President Jonathan Unveils National Electronic-ID Card, says it will boost economic growth

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President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday, formally launched  the issuance process for the National Electronic Identity Card (E-Id Card), advising Nigerians to make adequate use of the card as it provides various opportunities that can spur economic growth.

 The launch was held at the banquet hall, Presidential Villa.

Describing the launch of the card as a milestone, the president expressed happiness that his administration’s vision of a reliable national identity database was finally coming to reality.

Jonathan directed the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to issue the card to all federal public servants and pensioners for speedy and safe payment of salaries and pensions.

“I’m quite pleased today that with the NIMC’s success story, we are moving forward as a nation,” he said.

“I have taken keen interest in this project, primarily because of the pervasive impact it can have on every facet of the socioeconomic fabric of our dear nation.

“I’m particularly pleased about NIMC because there are a number of things we are supposed to do well as a nation that we are not doing well and sometimes we blame government, but they are because of the failure of the system and the credibility of the process.

“The commission should immediately complement the efforts of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPS) and Pension Department by ensuring that federal civil servants and pensioners are enrolled and issued their cards promptly, so that the e-ID and the secure payment platform can both facilitate speedy and safe payment of salaries and pensions.

“The card is not only a means of certifying your identity, but also a personal database repository and payment Card, all in your pocket!’ – President Jonathan

He said the benefits of the card cut across the public and private sectors, maintaining that it would go a long way in addressing issues of national importance.

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“There will be more clarity around all forms of transactions and relationships. Significantly, some of the issues around identity-related theft and other such criminal vices and activities that are inimical to our national interests would be better addressed more efficiently.

“The fact that the project helps to establish the identity of the individual in such a way that privacy is assured and updating personal information is made easier.

“The project will also create effective access to the database in a more secure and user-friendly and reliable manner for the MDAs and even the private sector.”

 The president said he was impressed with the quality of the e-ID Card and the work of the corporate partners that  made it possible.

 He  commended  MasterCard World-Wide Corporation and Access Bank Plc, as well as the Commission, who followed all laid down procedures in achieving a World-class product.


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