5 Reasons We Love Android Devices

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The debate on which is the better operating system between the iOS and Android operating system is a debate that will probably never be concluded, however, it is impossible to deny some of the impressive features that the Android operating system offers. Here are 5 reasons we love Android devices.

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1.It’s Affordable

Buying an Android device is unlikely to devastate your bank account, and for that affordability it remains an attractive option to many. With varieties of devices, designs and specs, Android devices really have something to suit every budget range and offers a true and enjoyable smartphone experience. Android’s affordability is what has driven and continues to drive its worldwide dominance.

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2.It Allows Customization

Another strong feature of Android devices is the fact that it allows customization. Unlike most Apple devices, Android devices let you choose any level of customization you want and this flexibility is what really appeals to most smartphone users. This is because many smartphone users generally tend to want to explore the limits of their devices, and they typically like having the ability to freely customize and play around with features and design of their phones.

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3. It Allows For Multi-Tasking

Some might argue that iOS devices also allow multi-tasking, but what they cannot deny is that the level of multi-tasking that iOS devices support, does not come anywhere near the level of multi-tasking some Android phones offer. Samsung phones are a good examples of Android phones that have great multi-tasking features. This is one area that Apple is more or less playing catch-up to Android devices.

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4. Its Seamless Integration With Google’s Services

Android devices integrate seamlessly with Google’s varieties of services, and this works just great because Google is largely considered the ‘king of the web’. Apple and iOS doesn’t seem to be able to keep up in this area, and have had to yield to accommodating more Google services on their platform. Unfortunately, the seamless integration enjoyed between Android devices and Google services, is not replicated in the integration of iOS and Google services.

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5. There are Widgets!

With widgets you can ‘see all the information you need at a glance’ without having to open an app. Widgets are a major advantage Android devices have over iOS devices, mainly because even with Apple’s recent launch of widgets on their iOS devices, it still remains very limited on iOS compared to the widgets of Android devices that are more unbounded and offer more varieties.





The South East Human Rights Situation Room is a group of human rights non-governmental organizations working in the South East. Members held a meeting today Wednesday 13th September 2017 in Enugu to discuss the human rights situation and violence in the South East, especially Operation Python Dance 11and to determine what to do. It observed that from all indications, the operation has started ahead of the stated date of 15th September 2017 as announced in a press release by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

At the end of the meeting, participants expressed concern about:

1.  The escalating violence in the South Eastern States of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States in view of Operation Python Dance 11 and the need to maintain peace, order and the rule of law in affected areas.

2.  Events that have already occurred in affected states such as the attack on some journalists and residents of Umuahia, Abia State.

3. The operation commenced without adequate sensitization and dissemination of information about its modus operandi and the rule of engagement to the people of the zone.

In view of the above the participants resolved as follows:

1.     That the South East Human Rights Situation Room requests for lawful and ethical conduct of personnel executing “Operation Python Dance 11”.

2.     Whatsoever tactics adopted in the Operation must be in compliance with international human rights law and global best practices.

3.     We request the adequate training for military personnel on human rights and the rule of law, especially those who interact with Nigerians on the roads and check points on a daily basis in the course of this operation in the South East geo-political zone.

4.     We implore the military personnel to desist during the period of this operation from intimidation, inhuman and degrading treatment of road users and commuters.

5.      The South East Human Rights Situation Room will continue to disseminate safety tips to members of the public, especially the youths to shun violence in all situations and be Law abiding.

