime soon, I dusted my small catering business I started prior culinary school and one of the first steps to “rebranding” was an accident/a stroke of inspiration.

While “relaxing” I used to drive my mother’s staff to and fro from work where she catered for an office and all that while I used to spend time at my friend’s new cafe. She always bugged me to make her “Cordon bleu” pancakes then it hit me… why don’t we do special event to market your space more you sell your desserts I sell my food and we split profit?

There Chef Fregz Special was born. The private chef business kicked off and I started the now steady Bellanaija Cuisine column on

When, where and how did you make your first move?

Chef Fregz 2

Chef Fregz Special…

In all honesty my very first move started from 2009 after I moved back to Lagos from Kaduna during my NYSC service year. After much thought, I moved back to “start up” a food business. I had nothing but my neighbour’s borrowed BBQ stand and my passion for grilled food. So I started out by doing BBQ style food for events. Two of my breaks were;

1. Cooking for my friend’s graduation party. I was meant to be part of that party because we graduated the same set but I was too happy to provide good BBQ food for the party. the food was a hit at the party and the referrals started to come in.

Chef Fregz 3

2. Also, I would say my biggest break was with Yewande Zaccheaus (Mrs) CEO Eventful ltd. We go to the same church and this fateful Sunday we had a work fairy and she sat there all by herself under “events” and I thought to myself WHY ISNT ANYONE TALKING TO HER! DO THEY KNOW WHO SHE IS?! She asked me to roast two chickens and make a salad for Christmas day for her and since then the rest has been history!


What are your milestones/success?

3a Chef Fregz Greets Customers

Chef Fregz attending to his customers..

Every person I have served food and has it etched in their memory is my milestone and success. So I don’t sound too self-righteous and come across like I have 5 kobo humility. Cooking at the Italian embassy for Italians and they all thought it was an Italian cook who made dinner. It was such a triumph for me to have Italian people tell me my food reminded them of their grandmother’s cooking. I was privileged to be the chef for a private dinner for Dr Mike Adenuga for his 60th birthday.

What have been your major obstacles? 

Staff; sometimes if not all the time they do not get it and setting up an office space too.

How has social media helped your career?

Chef Fregz 5

Chef Fregz column on Bella Naija – Cuisine Column

Social media has done too much for my business. Most of my business has come through social media. People respond to visuals very well. So we thank God for Instagram and twit pic and bellanaija.

Word of inspiration to others who want to start up a business? 

“Be Passionate. Be Humble enough to seek help especially with regards to business acumen. Save, have written goals. Seek to always add to best value.”

Find out more and contact us on. & Social media accounts: Facebook: Chef Fregz Twitter:@chef_fregz Instagram:@chef_fregz 07058833366 Truffle Regards, Gbubemi Fregene

Meet Timi Ejiwunmi – Nigeria’s wedding Solutions Provider

15 Oct
Timi 1

Timi Ejiwunmi

Timi Ejiwunmi is the CEO of I Do Weddings; a qualified lawyer who decided on a departure from the legal profession to set up I Do Weddings. I Do Weddings is a one-stop wedding solutions company that caters to all wedding related needs.

Timi 14

Under I Do Weddings there’s a bridal line called Love, Tims that offers bridal apparel including wedding dresses, reception/evening dresses, bridal jewellery, bridal accessories, a perfume line, and bridal bouquets.

Timi 2

What was your inspiration for starting up the business?
Passion and void inspired me. I have a strong passion for all things weddings and romance so it made sense for me to set up a company doing what I love and what comes naturally to me. Void in the sense that I didn’t know of a one-stop wedding solutions company in Nigeria where a bride could go to one place to solve all her wedding related needs.

Timi 3

With regards to bridal wear, when I was getting married I didn’t feel there was much in terms of choice when it came to beautiful dresses and accessories. I feel that I could add an injection of elegance and beauty at par with international counterparts who I ended up settling for because there was a lack of options here.

Timi 4

When, where and how did you make your first move?

Having completed three law degrees and gaining corporate experience at Coca-Cola, I decided that I had enough academic and professional experience to start I Do Weddings.

Timi 5

So towards the end of 2012, before I completed my third year at Coca- Cola, I started to put together a practical plan to set up the company for everyday business.

Timi 6
What are your milestones/success?

Just seeing my vision come to life is already success for me. The first person that we sold a wedding dress to was Annie Idibia the wife of 2Face Idibia who happens to be one of Africa’s well known singers.

Timi 7

We have only been in business for a year and a half and under the current services we provide there is; wedding planning, engagement letters, engagement gift wrapping, gele tying, a bridal line, personalised clothes, a perfume line and but to name a few services that we offer. We have a strong following on our different social media platforms with over 107,000 followers on Google plus and on Instagram over 22,000 followers and counting. So I’d say accomplishing a considerable amount in a short space of time is success.

