Must-see Historical Buildings When You Travel Around Nigeria

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Many people rarely consider adding visits to historical buildings to their itinerary when they travel. Such visits can help them expand their knowledge and can also be a great way to reinforce lessons. Some of these historical buildings have hands-on exhibits and tours which add to the visitors’ experience. This said, Nigeria has no shortage of these historic buildings, sites and landmark.

Here are some of the historical buildings you should visit:

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1.Mary Slessor House, Calabar

Built in the late 19th century, the Mary Slessor House once housed the iconic Scottish missionary Mary Slessor who was best known for stopping the killing of twins in Calabar. Rather than reside among her colleagues in the missionary quarters, she decided to stay among the Calabar people. The result of that decision is the Mary Slessor House in Ekenge, Calabar, which stands till today as a testament to her selfless service and courage.

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2. First Presbyterian Church, Calabar

Calabar is an important tourist hub because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean attracted attention from foreigners especially European missionaries and colonialists. The First Presbyterian Church in Nigeria was founded by Rev. Hope Masterton Waddell as early as 1846 and has endured as a lasting legacy of missionary work in Nigeria. It is also a wonderful place to visit.

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3. Oba of Benin Palace, Edo

This ancient building was first constructed around the 13th century by Oba Ewedo of Benin and later rebuilt by his successor, Oba Eweka II in the 20th. This building is a symbol of the enduring legacies of one of the most powerful traditional kingdoms in Nigeria and indeed West Africa.

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4. First Storey Building in Nigeria, Badagry

Widely reputed to be the first-storey building erected by foreigners in Nigeria, this building was once used as a primary school by the Methodist Church. Its foundations were laid by the famous missionary Henry Townsend in 1842 and completed in 1845 by Rev. Bernard Freeman and other notable missionaries. This historic building would later house the first African C.M.S (Church Missionary Society) bishop, Samuel Ajayi Crowther who translated the Bible from English to Yoruba.


5 Interesting Ways To Use Yoghurt For Your Skin

Yoghurt has been consumed all of over the world for years. It is very nutritious, and eating it regularly may boost several aspects of your health. The eating side of yoghurt is what everybody knows about. Yoghurt is also perfect for your skin.

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1.Reduces Wrinkles 

As you grow older, your skin begins to show signs of ageing. You can deal with these wrinkles using a yoghurt scrub on a weekly basis. You mix several spoons of yoghurt and oats and stir to get an even consistency and apply it all over your face.

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2. Reduce dark circles

A sleepless night is one of the causes of dark circles. Using yoghurt can help reduce them. Dip the cotton balls in the yoghurt and use it to subtly dab under your eyes. You can do this for 10 minutes and rinse.

3. Treats skin infections

If you are looking for an all-natural remedy for skin infections, then you should use yoghurt. Apply the yoghurt to the infected area using a gauze to dap it. You should repeat this procedure twice a day till the infection goes away.

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4. Moisturizes skin

If your skin needs a boost of moisture, you can try using a yoghurt face mask to rejuvenate your skin.

5. Combat acne

Yoghurt is very effective in ridding your face of acne. You simply apply the yoghurt to affected areas and ensure that you do not touch other parts of your so that it won’t spread. Additionally, it is advisable for you to apply it overnight.

5 Foods That Reduces Blood Pressure

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High Blood Pressure which causes stroke, hypertension and heart attack is quite prevalent in the society today because of anxiety and overthinking. But do you know that there are some foods that you can eat to lower blood pressure?

Here are 5 of such foods:

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A daily dose of a cold glass of milk offers a solid serving of both calcium and vitamin D, nutrients that work as a team to help lower blood pressure by 3 to 10 percent.

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2. Eggs

Egg whites can help reduce blood pressure as it is a solid source of protein, vitamin D, and other healthy nutrients. These nutrients can effectively counter high BP and take it down to a minimal level.

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3. Bananas

Eating foods that are rich in potassium is better than taking supplements. Slice a banana into your cereal or oatmeal for a potassium-rich addition. You can also take one to go along with a boiled egg for a quick breakfast or snack.

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4. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants called flavanols, which make blood vessels more elastic. Eat a bar of chocolate every day and make sure it contains at least 70 percent cocoa.

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5. Olive oil

Olive oil is an example of a healthy fat. It contains polyphenols, which are inflammation-fighting compounds that can help reduce blood pressure.

7 Obvious Signs You Are Not Ready For Your Travel

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Travel is loaded with the unexpected and that’s why it’s such an adventure. It, therefore, follows that the more prepared you are for your trip, the better you will be able to handle any unforeseen circumstances or incidences. Regardless, here are 7 signs you have to be aware of to actually know if you are prepared for your travel or not.

