Meet Banke Kuku, CEO /Creative Director of @bankekukutextiles

Banke 1
@Banke Kuku Textiles is a brand that designs African inspired luxury fabrics and accessories for the fashion and interior industries.
Banke Kuku is also one of the top 10 finalists in She Leads Africa Entrepreneur Showcase; a pitch contest/platform that introduces the continent’s most promising female entrepreneurs to investors, accelerators, and mentors looking to invest in the next generation of African talent.
She supports and promotes local textiles mills industries in Nigeria and published a book ‘The Unwoven Threads of Nigeria’ in 2010. Working with Adire Mills in Ogun state Nigeria. her brand looks to clean up the sector and promote home grown textiles.
What was your inspiration for starting up the business?

BK Textiles: I felt I had a unique design aesthetic I wanted to share with the world under   my brand name.

Banke 4
What are your milestones/success?

BK Textiles : Winning Triumph International’s ‘Women in Making’ competition earlier this year was a great moment.
Triumph International is a large UK lingerie company, and each year they launch a global competition to unearth creative female talents. I was lucky to succeed from out of thousands of applications worldwide.

Banke 22
When, where and how did you make your first move?

BK Textiles : I chose to study textiles design after school, and I went from Central St Martins to Chelsea College of Art and Design, specialising in woven textiles. Studying textiles gave me the broad and solid foundation on which to exercise my creativity.

What have been your major obstacles?

BK Textiles : There have been many challenges but I think the biggest challenge for Banke Kuku Textiles has been to develop a focussed business model.

The business aspect is just as important as the design. I would say I spend 80% of my time dealing with the business aspect and 20% designing.

How has social media helped your career?

BK Textiles : Social media has been great. It’s a fantastic forum to discuss ideas, update your followers and tell the story of your brand. Most importantly you can get feedback directly from your customers.

Banke 3
Word of inspiration to others who want to start up a business?
BK Textiles : “Persistence is the key to success!”_Banke Kuku

Find out more and contact us on. &
social media : Textiles



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