2 Days to TechDev Summit – 4 Ways Technology Will Change Nigeria’s Workforce


In 2 days, Enugu, the pride of the East, will be agog with tech activities as the maiden edition of TechDev Summit debuts.

Organised by Communication Week Media Limited, publishers of Nigeria Communications Week and Techsmart Trend, the summit would be a gathering of experts, academia, intellectuals and major stakeholders in the ICT, finance as well as government; in strategic and high-level sessions, to address issues, generate new ideas and approaches as well as chart a road map for Nigeria’s ICT space.

According to Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, one of the conveners, the two-day event is “designed to deepen the conversations in the ICT sector and develop a new set of entrepreneurs who would strategically apply new technologies to growing the Nigerian economy”.

Nigeria cannot be left behind in the fast-paced world of technology especially when it comes to the future of labour. Even though jobs are being automated you have to significantly improve yourself to fit into this future. The truth is, if you don’t hone your skills, there will be millions of jobs and there will be no employable persons to do these jobs. This is an additional reason to participate in the TechDev Summit.

4 ways technology will change Nigeria’s workforce to get you prepared!

You will be a free agent

You don’t have to find work in the future. In fact, companies will call you to offer you jobs without applying. It is just by having a profile on professional social media accounts like LinkedIn and online. And also, you will not be attached to a particular organisation. Technology tools will make this possible.

You will work from home

Driving to the office daily and manoeuvring Lagos traffic is very hectic. In the future, you don’t need to do this, you will work from the comfort of the sofa of your home. Hence, your employees don’t need to be physically present in the office. Not that everyone will work from home but a large number of people will do.


Services will be outsourced

If you check your Samsung phone, you observe that different parts are made in different countries: the battery is made in China; the body parts are made in Finland and it is assembled in England. And this same device is made by Samsung. Outsourcing is less expensive. Companies now use outsourcing as a cheap way to get quick and cheap labour. This can only favour Nigeria if it develops its infrastructure and  evolve a friendly environment. In fact, you find Nigerian companies outsourcing their services to international companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Technology is key in making this work.

Skills development and training will change due to automation

Many companies are looking for ways to cut cost. Hence, they have embraced automation. These companies will still need persons who will manage these automated services. This may force workers to go for skills development and training. In fact, Nigerian universities must realise we are no longer in the 1960s and they have to overhaul their syllabus to accommodate these new realities tech has introduced.

To learn more ways technology will change Nigeria’s workforce and economy, register to participate in the TechDev Summit – http://techdev.com.ng/registration/ or contact us via http://techdev.com.ng/contact

The mega summit with the theme: ICT: Innovate, Transform, Connect will hold from December 6 to 7 at the  Dome Event Centre, New Haven.

To see full programme schedule, click http://techdev.com.ng/programme

To  meet our speakers, click http://techdev.com.ng/speakers





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