Simple Tips on How to Revive the Nigerian Culture

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Nigeria’s culture is invaluable and priceless. It is what defines us as a nation. Without it, we lose our identity and it is important that all efforts are made to ensure that it does dissipate in the face of a western invasion. This revival needs to cut across all the fabric of our social life – dressing, language, cuisine, and social interactions which have been kicked to the backseat., Africa’s number 1 hotel booking portal gives tips on how to arrest the decline of Nigeria’s cultural values.

Moral instructions  

Remember this subject in primary school? As the name implies, it is to teach children ethics such as honesty, respect, cleanliness, culture, truthfulness and integrity. This helped children outside the four walls of their homes and school. However, moral instructions is rarely taught in school these days. More importance is attached to maths and English. There will be significant changes if this is made a core subject in Nigerian curriculum and schools. #BringBackMoralInstructions

Pleading with Parents

Parents have key roles to play. Family is the smallest cell of any society. If the family fails, the society fails. Present day reality has parents and their children competing with each other when it comes to abuse of morality. With the display of unhealthy behaviours, they lose the temerity to caution the younger generation. This needs to change as each parent’s duty is direct their children to the right path.

Educate the young

Young people are expected to be the promoters of culture but this generation does not seem to be interested in it. The craze to adopt foreign belief system is overwhelming and youths need to see the value of Nigeria’s culture. Conferences should be organised for them so that they can see the value in our culture. The more young people appreciate our culture, the less people have to worry about anti-social behaviours.

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Learn from the past

The past is a perfect compass for the future. Recall a time when women left the doors of their stores unlocked and unmanned through the night without the fear of being robbed crossing her mind. This was the degree of trustworthiness and sincerity members of communities has with each other. If you try it today, everything in your store will disappear in a jiffy! That past can be restored if efforts are made to teach children the importance of being responsible.



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