6.     We will embark on a campaign to educate the civilian populace and residents of the South East Zone on the need to conduct their daily activities in accordance with the law and report any infraction to the South East Human Rights Situation Room on telephone number 09060002128; and #HumanRights4SENigeria, Email:humanrights4senigeria@gmail.com



Professor Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, OON

Convener, South East Human Rights Situation Room

Dr. Uju Agomoh

Co- Convener, South East Human Rights Situation Room

Miriam Menkiti

Co- Convener, Women Information Network (WINET)

Professor Felicia Anyaogu

Co-Convener, FIDA Enugu

Rev. Fr. Ambrose Ekereoku

Co-Convener, Carmelite Prisoners Interest Organization (CAPIO)

South East Women Network (SEWNET)

Mr. Iheanyi Igboko

Agents of Communication and Development (A-CODE)

Mrs. Harrieth Oleru

SEWNET, Imo State

Chukwuonwe Beatrice

National Council for Women Societies (NCWS) Enugu Chapter

Mary Ogbonna

National Association of Women Journalist (NAWOJ), Enugu

Mrs. Nwanneka Okolo

National President, Catholic Women Organization (CWO)

Mrs. Patricia Chima

SEWNET, Ebonyi State

Grace Nnadozie

SEWNET Anambra State

Dr. Obiajulu Nnamchi

Human Rights Activist

Barr. Wilson Nneji

CAPIO, Enugu

Barr. Mrs. Gozie Udemezue

Healing Hearts Widow Support Foundation

Mrs. Ugo Kalu

National Council of Women Societies (NCWS) Abia State

Barr. Nkechi Ezeani

WACOL, Head of Legal Unit

Ugochukwu Ogbonna Esq.

WACOL, Legal Officer

Odoh Ada Treasure

Gender Equality Movement

Amaka Micheal

Global Health Awareness And Research Foundation (GHARF)

Mr. Albert Oko

Prisoners Rehabilitation And Welfare Action (PRAWA)

Chukwuonwe Adaora

Gender Equality Movement

Mrs. Uzoma Uzoeshi

SE Women Political Empowerment Office, Owerri

Afrobasket 2017: D’Tigers Beat Senegal To Reach Men’s Final


Nigeria’s D’Tigers have beaten Senegal to qualify for the final of the men’s Afrobasket in Tunisia.

The defending champions beat the impressive Senegal 76-71 and will play the hosts Tunisia for the title on Saturday.

It was a keenly contested match with Nigeria winning the first quarter 15 points to 12, the D’Tigers took the second 19-17 and fought hard to win the third 18-16.

Senegal won the final quarter 26-24 but it wasn’t good enough to stop Nigeria from proceeding in the quest to defend the trophy they won in 2015.

4 Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Originated From Africa

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It might be interesting for some to find out that the following foods are in fact from Africa; Africa indeed has an astonishing lot to offer in diverse areas. We share 4 foods you probably didn’t know originated from Africa.


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The dark, delicious and stimulating coffee bean is believed by many coffee experts to have originated from East Africa, where it was first grown sometime in the 14th century. It then made its way to Northern Africa in the 1600s before spreading to other parts of the world.


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Sugar actually came from New Guinea before making its way to foreign lands like America via the Middle East more than 12,000 years ago. It is believed that in the attempt of the Arabs to conquer Southern Africa, they spread sugar throughout the region, which eventually made its way to Spain and became popular in Europe and the rest of the western world.


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While rice is able to be grown quite well on foreign non-African soil, African slaves are the ones credited with teaching foreigners (Americans to be precise) how to properly irrigate a rice field and thus grow rice.


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This is one of the most widespread spices in the world and though it is largely identified with the Asians, its origin can be traced to Africa from the time of early railway construction to Uganda, when the British imported a lot of Indians who came to Africa with curries.

#MBGN At 30: Miss Kebbi, Ugochi Ihezue wins Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2017

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Miss Kebbi, Ugochi Ihezue has been crowned the 30th Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2017 at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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From traditional wears to bikinis and to their gorgeous evening wears, in a keenly contested battle, 36 beauties strutted the runway like the Queen that they crave to be.

The outgoing Queen Miss Anyadike Unoaku poses with the MBGN 2017 contestants

This year’s edition had 37 beautiful ladies vying for the coveted MBGN crown and a chance to represent Nigeria at the Miss World pageant. They are mostly from the Southern part of the country representing all the states of the nation before Miss Delta pulled out for ‘personal’ reasons.

