4 Exciting Things About The Fulanis


The Fulanis are amazing people with a rich heritage. The familiar picture of a man from this tribe wielding a stick fending for his priceless cow is a picture that everyone can relate with. This culture of cow rearing is a trend that has stayed with the Fulanis and has been handed from one generation to another.

Certain peculiarities make them stand out from other tribes of the north and Jovago.com, Africa’s number 1 hotel booking portal shares the idiosyncrasies about the Fulanis.


They love their cows

The Fulanis are predominantly cattle herders and their cows are critical to their survival as they fetch them a substantial amount when sold. Hence, they can walk long and unbelievable distances in search for grazing lands for their cows.

Nomadic and adventurous

Adventure is the trademark of the average Fulani. The nomadic nature of this people has caused them to travel the length and breadth of Nigeria on foot. As a people who possess a historic affiliation for animal husbandry, the men traverse the countryside in search for lush greenery for feeding the cattle while the women who travel in groups  behind them sell the cow’s milk as fura de nunu.

Fulani women, close to Argungu, Kebbi State, Nigeria.
Fulani women, close to Argungu, Kebbi State, Nigeria.

Artistic hairstyle

The hairstyle is another distinct quality of the Fulani especially the women. Flamboyant in nature, this signature is considered absurd to many but they wear it with pride.

The President is Fulani

President Muhammadu Buhari hails from the Fulani ethnic group! He is an indigene of Daura in Katsina.



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