Celebrating Nigeria at 55

Nigeria at 55

WHEN Nigeria achieved political emancipation in 1960, it evinced the tendencies and potentialities of a country that would become great, economically, technologically, and politically. Are such natural resourc­es as gold, tin ore, bauxite and crude oil not buried beneath our soil? And, Nigeria had colourful politicians like Chief Awolowo, who was a political sage and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the doyen of journalism in West Africa, then.

But the departing British imperi­alists left the egregious political legacy of the imposition of leaders on the populace for us. It led to the emergence of politicians, who were not prepared for the challenges of political leadership.

Nigeria’s current economic woes and technological underdevelop­ment are not unconnected to past political maladministration and military dictatorships, which beset our country in the past. Our politi­cal leaders and the military stalled our national development with their bumbling, inept, corrupt, visionless, and rudderless leaderships.


The ascetic leader teetotaler swept to power on the coat tail of his political antecedents and reputa­tion. He is believed to be the mes­siah that will right the wrongs in our political polity, turn around our ailing economy, and take Nigeria to a great technological height. But, President Buhari’s tardiness and po­litical missteps have caused some people to become skeptical and cynical regarding his electioneering promises.

Nigerians are patiently waiting for him to offer us purposeful and people-oriented leadership that will transform Nigeria. Our current un­satisfactory level of national de­velopment is a consequence of bad successive political regimes that pillaged our economic resources. But it takes a detribalized political leader with probity and leadership qualities to re-make a country. Sin­gapore and Malaysia had leaders who transformed those countries. Singapore and Malaysia’s leader­ship models should be adopted and emulated by our leaders.

But no country can grow above the visions and dreams of its leader. Thankfully, our President is sur­rounded by egg-heads, technocrats and visionaries who can offer him advice and roadmaps regarding how to make Nigeria a great country.

President Buhari should set about his presidential duties with ear­nestness and fealty. It is high time our national leader diversified our mono-economy that is based and sustained on oil revenue as a dip in global oil prices will spell doom for our country.

For all its human and material resources, Nigeria imports simple house–hold items. It is a proof that our educational system is dysfunc­tional.

Education is the bedrock of na­tional development. No country with dysfunctional educational sys­tem can make progress. So, it is im­perative for our political leaders to revamp our educational system in order that those who pass through our educational institutions are not found wanting in learning and char­acter. Only skilled and knowledge­able citizens can drive the develop­mental initiatives in a country.

More so, people who are well-educated are imbued with positive morality. They are not vulnerable and susceptible to being indoctrinat­ed with dangerous religious teach­ings. The activities of the Boko haram group have loss of lives and of property. The government should tackle the insurgency.The survival as well as the progress of Nigeria is based on national unity. No country in political stasis can achieve na­tional development. National unity is an incentive for national develop­ment. Citizens of countries in politi­cal crisis cannot achieve great tech­nological feats while living in their home countries. So, I urge President Muhammadu Buhari to desist from engaging in acts that will deepen our ethnic and religious fissures, and make some people from a sec­tion of the country feel alienated.

CREDITS: This article was published on Daily Sun, and it was written by Uche Chinedu Okoye  from Anambra State



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