Meet Ayanwoye Tobi – 18 Year Old Nigerian Student who Built Alarm Footmat And Solar-Powered grinder

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Tobi Ayanwoye an 18-year-old student of Federal Government College (FGC), Ogbomoso has exhibited sheer creativity by creating an alarm footmat and solar-powered mower and grinder.

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The Senior Secondary School SSS 3 student who is an indigene of Oyo State exhibited his invention during the school project showcase event.

We will bring you his story in subsequent time…


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Iheanyi Igboko is a social advocate, educator and journalist/blogger; working actively in the education and human development sector. He is passionate about promoting access to quality education, increasing youth active participation and engagement, and empowering young people to develop solutions to their problems. He craves unending hopes of a better Nigeria that will meet the hopes and aspirations of her citizens; and committed to building a nation that will seamlessly harness and develop her numerous human and capital potentials.


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