Apps that can help you learn Nigerian languages


With Nigerian languages facing the possibility of extinction, many people have encouraged dialogue in local languages at home and in the schools while others are taking advantage of technology to develop mobile applications in order to check this trend.

We reveal some applications that can help you learn Nigerian languages.


Hausa is mainly spoken in Northern Nigeria. For anyone that does not understand a bit of the language, you can learn basic Hausa using this app.

The app is divided into different categories and you can learn the words that belong to that category. The categories area- animals, body, colours, days, food and greetings.


The Yoruba and Igbo version of this app is available for download on Google Play store and on iTunes. Users can learn how to pronounce words like a native speaker while taking fun quizzes to test your knowledge about what you have learnt so far. But the app is not free.

Igbo 101 with Onye Nkuzi Asa

This is a fun platform for learning Igbo. It is unique as you have a teacher named Onye Nkuzi Asa that dishes out the basics of the Igbo language. You can also play interactive games to test your understanding of the language.


A shared application for kids to familiarize themselves with the language of one of Africa’s richest cultural groups-Yoruba.

Talkasoft Soro

The Talkasoft Soro app has three language versions available for download-Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. You can select your preferred choice as it teaches users how to read, write and pronounce words in any of these languages.



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