Power! Think Change Think Kate Henshaw

kate 1

Do you want change in cross river and Nigeria as a whole? Then Kate Henshaw might be the right candidate of choice.

When the news first hit the media that the star actress was delving into politics, lots of people took it as a piece of cake as they thought it wasn’t true, until she confirmed it.

Now she’s more serious than ever. She recently sat down for an interview with Sahara reporters where she spoke on her plans to contest for a seat in the Federal House of representative in Cross River State.

The star actress talked about her ambition, challenges she may face, and what she has to offer to Crossriverians.

When asked if she would be giving up acting for good, she said that she is only taking a break from acting for 8 years to serve the country after which she would return to her first love, acting.

kate 2

Kate used Arnold Schwarzenegger as her reference saying that he too was an actor turned governor and is doing well for California.

The mother of one also said she is contesting with God in her heart knowing that she has other contender who are more experienced and financially stronger than her.


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Iheanyi Igboko is a social advocate, educator and journalist/blogger; working actively in the education and human development sector. He is passionate about promoting access to quality education, increasing youth active participation and engagement, and empowering young people to develop solutions to their problems. He craves unending hopes of a better Nigeria that will meet the hopes and aspirations of her citizens; and committed to building a nation that will seamlessly harness and develop her numerous human and capital potentials.


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