5 Wonderful Facts about Nigeria’s Men in Uniform


Working as a security officer should be a thing of pride, however, this is not always the case in Nigeria. Across the country, the perception of the police, army, navy and air force is at its lowest ebb especially as the north-eastern part of the nation lives through a period of social unrest.

Unlike their counterparts in other climes, security operatives here are misrepresented on a frequent basis. In a bid to pay homage to the armed forces and dispel untrue assumptions, here are 6 great facts about Nigeria’s men in uniform.

1. They are not always trigger happy

Like most humans, when military officers hold a gun they may feel a rush of power; a strong sense of authority but the good thing is that they have been trained to master a high degree of self-control. This way, they are able to enforce justice and fairness when carrying out their duties. So be as calm and as honest as possible when you meet them. Try not to argue and do whatever they say as long as it is within the boundaries of the law.

However, if you feel threatened at some point, remember to get their names – usually written on the left-side of the breast-pocket – or patrol vehicle number and report to a superior officer and civil society organisation.

2. They risk their lives to protect us

Many attests to the fact that Nigeria’s men in uniform are very efficient. When they put their mind to it, they get the job done. Plus, they risk their lives just to make sure we are safe. They work odd hours and get little or no appreciation in return. Imagine a day without our men in uniform?

3. They can be proactive

Many say that ‘men in uniform’ need to improve on their intelligence gathering in a bid to be proactive as they appear to arrive at the scene of an incident after the crime has been committed. But at least they are doing their best and theirs is a thankless job! There are many cases of foiled robbery attempts around the country simply because the police showed up.

4. “The Police is your Friend!”

Very few Nigerians believe this. Tell this to a man in Ondo or a woman in Bauchi and they may shrug in disbelief but it is actually true! The men and women of the force often put their lives on the line to protect the community. And although they have their perks, they are usually the safest people to ask for road directions or help when stranded.


5. They can be pleasant

Smile at a policeman and he will return the favour – that’s because he’s human! There may be bad eggs in every profession but there also good and hardworking people too. They can be courteous especially if you stay on the good side of the law.

This article was sent in by Adeniyi Ogunfowoke, Travel & Tech Writer, Jovago.com



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