Whatsapp Tops Social Media Engagement Among Nigerian Professionals


WhatsApp messaging app recently acquired by Facebook Inc. seems to have become the preferred social media application among Nigerian professionals at least, a survey conducted by Nigeria’s social innovation centre, Co-creation Hub, CcHUB says so.

The survey which was conducted to determine what Nigerian professionals do with their mobile phones and released last week, showed that of the 1, 552 professionals surveyed, 489 representing 31.5 percent, rely on the messaging app for their social media engagements.

This is followed by blackberry messenger with 20.9 percent and Facebook with 15.7 percent. The social networking app, Twitter come distant fourth with low patronage of 6.9 percent.

The survey further surprisingly however showed that the short messaging service, SMS is becoming unpopular with Nigerian professionals as most of those surveyed either only surf the internet or make voice calls most of the time with their mobiles.

According to the survey, 39.3 percent of Nigerian professionals spend their time browsing the internet while 36.1 percent make calls with their mobiles. Chatting, messaging and gaming stood at 15.3, 7.4 and 1.6 percents respectively.

Phone brands

The survey also looked at phone brands mostly favoured by Nigerian professionals. It shows Microsoft’s Lumia 625 emerge as the preferred mobile device among Nigeria’s professionals with 27.2 percent.

 Lumia 625

This is followed by Blackberry Q10 with 22 percent and Samsung Galaxy S4 which polled 17.5 percent. Others include Tecno M7 with 15 percent, iPhone 5, 8 percent and LG mobile, 3.7 percent.

There are however other categories of mobile devices which were quite unpopular with Nigerian professionals as they are preferred by less than 2 percent. These include: HTC, Sony, Infinix and Nexus which were favoured by 1.8, 1.4, 1.1 and 0.6 percents respectively.

Mobile network

The survey also throws light on the preferred mobile network and shows that most Nigerian professionals, 38.5 percent still subscribe to MTN Nigeria. This is followed by Etisalat with 25.1 percent while Airtel and Globacom are subscribed to by 23.3 and 13.2 percents respectively.


The survey was conducted among professionals cutting across several sectors including Transport, Telecoms, Banking and Finance, Armed Forces, Education, Consulting, Engineering/Manufacturing and Health care. Others include,Information Technology, Law, Media and Marketing, Public sector, Retail and Sales, Science, etc.

The survey also showed that most Nigerian professionals do not use more than one phone as according to the survey, only 37.9 percent use more than one phone as against 56.1 percent who do not. Recall that CCHub conducted similar survey recently on how local traders use their mobile .



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