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1.Your house looks the same

You are probably not ready to travel if you haven’t taken care of important tasks around the house. These could include general cleaning of your home, switching off sockets and ensuring all your home devices such as your television, microwave, or air-conditioning are unplugged.

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2. You don’t know your flight status

You should check your flight regularly before you depart. This will help you know if there will be any significant changes in your flight such as cancellation, delay or reschedule. If you are not in the know, you are definitely not ready for your trip.

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3. You don’t know your passport expiration date

You would be surprised that some frequent travellers do not know when their passport will expire. These travellers would have booked their trips only to discover weeks or days prior to departure that their passport has expired or close to expiring. So, do not hesitate to check your passport expiry date.

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4. You haven’t packed

Use a packing list and start collecting what you will need for your trip at least a few days before departure or even longer. However, due to procrastination, some travellers will delay their packing until the last minute. At this point, it is possible to forget some key items.

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5. You do not have enough cash

Having enough cash at hand will help you deal with any emergency as soon as possible because you do not need to run around in search of an ATM. By the way, it is not entirely advisable not to have cash in your wallet when you travel.

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6. No one knows you are leaving

For safety reasons, tell someone reliable where you’re going so that they can help you to keep an eye on your house. You do not want your home ransacked or burgled before you return.

7. You don’t have a backup I.D.

Always carry a copy of your passport and driver’s license (or other identification) when you travel, especially if you are flying. If your passport gets lost or stolen, a backup copy will ease the process of applying for an emergency passport.


Nigerian Senate

The Senate on Wednesday adopted the conference committee report on the Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill. One of the recommendations is that the presidential election will be the last to be conducted in 2019.

Here are 9 things you need to know about the approved changes to Nigeria’s electoral act:

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The overarching objective of this new electoral act is to reduce human interference in the electoral process and minimize corruption. In this regard, the Electoral Act amendment mandates the immediate transmission of voting results from polling units to collation centers. This will help to give real-time results and updates and reduce the opportunity for rigging election significantly.

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This amendment provides a fair and more level playing ground for all contestants by mandating INEC to publish all voter registers 30 days before the election. This will end the manipulation of voter registers. In the case of missing names on the voter register, voters have 30 days to complain to INEC.



The Electoral Act amendment gives INEC powers to utilize full biometric accreditation of voters with smart card readers and/or other technological devices, as INEC may introduce for elections from time to time.

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The Electoral Act amendment ensures that political parties can no longer impose arbitrary qualification criteria on candidates. This will encourage younger voters to contest, promote competition in the process, and make elections more free and fair.



The Electoral Act amendment sets out a more rigorous process for the determination of candidates, as well as creates dispute resolution mechanisms that will allow those who are aggrieved to petition quickly.



The Electoral Act amendment sets out the maximum expenses that can be incurred by every politician who is seeking election, as well as designates the fees that aspirants will pay to political parties to purchase forms. This means that our elections will no longer be about money and politics, but about competence.

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The Electoral Act amendment ensures that the names of candidates must be submitted not earlier than 90 days before the election, and not later than 60 days before the election. Additionally, candidates can only be substituted not later than 30 days before the election. Additionally, in the case of resignations, the person who is resigning must do so physically (in-person) — and his/her resignation letter will be transmitted to INEC.
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The Electoral Act amendment specifies that in the case of a death occurring before an election, such election will be suspended for 21 days and a replacement will be done within 14 days (after new primaries) — the remaining the 7 days will be used for campaigning.



The new amendments will see to the death of imposition of candidates by parties. Under this new section the procedures imposed for nomination and holding of primaries will ensure that whoever emerges will only do so as a result of the decision of the members of the party not a few persons.

“More Competition as a Result of the Resurgence of Hotels and Improvement on Service Delivery is a Major Trend to Expect in 2018” – Managing Director, Diplomat Hotels

In this exclusive interview, Mr Tajudeen Mohammed, the Managing Director of Diplomat Hotels, GRA Ikeja, shares some predictions on possible trends to expect in 2018, major challenges faced by hotels in the hospitality industry as well as some advice for those looking to work in the hospitality sector, amongst other things.


Tell us about yourself sir, as it relates to your function as the MD of Diplomat Hotels?


My name is Mr Tajudeen Mohammed. As the MD of Diplomat Hotels my major function is to ensure that all operations in every department of the hotel runs smoothly to the pleasure of and at the utmost convenience of guests. Simply put, I ensure everyone has what they need, when they need it.


What hotel amenities are considered important to guests and what are some of the amenities your hotel has to meet the needs of these guests?