Ik Osakioduwa and Victoria Pepple  were the hosts of this prestigious event that combined glitz, glam, and of course beauty!

The theme for this year’s pageant is Gender Based Violence – The Plight of the Nigerian Woman.  The outgoing MBGN, Unoaku Anyadike made a passionate appeal to government at all levels to take the fight against gender based violence more seriously. Unoaku, in a very moving speech said, “It is sobering to realise that behind the closed doors of homes everywhere, in the place where women have the right to feel most safe, horrific abuse is a daily reality.” Unoaku, like many other campaigners before her, is shocked by the statistics which show that nearly 50 per cent of all sexual assaults worldwide are against girls 15 years or younger.”

Stunning renowned actress Stephanie Linus was one of the Judges of the MBGN 2017. The other Judges were Her Excellency Olufunsho Amosun, Producer of Banana Ghost Biola Alabi, Gozie Ochuba, Ogechukwu Ochaba

Miss Amity nominated by all the contestants; Miss Yobe!

Ms Yobe.jpg

Miss Photogenic award goes to Miss Anambra!

Ms Anambra.jpg

The award for the Model of the Year – Miss Kebbi


Miss Sokoto wins the Best Traditional Costume of the night


The Best Evening Wear award and the Fourth Runner-Up position – Miss Bayelsa

Third Runner-Up/Miss ECOWAS – Miss Oyo

Ms Oyo

Second Runner-Up/Miss Tourism – Miss Plateau

Ms Plateau

First Runner-Up/MBGN Universe – Miss Sokoto

Ms Sokoto

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2017 – Miss Kebbi!!

Ms Keb

Miss Ugochi will be representing Nigeria at the Miss World Pageant holding in November in China

PHOTOS: The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2017 Contestants slay in evening gowns


Thirty-six young women on Friday vied for the crown of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant. 

The finalists who competed at the EKO Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, have gone through boot camp, training with professionals, amongst others in preparation for tonight’s event.

One beauty queen would win the MBGN World crown but there are also other crowns to win, such as MBGN Ambassador, MBGN Tourism, and more.

The pageant, which is organised by Silverbird Entertainment, is in its 30th edition.

Miss Delta, Precious Omovo, recently announced her withdrawal from the competition.

See photos of the contestants in lovely evening gowns.

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#TheAdventuresOfMuna Officially Launches Tomorrow

Adventures of Muna.jpg

Get ready for the launch of the #TheAdventuresOfMuna, a book designed to teach your kids safety tips through short stories authored by a seasoned safety personnel and advocate, Ugochi Obidiegwu, for your kids, wards and loved ones.


Ugochi Obidiegwu is the author of the “The Adventures Of Muna”. She owns The Safety Chic brand

Muna is your typical 7-year old African girl – happy, expressive and boisterous. Her day is filled with activities which have the potential to cause her harm, and so she needs a safety guide. Adventures of Muna is a collection of short stories about a typical day in Muna’s life and the safety habits she must learn in order to have an injury-free day. This kid-to-kid safety guide tackles various aspects of children safety, from preventing falls and handling strangers to surviving fires and using the roads safely. It passes the child safety message with simple language and familiar characters so that your child will both learn and remember.



This book launch will be one with a difference. Your purchase would ensure that an indigent child will also have access to the book. Therefore for every single book you buy, a child somewhere in Nigeria (Abia, Kaduna, Ekiti, Port Harcourt etc.) will get a book for free. Isn’t that “awemazing”?

Release Date: 16th September, 2017
Venue: Sahara Reporters, 13 Isaac John, Ikeja GRA
Time: 2pm prompt

Preview and purchase the Paperback format here https://www.amazon.com/reader/1522078029…

And get the Kindle format here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074S6MJ63?ref_=k4w_ss_dp_lp_ip