Nigeria-American Professionals Endorse Jonathan

Goodluck-Jonathan-pdpThe Association of Nigerian-American Professionals, on Thursday, endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan for the second term.

A statement signed by the group’s Chairman, Dr. Iheanacho Orabuchi, cited the ‘YouWin’ project and the revamping of the light rail as major achievements of the President’s administration.

Part of the statement read; “In the face of global terror, the international community prefers Jonathan. Despite restive electorate and voters who are angry and want change, the change is President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. He is the change we can trust at this time.

“We strongly believe that President Jonathan is the best candidate for President of Nigeria at this time. He has been tested and has the strong leadership qualities to lead Nigeria to the next level.

“A case in point is President Jonathan’s recent leadership in curbing Ebola, prompting the World Health Organization declaring Nigeria Ebola free.”

The group went on to list about 22 accomplishments by the Goodluck Jonathan administration, which informed their decision to “strongly endorse” him.

They listed some of the establishment of over 100 Almajiri Islamic schools, establishment of 12 new universities, privatisation of the power sector and the completion of the Niger Delta power sector among the reasons why President Jonathan should be supported to continue.

They concluded, “Nigeria needs President Goodluck Jonathan at this time. President Jonathan is the change we need and trust; he has changed lives in Nigeria for better as demonstrates democratic principles.”

The group of professionals also honoured President Jonathan with the ‘Excellence in Leadership’ Award for his outstanding accomplishments in Nigeria.



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