Timi 8
What have been your major obstacles?

To be honest I cannot say I’ve had major obstacles in the sense that I try not to see things as obstacles. If I did, I’d be dissuaded and not start the business.

Timi 9

That is not to say that there haven’t been challenges. For example not having as much money as I would like to do as much as I want is a challenge. Rather than see it as such, I started small with strategic plans such that I can utilise the resources that are currently available. Instead of spending tons of money on advertising which I need but don’t have the resources for, I have networked to push the brand and focused on building my social media platforms to the point where we have a strong following and so can use such platforms to advertise. We also sell merchandise online which circumvents the issue of having not yet built a big mega store.

Timi 10
How has social media helped your career?

Timi 11

The value that social media has brought to my business cannot be overstated. Customers are able to contact me nationwide and internationally because of the various social media platforms that we are on. Social media has also meant that we have been able to save money on traditional advertising, which isn’t as viral as social media. When people walk into the bridal boutique and we ask ‘How did you hear about us?’ quite a high percentage of clients say Instagram or some other social media platform. Suffice to say, social media has been integral to the success of I Do Weddings.

Timi 12
Word of inspiration to others who want to start up a business?

“If you wait till you are ready or for perfect conditions you’ll never start anything. Start today not tomorrow! Take the risk and follow your gut and dreams, it will all pay off so far as you are dedicated and not afraid of hard work. Don’t wait till you have all the money you need, just start by taking a step in faith. When you are moving in the direction of your true calling God finds a way to make things possible so far as you take that step of faith.”_ Timi Ejiwunmi

Find out more and contact us on:
Social media accounts:

AFCON 2015: Nigeria’s Super eagles set to redeem image against Sudan

15 Oct

Super Eagles

Nigeria will be hosting Sudan in the fourth leg of the qualifiers to the AFCON 2015 competition . The Sudanese previously won against Nigeria last week in EL Khartoum with a 1-0 score . The Nigerians had a lot of chances to equalize but they lacked efficiency .

The Super Eagles trainer is expected to make three key changes to the side that lost in Khartoum when they take on the Falcons of Jediane this evening in Abuja

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi is expected to make changes in the starting line up of the team in today’s match against Sudan

Goal Nigeria scooped that the place of Ahmed Musa in the right wing attack of the team is already taken by Omatsone Aluko of Hall City.

Musa did not take part in Monday’s training exercise held at the main bowl of the Abuja National Stadium. He was nursing an injury that the team doctor said was not a major one.

He has joined recuperating Michael Babatunde on the bench while Aluko will be starting a match in Eagles colours for the first time under Keshi.

Another major doubt is Elderson Echiejile who may not start the match on the left back for the Eagles due to loss of form. Although Echiejile is not injured, it is believed that Keshi prefers to start Juwon Oshaniwa who had an impressive run at the World Cup in Brazil.

Oshaniwa has also proved his form during the training sessions he had with the Eagles since his arrival in Abuja.

Raheem Lawal is also a preferred first choice in the midfield and will be starting ahead of Nosa Igiebor in today’s cracker against Sudan.

Other players including team captain and goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama, Efe Ambrose, Godfrey Oboabona, Kenneth Omeruo, Onazi Ogenyi, Mikel Obi, Emmanuel Emenike and Gbolahan Salami retained their starting place in the team for today’s match.

Nigeria XI

Enyeama; Oshaniwa, Oboabona, Omeruo, Ambrose; Onazi, Mikel, Lawal; Salami, Emenike, Aluko

Today’s game will constitute a big chance for both teams to maintain their chances to qualify for the AFCON 2015 . Any other defeat could be fatal so we’re expecting to see a real battle to win the three points .

The Sudanese seem confident especially after their last win but the Nigerians will certainly try to avoid the mistakes they’ve made in Sudan especially in the defensive side .

African Women Championship: Nigeria Falcons Spell Zambia, Move into Semifinal

15 Oct

super falcons

True to their pre-match boast, the Super Falcons yesterday proved to their male counterparts, the Super Eagles, that Nigeria is still a force in world football when they hammered Zambia 6-0 to book their passage to the semifinal of the ongoing African Women Championship (AWC) with ease.

The Nigerian girls won their first game 4-2 against a resilient Les Elephantes of Cote d’Ivoire on the opening day of the championship on Saturday to win the hearts of many Namibian fans. Yesterday, the fans came in large number, clapping and cheering the Falcons against their fellow Southern African country, Zambia.

The match was barely two minutes old when Delta Queens FC forward, Ngozi Okobi struck the first goal. The jubilation that greeted the goal had hardly died down, when Houston Dash of USA defender, Osinachi Ohale, made it two in the fourth minute.

