5 ways Nigerians are abusing social media

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It is no gainsaying that social media is now an important feature in our lives. We interact with friends and family on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Since, it free, much Nigerian including Nigerians have abused it. We identify 5 ways Nigerians are abusing social media. So, instead of using social media to improve your reach, they abuse it.This has prompted the government to consider regulating social media.

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  1. Ladies sharing pictures they are scantily dressed

On a picture sharing site like Instagram, you find images of women who are scantily dressed. Unsurprising, it is this kind of pics that get the most likes and comments. They do this just in a bid to get more followers.

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2. You share fake news

Combating fake news is one of the biggest problems social networks are encountering today. It is now very difficult to distinguish between fake and real news. Oftentimes, whoever is affected by the news releases a statement denying the news. This source of the fake news is not usually known but some blogs distribute these unconfirmed news stories to simply get more web traffic. So, before you share any news, you should know how to determine if its fake news and after if it is fake, ensure that you report it.


3. Celebrities talking about their relationships

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As a celebrity, everyone is interested in what happens in both their public and private life. For celebrities who are social media addicts, they tweet everything happening their lives including their relationship problems. If you are serious about your relationship, avoid talking about it on social media. Remember what happened to Teebillz when he did an expose on his relationship with Tiwa Savage.

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4. You show off  your wealth

Showing off monies and other luxury items on social media is now a trend especially among Nigerian celebrities.

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These celebrities share pictures of wads of cash, luxury cars, and expensive designer clothes and bags. Then you wonder what they want to achieve by showing off their wealth.

5. You beg people to like or comment on your post

Funny right? You will be shocked that some Nigerians will beg or ask you to like or comment on their pictures. As far as the image is not for a competition, you should like or comment on any pics of your own accord. .


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Iheanyi Igboko is a social advocate, educator and journalist/blogger; working actively in the education and human development sector. He is passionate about promoting access to quality education, increasing youth active participation and engagement, and empowering young people to develop solutions to their problems. He craves unending hopes of a better Nigeria that will meet the hopes and aspirations of her citizens; and committed to building a nation that will seamlessly harness and develop her numerous human and capital potentials.


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