Well, the hotel amenities that are generally considered important to lodgers are: a comfortable bed to sleep in, internet, air conditioning, a restaurant with mouth-watering and delicious meals, a bar offering the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages, a clean swimming pool and parking space. The Diplomat hotel offers all these and more, additionally offering guests free Wi-Fi or internet services, complimentary breakfast, a smoke free room and a 24/7 ever responsive front desk services.


What are the top 3 challenges faced by hotels in the Nigerian hospitality industry?


One of the major challenges faced by the Nigerian hospitality industry is inadequate power supply. We end up having to spend a lot of money to ensure that power supply is uninterrupted for guests through secondary means of power supply like running generators etc. It will definitely make things easier if the national power supply was more stable. Other challenges include poor customer service and little or no standardization of operations.


What are your predictions on the trends to expect this 2018 for the hospitality business?


I believe a trend that we’ll see in the hospitality business is more competition in the Nigerian hospitality industry. This is largely because I believe there is going to be a resurgence of hotels and general improvements of service delivery which will inevitably lead to this competition.


From your own personal experience, how would you describe the ideal customer service experience in the Nigerian hospitality industry?


I believe customer service is about helping customers efficiently in a friendly and positive manner to make the customers happy and satisfied.


For those looking to work in the hospitality sector in Nigeria, what will be your advice to them?


As a service-oriented industry with endless opportunities, a prospective applicant must strive at all times to satisfy the customers by rendering effective and prompt service delivery. The applicant should always keep in mind that the customer is the cornerstone and hallmark in the industry and he/she must put in their possible best to ensure that customer satisfaction is highly guaranteed and achieved.

Ever Wondered How a SIM Card Can Be Cloned? Here are 4 Ways

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Before delving into this topic, it is important to know that not all SIM cards can be cloned, some are nearly impossible to clone because of the secure firmware that they contain. There are basically two types: the COMP128v1 is the kind of SIM card that can be cloned easily, while the COMP128v2 is the kind that contains the secure firmware that makes cloning really hard work.

In line with this, we share 4 ways a SIM card can be cloned:

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1.By the Use of a SIM Cloning Tool

SIM cloning tools can be used to view a lot of information that is normally hidden or appears deleted on phones. They are typically downloaded and installed on computers, and then run to clone the SIM card and copy the needed data. The SIM cloning software easily helps to collect all possible parts from the target device and generates comprehensive details on a computer that can either be stored or printed.

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2. Through Programmable Cards

SIM cloning isn’t actually all bad. It can actually serve as backup in case your phone gets lost or stolen, or if you need to free up space by saving a copy of the data you are deleting. To clone a SIM through a programmable card, you simply need to first purchase the card (the blank SIM programmable card). These cards do not have phone numbers and can be purchased online. You would also need a SIM Firmware Writer, which allows you to copy different numbers to one SIM card. You would then need to download a Woron Scan, which is a software for reading the phone. With all these, you would be able to configure the software and clone the SIM card.

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3. Through the IMSI and Ki Number

Every SIM card has an ID number that helps to identify it in the device’s corresponding operator. The ID number inside the SIM is called International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and this data is very important because it is what helps the cloned SIM function properly. Also, another important data to extract from the SIM is the Ki (Authentication Key), which serves to authenticate as a subscriber of an operator. This authentication enables the operator to ensure that the IMSI and other SIM information are correct and part of a valid card, so you can clone the SIM card. Once you have the IMSI number and Ki number, you then use a SIM reader (which can be sourced online) to facilitate the process, copy the necessary contents and thus clone the SIM card.

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4. Through a SIM Card Reader

This device has already come up earlier in this article to be used in conjunction with other devices. However, a SIM card reader can be used on its own to attempt to gain access to the contents of a SIM card in a sort of ‘brute-force’ attack, but this is a long shot. You’re going to need a lot of luck to be able to guess the right key before the card locks itself. Generally, the chances of succeeding at this are in fact quite slim.

4 Surprising Traits of a Good Investment Opportunity

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In today’s world, there are more and more investment opportunities opening up to potential investors. As a result, it becomes necessary for potential investors to have knowledge of some of the important traits of a good investment opportunity to help make right investments.

Here are 4 surprising traits of a good investment opportunity:

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1.Company is Buying Back Shares

At first glance, you might think this is a sign of business that is not doing well but businesses that buy back their shares are many times doing so to increase the wealth of their current and longstanding shareholders, which prima facie makes this a more lucrative investment opportunity.

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2. An Easy to Understand Business Model

Many times, the simpler a company’s business model is the easier it is to run, which means the business will more likely be stable and have a good growth curve. This in the end translates into a lucrative investment opportunity because of its propensity for stable and sustainable growth and development.