Desire Oparanozie made it three a few minutes later when she converted a penalty following an infringement by a Zambian defender, Grace Zulu, in the 18-yead box.

The Zambian was given a marching order as it was her second bookable offence.

Early in the second half, FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup golden girl, Assisat Oshoala, made it four for the Falcons, while Oparanozie increased the tally to five goals a few minutes later. She also took her goals tally so far in the competition to four, as she had scored a brace in Nigeria’s 4-2 win over Cote d’Ivoire on Saturday.

Former African player of the Year, Perpetua Nkwocha, completed the rout with the sixth goal that received applause from the fans.

Ngozi Ebere was voted the MVP in yesterday’s game.

Meanwhile, the Falcons have appealed to Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, wives of governors and other top women politicians in the country to rally round them the same way their husbands gave the Super Eagles morale and financial support at the last African Nations Cup held in South Africa.

Newly built Uyo Stadium to host Nigeria’s Nations Cup qualifiers against South Africa

10 Oct
Uyo Stadium

The newly built Uyo Township Stadium Credits: Uyo Traffic

President of the Nigeria Football Federation(NFF) Amaju Pinnick has revealed that the Super Eagles will play their home game against South Africa at the newly built ultra modern stadium in Uyo,Akwa Ibom State.

The 30,000 capacity stadium is a new state of the art stadium constructed by the Akwa Ibom state government.

Being a new stadium and having all the facilities still intact,it was not difficult for the NFF to settle for Uyo as the next venue to host Nigeria’s home game.

The pitch is natural grass,with good drainage system in the advent of a heavy downpour.

Nigeria will host the Bafana Bafana in Nigeria next month and then travel away to Brazzaville to play Congo.

Being the first match that will take place in Uyo,it is expected that the crowd for the game will be a sell-out.

Source: Nigeria Bulletin

Sam Ukala’s Iredi War wins 2014 Nigeria Prize for Literature

10 Oct

Iredi War

The play, Iredi War by Sam Ukala, was on Thursday announced winner of the 2014 Nigeria Prize for Literature.

This was disclosed in a statement by Kudo Eresia-Eke, General Manager, External Relations, NLNG Limited,the sponsors of the prize.

According to the statement, Iredi War was selected winner by a panel of judges led by Charity Angya from 124 plays submitted for this year’s competition which focused on drama. 2014 edition.

Two other plays, Alekwu Night Dance by Friday John Abba and Oduduwa, king of the Edos by Jude Idada, also made the final shortlist which was announced in September.

Eresia-Eke stated that in arriving at Mr. Ukala’s Iredi War, the judges specifically commended the masterly handling of vast historical material through the narrative and action method.

“The language captures indigenous sensibilities, preserves the profundity of the original, and yet entertains,” Mrs. Angya, a professor, was quoted as saying.  Mr.Ukala won $100,000.

For the first time since it was introduced in 2012, a winner, Isidore Diala, also emerged for the Literary Criticism Award, the statement also said.  It explained that the award was introduced to reward literary critics of Nigerian Literature from all over the world.  The award comes with a monetary prize of N1million cash.   Diala’s article “Colonial Mimicry and Postcolonial Re-membering in Isidore Okpewho’s Call Me by My Rightful Name” was adjudged winner from seven entries, the statement said.

AFCON 2015 Qualifiers: Sudan vs Nigeria Preview: Stern test for Keshi’s men in Khartoum

10 Oct
Super Eagles

The Super Eagles need more than a prayer to qualify for Morocco 2015

The African champions face an uphill task if they are to reach the next Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco

Nigeria go to Khartoum knowing that a poor result could make an already tedious task of qualifying for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations more difficult.

Having gotten just one point out of two matches with four left to play, the Super Eagles need victory against pointless Sudan.

Sudan lost both of their matches against South Africa and Congo last month. Bafana Bafana picked up all three points in once impregnable Omdurman, winning 3-0.

The Falcons of Jediane last played at the Afcon in 2012 where they reached the quarter finals, their best finish since they won the title in 1970.

Sudan’s football has not seen much glory since the 70s and doesn’t look like reaching those enviable heights any time soon as the Falcons have failed to score in this qualifying round with top striker Mudathir El Tahir not being in inspired form.

The shut out of coach Mohammed Abdallah’s side could continue with the return to goal of Nigeria’s Vincent Enyeama who has been the best keeper on the continent for the past two years.

Stephen Keshi’s hope for a renewed contract lies on the results of this game and the return leg in Abuja on Wednesday.

The 52-year-old would hope that his strikers can fire on all cylinders in the heat of Khartoum where the Eagles will play on an artificial pitch.

Defeat for Sudan will effectively rule them out of contention. If the Eagles lose in Khartoum, it would spell the end of an era for many players as well as in the coaching crew.



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