P. Ahamba
Pastor Ezekiel Ahamba

Nigeria’s newest gospel sensation, Pastor Ezekiel Ahamba, is set to launch his maiden album, God Is Great.

The album launch will kick off at exactly 4pm on Sunday, 2nd November 2014, at the Main Auditorium, Merit House, Maitama-Abuja.

The event will feature renowned gospel minister and ‘Glorious God’ crooner, Pastor Elijah Oyelade, Sure Voice Choir and other anointed ministers.

Pastor Elijah Oyelade



Artiste: Ezekiel Ahamba

Album: God Is Great (2014)                     

Record Label: Sure Music Records

Producer – Xstuff
Running time – 51:56 minutes

Track List: 

  1. Lifted High 04:53
  2. Igwe 06:15
  3. God Is Great 08:01
  4. More and More 06:14
  5. Hide My Life 07:49
  6. King of Africa 09:25
  7. Onye Nwe m 04:58
  8. Don’t Give Up 05:41

Sure Music Record 002

Emotions make for the best music classics ever to sound the surface of the earth. God is Great, a beautifully put together body of work with lines that speak straight to and renders your heart in praise to God. With his rich tenor voice and lit up heart, Ezekiel Ahamba has found silver lining in churning out a record that will outlive his physical presence and existence in the universe.

With Hit singles like Lifted High and Don’t Give Up’, he has proven that he sure has what it takes to take the Gospel Music Industry by storm.

God is Great is an 8-track album whose soulful praise and worship symphonies literally ignite a fire that burns with a passion for the love of God.

The emotion-laden composé opens with the beautiful ballad; Lifted High is about an emotional outpouring of worship to God whose name is worthy to be exalted!

Ezekiel Sure’s musical dexterity on Igwe – Ochi Ora has a special swing and sway to it as he switches from his alto octaves to the zenith of his contralto range. Strings and horns introduce this track with a percussive feel to it, very nice and most especially the build up from the intro into the lead vocal coming in like a rush of juicy opera keys and synths.

‘God is Great’ is a beautiful sound with beautiful vocal riffs that renders soulful praise to the ever loving and ever caring God. It is that kind of song that will make you want to recount your blessings despite prevailing challenges.

‘More and More’ is like the commandments slate from the ageless Holy Book that excites, teaches, chastises and condemns, and yet imbues one with immense love for God.

The lord is our strength and our refuge, and as such, ‘Hide My Life’ is in consonance with Psalms 121. It is a good mid tempo song executed, and it is easy to rave and clap along with because of its bouncy feel, more like one step at a time.

King of Africa is a typical African worship song that takes none right to the altar, emotions were expressed in this quality piece of art, the deliveries were on point. But above all, the message of the kingship of Christ is evident throughout the whole track.

Onye Nwe m completely captures our resolve to surrender ourselves to God for Him to dispose of us according to His desires. It goes a long way to express the fact that, left on our own accord, there is nothing we can offer God that will be enough, except making ourselves available to be used by Him. But for the many little things we choose to ignore, we should be grateful in the truest and most honest form – culturally baring our thankful heart in our local dialect spun over this sonorous melody.

The composé draws to a close with a mid tempo exhortation for us to go out into the world and live our lives for God. This reggae-inspired gospel work recognizes that travails and pains are part of life’s inevitable – the vicissitudes of life. The message in Don’t Give Up is as clear as Romans 8; Let Nothing Separate us from the Love of God!

You can literally feel the album’s synergy even strengthening as you slide from track to track. Best of all, one music mind delivered all of this variety in a singular production effort – XStuff, would be the other music genius who makes Ezekiel Sure’s rhinestone shine even through bright light.

This album is a good work of art put together but like we always say “there’s room for improvement”.




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