Key highlights of Nigeria’s Ministerial Screening

Ministerial Screening

Nigeria’s ministerial screening began on Monday in the Nigerian House of Senate. The exercise has so far generated mixed feelings from Nigerians, both of anxiety and excitement. Notable nominees that have been screened include Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Mrs. Amina Mohammed, Former Governor of Lagos state Babatunde Raji Fashola, and others including the present General Managing Director of NNPC, Dr. Ibe Kachukwu, and Dr. Chris Ngige.

Below are some of the key points that were made during the exercise:

Dr. Ibe Kachukwu

  • On transparency in the oil sector
    • “I will ensure transparency, that is why we ordered PWC to carry out a forensic audit. Transparency is key in the petroleum industry. Speed is also very important. Time is money.”
  • On the Petroleum Industry Bill passed in June
    • “15 billion dollars is lost every year as a result of the absence of this bill.”
  • On the performance of Nigerian refineries
    • “The current average performance level of our refineries is 25-28 percent.”

Mr. Babatunde Fashola

  • On Lagos debt
    • “The economy needs a stimulus. We must borrow….We don’t borrow to pay salaries or buy generators, We borrow for capital expenditures.”
  • On revenue and income generation
    • “We are investing more outside the country than we are in the country which is the major challenge….This nation has a lot of money outside its borders. Nigerians are investing more abroad.”
  • On loyalty
    • “Nobody can fairly accuse me of giving my word and going back on my word….I have remained loyal to causes I signed to. I stand by my word.”
  • On crime
    • “Government exists to protect citizens and their assets, therefore criminals are my competitors.”

Mrs. Amina Mohammed

  • On national planning
    • “On the stock market, we need partnerships to develop this country and grow domestic relationships.”
  • On her experience at the United Nations
    • “Accountability around the world is what people are looking for…The SDG’s should be incorporated into the 2020 vision for Nigeria”


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