Youths Set to #RideNigeria for Unity


A new movement aimed at inspiring optimism among Nigeria’s young people is set to be launched.

#RideNigeria, a people-driven public social project, challenges Nigerian youths to raise one united voice and unite for the sake of fatherland. It is intended to be the largest coming together of young people for a unity cause.

Officials said the campaign is built around 3 core objectives: Creating social awareness continuously for unity in Nigeria; Raising a unity fund for national development, and Developing and equipping individual participants to create reward balance developmental projects to make a difference in their communities.


It will achieve this through a 72-day ride across Nigeria. 36 young Nigerians from across the 36 states will ride together in one bus across 36 states in 72 days, spending 2 days in each state. The ride will begin from Lagos on October 21, 2015 and culminate in Abuja on December 2, 2015.

The ride is aimed at creating global awareness for unity, advocate for the eradication of ‘state of origin’, push for the setting up of Nigeria Unity Day and raise 1 billion naira community fund that will change the lives of many Nigerians.

Olafemi Bode George, National Coordinator of Ride Nigeria, expressed the organisation’s belief in the potential of the youths to unite and build a viable nation.

According to Olafemi, young people represent about 60 percent of the population in Nigeria.

Thus, he said, they need to unite and work out a great future for Nigeria.

“We are attempting to unite a country divided by ethnic, political and religious divides. Ours is a generation that is at a crossroad of receiving a united Nigeria or a divided nation. We are about to attempt a national assignment that will change the face of our country forever. We are to embark on a journey that requires huge sacrifice. This ride signifies a bold statement of readiness from young Nigerians. Ride Nigeria will advocate for the official recognition of a National Unity Day, and as a formalized obligatory day for Nigerians to celebrate their togetherness as a united nation in harmonious growth,” Olafemi said.


Ride Nigeria also intends to raise the largest single independent public fund to help support young people for national development. The project is targeting one billion naira unity fund. This fund will enable young Nigerians who are dedicated to human and educational development to get support for their projects instead of depending on the government.

On the organisation’s readiness and preparations for the national ride, Olafemi said:

” We have detailed a comprehensive route plan for the 72-day ride, and we are still working round the clock to ensure that things work according to plan. The 72 days ride will enable us to: promote our vision of unity for Nigeria, raise members for our unity family, generate public support for our 1 billion naira community fund and advocate for the Nigeria Unity Day. An estimated total of 250 events will be staged through the 72 days ride. It will be the highest event standing of any team in Nigeria.”

Ride Nigeria is registered as a community interest project. To join or monitor activities of the organisation, kindly use the following media:


Facebook page: www.

Twitter: or use the #RideNigeria hashtag

Whatsapp: 0708 995 5363, 0703 911 7746



This article was sent in by Iheanyi Igboko, National Social Media Coordinator, Ride Nigeria.



2 Replies to “Youths Set to #RideNigeria for Unity”

  1. My beloved General Iheanyi, am proud of U.
    Ride Nigeria set to make a difference, proud to be associated with this National Project.


  2. As an Ambassador and a General of Ride Nigeria am proud to be associate eith this humble organization
    Lets shun our various differences and come together and unite as one great Country
    Am a Nigerian and i believe in this dream team and always ready to ride Nigeria to glory



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