The many sides to living in Lagos


Lagos is the nerve centre of Nigeria. With its eclectic mix of grunge and class, for many first-timers, it’s a rising image of New York; only busier and hotter.
As a result, the city has experienced a growing influx of people from parts of West Africa and the world at large., Africa’s No1 Hotel Booking Portal writes about the diversity that makes Lagos tick as well as the good and not-so-cute points to note while thinking of residing in ‘Nigeria’s mega-city’.

The Good

Lagos Never Sleeps

This is true. Lagosians don’t sleep. It is either they are selling their wares or engaged in leisure activities. In addition to this, no matter the time you arrive in Lagos, you will get a vehicle heading for your destination.
Entertainment Capital of Nigeria

You can get the best fun spots and night life in Lagos! Bars, hotels, restaurants, hotels, beaches, and tourist sites are available in every nook and cranny of the city.
You will survive as far as you can hustle

Lagos is not for lazy hands. If you are hardworking and committed, you will survive in the city no matter the activity you are engaged in. Are you a bus conductor or driver, shop keeper or office worker? The veracity is that you will survive as long as you give your best. This is one key reason why many from the North and East are flocking into Lagos on a daily basis.

lagos2Even a Hausa shoemaker can live on his cobbling job without worries.

Access to infrastructure and other daily needs

You need to travel to other parts of Nigeria to appreciate this more. Lagos offers you everything. From good relaxation spots, to excellent hotels, good communication network, transportation, electricity, fuel, and a handful of other infrastructures. Youth Corpers posted outside Lagos can narrate their experiences to you!

The Bad…
Pick Pockets

Lagos pick pockets
You may want to hold on to your wallet a little tighter when next you visit a crowded venue. Just as it is in most parts of the world, sometimes an itchy hand may be heading for your pocket, so you need to be a little careful.

Change Wahala

When you board a bus in Lagos, carrying cash in smaller denominations is helpful. This can save you time and keep your interaction with the conductors smooth. However, if you happen to have only large denominations, remember to collect your change at the end of the trip.

Forever in a Hurry
Lagosians are always in a hurry, this gets you wondering where they are actually going.Moving at a pace similar to the one you observe around you can save you from being brushed up against or asked to move to the side of the like road.Also try not to visit business or leisure places without a guide…or at least until you have a get to know the city really well.

Traffic Gridlock

Like most business capitals of the world, this is probably the trickiest side of living in Lagos. The traffic is inescapable. Depending on where you stay, if you have an appointment for 8am, you should leave your home at 5 am to ensure that you beat the gridlock and meet up with the appointment.

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