4 kinds of people you will meet at a Lagos party

Lagos Party 1.png

Lagos is a hilarious comedy zone. Its people have the most peculiar mannerisms and as you drive or walk through the street, there is always something to make you laugh.

One place to find the most-queer lot are at Lagos parties. Nigerians love to party. This is why on Saturdays’, at almost every nook and cranny of the bubbly city, giant loudspeakers and grand canopies litter around with people sauntering to and fro in dapper costumes as they clamour for a good time. Read on as Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identifies some of them.

Lagos Party 2.jpg

The uninvited guests

It is normal practice that only persons with an invitation card should be granted entry into a party. But, in a populated city like Lagos, you will always find someone that makes it their life-goal to gatecrash a party. In light of this, the organizers often ensure adequate security at the venue to curtail the excesses of uninvited guests…but they somehow still find their way through.

Lagos Party 3

The third party friend

They are not familiar with the host of the party but they have a good rapport with a ‘big shot’ who can get them into the loudest beanfeast in Lagos.

At these parties, the third-party-friend flanks the influential individual like a bodyguard and expect to be given the same VIP treatment. In addition, they brag and over hype themselves but, if you do a thorough background check on them, they are simply opportunists.

Lagos Party 4.jpg

The glutton

Refreshment is each glutton’s primary concern. Every other thing is secondary. He positions himself where he can receive everything that is being distributed – food, soft drink, water and alcohol. His appetite is insatiable as he voraciously munches all day long on the streets without a care as to who’s watching him! This is your typical Lagos hustler and in this city, he’s always around the corners.

The praise singers

Nigerians love being praised and this is why you will often find these lot at parties. Their aim is to extract money from you by singing rhythmic songs accompanied by deft beats from a talking drum. If you are not careful, you will spend all your money on them as they can compliment you to high-heavens. To keep your wallet safe, it is either you ignore them or offer them a generous token.



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