Meet ENIOLA ALAKIJA, Nigeria’s Top Wedding Photographer

Eniola Alakija

ENIOLA ALAKIJA is the owner of, a visual outfit whose aim is to document and capture priceless heartwarming moments. He has worked, and is still working within the wedding industry. However,  the moments he documents have many variations that span from many aspect of life. Enjoy..

Eniola 1

What was your inspiration for starting up the business?

I wanted to be impactful in the way that I feel the most meaningful to me. I have always loved art and story telling, what I do fuses the two and delivers the fusion through the medium of photography. My inspiration was to be the best for what I offer and that meant I have to continuously study the industry while growing within it.

Eniola 2

When, where and how did you make your first move?

I guess the first move started before I made an intentional move. I got very impatient with sketching and wanted a medium that delivered my imagination within a short period. The camera was going to be my tool and photography was the medium. For the purpose of clarity, I will say I made the first move three years ago after I had been called upon to photograph a wedding ceremony simply because I carried a camera around. The professional photographer that was booked for the wedding event did not show up so the task of documenting the day fell on me. I guess I delivered because the couple were very impressed with the images and offered to pay me.

Eniola 3
What have been your major obstacles?

When I started out, I wrote to a few photographers, the ones I admired, no one replied. That was a very daunting time; however it motivated me to teach myself how to work my camera and also how to see creatively.

Eniola 4
What are your milestones/success?

Each wedding or event is a success for me, knowing I have been instrumental in documenting the priceless moments from the day that will last forever is my success. I am still growing so more successes to come.

Eniola 5
How has social media helped your career?

Social media has really helped, I am very active on Instagram so this helps to get my work out to my followers, and they also get to see how I live my life albeit very private. Social media has definitely pushed my work into places I have not physically been to.

Word of inspiration to others who want to start up a business

“Always remember the goal, work hard, work smart but most of all work right. You must never give up and never ever forget to always give a helping hand where necessary”._Eniola Alakija

Find out more and contact Eniola Alakija on. &

Social media accounts:
Facebook: eniolaalakija photography

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