Four Delicious Soups to Relish While in Edo

Edo, the heart of Nigeria, is not only home to a number of national tourist attractions within its locales, but it’s also home to some of the best and most delicious local soups.

It’s safe to say that the Edo people are known for their soups. Aside the state’s rich history and dazzling festivals, its widely recognized indigenous soups should be relished when visiting its locales.

We share four delicious soups the Edo people are known for:

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1.Black Soup (Omoebe)

This is a popular delicious Edo soup made from the combination of three basic leaves (bitter leaves, scent leaves and uziza leaves) which are ground together with the native edo grinding stone. It’s the grounded leaves that give off a very dark colour and coupled with the fact that palm fruit sauce rather than palm oil is used, the combination gives the soup it’s black colour. Asides being tasty the soup is also very nutritious because of the herbs used in making it. It’s best served with pounded yam, Eba or starch.

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2.Omi Ukpoka (Corn Soup)

This is another delicious Edo soup with a unique aroma. The various spices added to the soup is what gives the soup its unique aroma. The soup is mainly made with ground dry corn (the type used for Ogi) and blended with smoked fish. The soup is mainly from the northern part of the state, and common to the Afemai people. The texture of the soup is much like Ofe Nsala or light Egusi Soup. Because of it’s high carbohydrate content, the soup is not recommended for those on a diet. It is mostly served with pounded yam, Eba, Fufu or semo-vita.

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Omisagwe (Groundnut Soup)

This is a very popular soup in Edo state and considered as one of the tastiest Edo meals. The soup is a perfect, sweet and savoury blend of groundnuts (peanuts), tomatoes and onions, with local seasonings, leaf vegetables and either chicken, beef or fish to add extra flavour to the dish. The soup is popular with the Etsakor people, one the three major ethnic groups in Edo state. The soup is usually served with either pounded yam or starch.

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Bini Owo Soup

This is one of the oldest dishes prepared and eaten by the Edo people. Unlike most Nigerian soups, the Owo soup is usually thick and bare. One of the main ingredients of the soup is potash (akanwu or kan) and it is best prepared with smoked fish, prawns or bush meat and eja sawa. Most people who have tasted this soup consider it as a ‘stew baptized as soup’. The soup is mainly eaten with carbohydrates such as boiled yams, boiled plantains, sweet potatoes, boiled green bananas etc. Some also use the soup to eat boiled rice and beans.



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