Around Nigeria in 5 popular taxis


In a society where personal cars are the preferred mode of transportation, traditional taxis still serve a core need and carry a local charm. Beyond being a reliable means of transportation, these vehicles licensed to commute passengers at a small fee, usually make for great storytelling on a trip home.

Just like exploring the cuisine of a place, these cars offer a broad spectrum of experiences on a personal level and in the spirit of adventure, we present some of the coolest taxis to watch out for on a journey around Nigeria.

enugu taxi

Enugu taxi

Enugu taxis are so cute you’ll want to drive around town in them all day. Their petite feel are a pleasant break from the conventional motorcars that plough the Eastern Nigeria transit route. Locally known as kabu-kabu, a fresh fleet of distinct vessels were recently introduced for general use in a public-private partnership venture arranged by the government.

abuja sure p cab

Abuja cabs

Abuja is famous for its blue coloured taxi’s. Usually operated by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) they are an intrinsic part of the city’s rich heritage. Serving as a major form of transportation for people in the nation’s capital, they come at the most affordable prices – N200 per ride- and are only a phone call away.


Keke Marwa (tricycles)

Although these are not conventional cars, these three-wheeled contraptions offer a fun experience with every ride. Known in other parts of the world as Tricycles or Tuk-Tuk, they are popular in Lagos and other southern cities where traffic congestion is a gnawing reality and serve as a quick way of getting around town.


Lagos cabs

Lagos taxi’s are likely the most popular transport system in West Africa. Highly sophisticated, they grew in popularity after buses were introduced in the 1920s by two pioneers, namely Mrs Charlotte Olajumoke Obasa (a leading indigenous entrepreneur at that time) and W.A. Dawodu.



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