Meet Atim Ukoh, CEO of Afrolems – Africa’s Food Blog

Atim 1
Afrolems is an African food blog with a specialization in Nigerian Food. It is owned by Atim Ukoh. She currently run Afrolems with her fellow food blogger; Feyisope Akinyosoye and they are both currently based out of different locations.
What was your inspiration for starting up the business?

@afrolems: Afrolems truly started out as a response to my friends wanting Nigerian food in Toronto and not wanting to travel so far to get it. I spoke to my mum about it and we decided that I should start with a signature recipe of Designer stew. I cooked the stew in larger portions for the week for my clients and I kept getting orders. I then discovered that blogging was also another outlet for me to engage my food creativity so that also took off.

Atim 2
When, where and how did you make your first move?

@afrolems: This business first began in Mississauga in 2009 where I received my first few orders for designer stew. People started requesting for more dishes, which were not necessarily on my list, but I adapted and made them anyway. Not too long after, I received orders from all over the Greater Toronto Area and not just from Nigerians but others that were curious about Nigerian food. I also received requests from some bloggers to join the team and express their creativity as well, which I absolutely loved.

Atim 3
What are your milestones/success?

@afrolems: Every milestone is uniquely defined in every business and for Afrolems, with catering; our initial milestone was when we were asked to cater for a party, then a wedding and a baby shower. Some other milestones for us were when our bloggers received a lot of views on the blog for their posts, when we were interviewed by a few magazines, mentioned in articles, etc. We also hosted a tasting session last year.

Atim 4
What have been your major obstacles?

@afrolems: Our major obstacles so far have been location issues. I am constantly living in different cities in the world, which makes it difficult to continue the catering as often. Feyisope also lives in a different city so planning a joint event sometimes proves difficult. We are still working our way around this one.

How has social media helped your career?

@afrolems: My undergraduate degree was in Digital enterprise management so I learned very early how to run a business online so social media was a natural progression. Social media has been a major bWord of inspiration to others who want to start up a business?

Atim 5
Word of inspiration to others who want to start up a business?
@afrolems: “Don’t second-guess yourself. If you have an idea, run it by a few successful entrepreneurs as they would have an idea of what works in a certain market and would advice you rightly. Do your research and just start anyway. Be prepared to fail along the way but what is more important is what you learn from the failure and what you do with that lesson. Get the right team to work with you preferably people that are more knowledgeable in areas you are not”_Atim Ukoh

Find out more and contact us on.,
Social media accounts:
Pinterest: to the business in terms of reach. I have people from different countries in the world asking for certain recipes which I never imagined possible. I also try to stay on top of the changes Google makes so I don’t suffer for it.


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