Introducing Balsamic Senses by Aisha Buba

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Home-made herbal soap with essential oils..

Everything about a place and its tradition tells a story. Even the love of culture, traditions and antiques.  This is the story of Balsamic Senses by Aisha Bubah.

Tell us about yourself and your brand
My full name is Aisha Abdullah Bubah, and I am a counseling psychologist practicing in a clinical setting at the moment as an addiction counselor and mental health advocate.

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Balsamic senses is not just a business for me, it is a way of life. What we basically do is promote the scent of Borno, through our special Khumra(perfume), Kulakca( scented body cream), Turaren wuta(incense) and natural herbal soap, all with a touch of Arabia and Asian essence.

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Special Khumra

What motivated you to start this initiative?
The love of culture, traditions and antiques. Everything about a place and its traditions tells me a story. I am from Borno state and I am absolutely in love with our culture. And when I looked beyond my place, I saw similarities even in the most diverse places and cultures around the world. This made me understand that difference is not a hindrance, it is an opportunity for uniqueness. I then decided to take the most basic aroma/scent lessons from the places I go and their culture. Since perfumery has always been a passionate venture for me, I then decided to start small and uniquely, representing my culture and diversity. Hence, the products and their intimate touch of Northern Nigeria, Arabia and Asia .


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Aisha Buba

When, where and how did you start Balsamic senses?
I started making my products like 5 years ago, on and off, back here in Kano. I started out of curiosity, research and asking plenty questions to whoever cared to listen.

Balsamic senses however took its shape ending 2016 with  the intention of launching it beginning 2017. Balsamic senses however wouldn’t have taken the amazing shape it did without the 200% dedication and commitment of my  super intelligent and creative sisters; Binta Buba and Zainab Buba.

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Zainab Buba (left) and Binta Buba helped in co-creating Balsamic Senses

What are the major milestones/ success recorded so far?
The biggest success so far and nothing beating that is the amazing reviews and patronage we get from people all over the country and even beyond. The fact that there are people out there having so much faith in you and appreciating/loving what you do, is a big milestone achievement.

What have been your major obstacles?
Initially, getting people to accept what we do and have the blind faith in what we offer and anticipating their satisfaction was a difficult wait. But, with time and feedback, we kept improving to provide great satisfaction and worthy products.

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How has social media helped your career?
Social media was the platform we used to call on people’s attention to what we offer. And so far, it has yielded amazing positive feedback and patronage. It has also made it possible for us to reach our customers all over Nigeria and beyond.
Word of inspiration to others who intend to start change initiative?
I will say; figure out what you are passionate, play around with as many ideas around it as you can, then you make a choice, stick to it and start somewhere. The journey is unpredictable, not very easy but your passion for it, will walk you through.
To contact Balsamic Senses…
Mobile numbers: 08022481259,
Instagram: @balsamic_senses
Facebook: Balsamic Senses



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