5 great reasons to date a Nigerian girl who travels

The search for the perfect girl is futile, especially if you live in Nigeria. There are so many variables to contemplate and eventually, you just have to go with the one you are most compatible or you are happiest with. It’s expected as there is no such thing as perfect really.

The truth is, a majority of men in Nigeria searching for love, basically, want a girl with whom can experience, discover, and explore our beautiful world. We at Jumia Travel believe that the best kind of girl with whom to achieve this desire is a girl who travels. Traveling is one of the most rewarding and exciting things anyone can possibly do, and so it makes dating a girl who makes travel a priority a good idea. If you need more convincing, read these 5 reasons why you should date a Nigerian girl who travels!


You will never get bored with her

Girls who travel have loads of stories to share as they have had all sorts of experiences and seen a lot of unique things. Dating this kind of girl will ensure you never have a dull moment. She will definitely keep you on your toes too as she is spontaneous and will likely decide to do something at the last minute. Also, she is the type to change her mind often but keep in mind that that only means she is embracing each moment. She will rarely say no to things that are new and fun, which makes her a perfect fit to a dude who’s into a good-time and spontaneous relationship.

She isn’t clingy, and your buddies will like her

A girl who travels is not the regular needy girl you will find around town. She is also not shy or unfriendly. She will not want to know everything you do or keep strict tabs on you.  She will are about you and ask you questions out of curiosity, but she will not need to be with you at all times. She is most probably with you because you are special and exciting to her, like the many cities she’s visited. Again, you will not have to worry about your friends liking her or not as she is social and finds it easy to make friends instantly.


No Drama. She is Open-minded and chill

A girl who travels is hardly dramatic. She is open-minded as she has been to so many places and seen/experienced different lifestyles which have made her more accepting of people’s unique quirks than most people. Again, she is chill in the sense that she is patient and rarely gets riled up by any situation. Think about it, after many delays, missed flights, bad restrooms, bad street food and wrong turns; she has grown to be adaptable and easy-going. She has learned not to take herself or others too seriously, and to have an optimistic outlook on life. Dating this girl ensure you finally have someone in your life who would be less frantic when it comes to relationship woes as she is ready for any bumps on the road metaphorically and literally.

She is not materialistic and easy to please

The girl who loves to travel is definitely different from the other Nigerian girls. You will not need to spend a great deal of money on her to get her devotion. She does not need a Ferrari or designer shoes instead she appreciates little meaningful gifts like souvenirs and keepsakes. Travelling has thought her how to appreciate the small and simple things in life and so she is easy to please.


She lives for the moment but plans for the future.

Travelling will teach anyone that being organized and spontaneous is not mutually exclusive. A girl who travels understands what “organized spontaneity” is all about, and so, while she may spontaneous, adventurous, passionate, and excited about life, it does not mean she is irresponsible or a loafer. She knows how to manage time and is wise with her money, spending it on experiences instead of things.



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