Iheanyi Igboko’s Blog is 3 Today

Our Official Iheanyi Igboko’s Blog began exactly THREE YEARS AGO today!


http://www.iheanyiigboko.wordpress.com, Nigeria’s one-stop hotspot for tourism, culture and entertainment was established in April 2013, but published its first post on May 28, 2013.

Since we started, we’ve made 1046 posts and averaged 250 daily views and 500 views after posts.

We are now viewed from 132 countries with Nigeria, US, Norway, UK, South Africa, Ghana, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil and India – being the top of the packs.

We are grateful to our major partners – http://www.afrima.org http://www.jovago.com and jiji.ng Lagos Inland Revenue Services, among others – we will continue to rely on your patronage.


Above all, we want to give our readers A BIG THANK YOU! We couldn’t do it without your support and encouragement.Let us know if there is any specific content you would like to see. Happy Anniversary to us



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