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3. Viability in the Long-Term

You should try to stay away from investing in companies that don’t seem to have prospects of long term viability, this is because most money made in business investments comes from owning stocks in a company for quite a while, then leaving it alone until the value of your currency rises and reinvesting your dividends. This tends to pay off much better than rapidly buying and selling stocks in a business.

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4. Promising Market Cap

It is a good idea to compare the market cap of the business you are looking to invest in to similarly priced businesses. This will help you determine whether or not the stocks are going to be worth what you are paying for them.

Opinion: Get It Right

Ugochi Obidiegwu is the CEO of The Safety Chic Brand

The nature of my job and other work means that sometimes you’d be in your office working at 9am but that is my own sleep time to catch up on much needed rest. However, when my phone rings and my hands decide to pick that call, I go straight from dreamland to speaking like I’m also in one corner office on Banana Island. If you hear my “Hello, good morning…”, you will trip. I didn’t even know my siblings had been observing until I finished taking one call one day. My elder sister said, “ahn ahn, ever ready, nobody will know that call woke you from sleep”. Lol.

The truth is you cannot desire to be treated like a professional in anything if you do not act like it. Remember that thing they say about first impressions right? You need to learn to get it together no matter how you feel most especially in this social media age. If you cannot get it together, the next option is to avoid having that conversation at that particular time. Some weeks ago, a conversation between a potential customer and a business owner was circulated on social media. That conversation went South real quick. I think that sometimes we feel that if we do not express ourselves well, we’d look like fools. And then in the process of trying to assert ourselves, we cross the line. We need to learn to get it together. The person at the other end of the conversation almost always has no clue whether you’ve had a bad day or not, whether you’re sleeping or not, whether you’re nervous or not. They just want answers. This post is not to encourage bad behaviour but you have the power to choose how to respond even to bad manners. Remember, word of mouth travels faster than any advertising. So, whenever you want to respond anyhow, just take a second to breathe and think of that.

Getting it together could also be relevant in boy-girl matters or speaking to people you look up to. Another example, a friend of mine tried to hook me up with a “big” guy. Personally, I really do not like hook-ups but she’s a really good friend and she meant well. After checking the guy out (Yes na, we have to check, I know you check too), I was worried about the first conversation we’d have due to certain things I discovered. One day, I saw a message on my phone. After doing all the “O my God” and “What am I going to say” in my mind, I replied. He said he had been wondering how to go about talking to me. Apparently, he had checked me out too (you see) and I also seemed larger than life. I laughed and said, “you too?”, “I was worried about what I’d say to you too”. He was so shocked, he said my response was so cool like I had everything under control, lol. I said well, we have to always get it together. smile.

I’ve had to speak to top management in different organisations and they have no clue of the initial feelings within because I put my feelings aside and act. Sometimes it’s funny the kind of reaction I get. One time, after speaking to the leadership of one Federal Agency, they all paused and were looking at me like did all this just come out from this small girl. Well, I get it together. You can too, focus on the big picture and put your feelings aside.

Have a beautiful new week.

CREDIT: This article is written by Ugochi Obidiegwu. It was first published on You can follow her via @TheSafetyChic on social media

Things Nigerians Travelling To Dubai Can Do For Free

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Dubai is one of the destinations Nigerians frequent today because journeying to the gateway of the Middle East has been made slightly easy and the cost is quite affordable especially if you book your flight with Jumia Travel. In Dubai, there are so many attractions to see and experience. To explore some of these destinations, you do not have to pay a dime and we know that Nigerians love freebies. Here are some of the things you can do in Dubai for free.

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1.Window shop at the Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall. This automatically makes it a hub to visit and it costs nothing to check out the vast shopping areas. This shopping centre of 5.4 million square feet, with 1,200 stores attracts over 54 million annual visitors. If you have some cash, you can splurge on the resplendent items on display.

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2. Watch the splashing fountains

Next door to the mall is Dubai’s famous splashing fountains which is said to be the world’s largest performing fountain. This free attraction is fitted with 6,000 lights and 50 colour projectors. Performances are held daily and last up to 5 minutes.

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3. Enjoy the beach

Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach is one of the best beaches in Dubai offering water sports, parasailing, wakeboarding, banana boating, camel rides and more activities for everyone. This is a great place to meet and mix with locals, expats, and tourists.

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4. Visit Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a wetland reserve renowned for attracting migratory birds in large numbers. The wetlands have large numbers of birds, crustaceans, small mammals and fish. It sits at the mouth of the Dubai Creek and no entry fee is charged.

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5. Dubai Museum at Al Fahidi Fort

Built in 1787, the fort was reopened to the public in 1971 as an official museum that displays the history of Dubai and its heritage. It’s free to see the fort, but if you want to venture inside you will be charged an entry fee. Inside, you will find antiques such as pottery and weapons as well as pictures of old and new Dubai.