Buhari In France: French Government To Spend 130million Euros In Nigeria


It would seem the Nigerian President’s visit to France might yet yield fruit as Paris has promised military support for Nigeria in intelligence and equipment, and says it wants to invest as much as 130 million Euros in the country’s infrastructure development.

Both Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Francois Hollande were at a closed door on Tuesday, after which they addressed a joint press conference.

The French President expressed his government’s concern about the insecurity in Nigeria’s north-east and Boko Haram’s activities spreading to other parts of West Africa.

Both leaders discussed new strategies that would enable Nigeria and her neighbours, through the Multinational Joint Task Force, to fight the insurgency and restore peace.

President Hollande recalled that in 2014, France hosted a regional summit on security in Paris, which brought together, presidents of West Africa, to determine a strategy for fighting insurgency.

President Buhari thanked his French counterpart for his interest in Nigeria’s problems and said that having secured the country’s support, he could now go on to secure that of the G7.



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