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5 Reasons you should drop everything and head to Owerri now

Most travelers tend to visit major cities like Lagos, Abuja, or Port Harcourt when visiting Nigeria and those destinations are popular for very good reasons. The popularity of these widely held locations, however, tends to make the places feel touristy and that is not attractive to the class of travelers who like to branch out and instead, go to places that do not feel quite so trodden upon. If you categorize yourself in this second group of travelers, we at Jumia Travel believe that Owerri is a perfect choice for you.

At the moment, Owerri still gives off a fresh and newly discovered vibe, but as the tourist infrastructure inevitably grows, it will become a must-visit like the other popular destinations within the country. Don’t you think it is worth trying to plan a trip before that happens? Read on to discover 5 reasons you should drop everything and head to Owerri now.


It is Budget-Friendly

Actually, Owerri is more than budget-friendly. With basic accommodation for less than NGN 10,000 per night, local food for less than N500 a plate and cheap transportation, you can spend a lot of time in the city for very little. With the current state of the economy, you may want to take your “me-cation” at this destination.

Friendly locals

The locals in Owerri are beautiful people and not just in terms of looks. They are passionate and genuine, which reflects in almost everything they do. A majority are also extremely friendly and would be excited to get to know you more, learn about your culture and even share theirs with you. Even so, if you need help most locals will try their best to direct you in the right direction. Of course, watch your belongings and use common sense, though.


Your taste buds will awaken

“Ofe Owerri”, a native soup of the Owerri people is regarded as one of the tastiest in the country. So many songs have been sung about it and for good reason too. A visit to Owerri will leave you wanting to stop in every restaurant and bukkas you see. Their eateries have a variety of meals and delicacies to suit a wide variety of pallets…and the great thing is that they are all usually affordable.

The eastern culture is vibrant, but also safe and easy

Owerri is located in the eastern part of Nigeria and as such shares the Igbo culture which is prevalent in the area. Indigenous culture is visible around town and visitors can witness locals adorned in cultural attires, taste traditional foods and learn about ancient customs. While some practice the traditional religion, Owerri is famously secular and so anyone can observe their own culture and religion too ,while in the city, without any restriction. Cultural festivals, like the indigenous New Yam festival, are also still celebrated.


You stand a chance to discover the unknown.

Due to the general misconception that Owerri is “dangerous” as you can be kidnapped or badly mugged, it is not very popular with travelers. Thus, Owerri is a paradise waiting to be discovered and explored, devoid (for now) of huge tourist crowds.

Rio 2016 Paralympics: How Nigerian Athlete set new World Record


Nigerian athlete, Josephine Orji, on Wednesday shattered the World Record with a lift of 160 kg to win gold in the Women’s -84kg Power-lifting event at the ongoing Paralympics Games in Rio, Brazil.

The latest gold medal is Nigeria’s 8th at the event.

Nigeria now has 11 medals and is 10th on the overall medals table.

The latest gold for Nigeria came off a dominant display from Orji who literally ran a one-sided show in the Women’s -84kg Power-lifting event

The Nigerian power-lifter was miles ahead of the other competitors as Poland’s Marzena Zieba who won Silver, finished with a mark of 134kg.

Netherlands’ Melaica Tuinfort who claimed the Bronze medal had a best mark of 130kg.

Orji showed that she was in for serious business from the start as she opted to enter the competition at 151kg.

That weight was the highest entered by any competitor thus forcing others to fight for the other medal spots as they didn’t come close to 150kg.

Having navigated her way past her opening mark, Orji initially failed her attempt at 154kg.

The determined Nigerian however picked herself up and came into her third attempt shattering the world record by lifting 154kg.

Cheered on by her compatriots and other fans in the stand, Orji activated her 4th attempt as she went for 160kg.

Although she lifted the 160kg to set the World Record, the official mark at the end of the competition remained the 154kg she lifted in her third attempt.

Rio 2016 Paralympics: Nigeria shoots to top

TEAM Nigeria yesterday shot into the lead as the best African country at the on-going Paralympic Games in Rio with three of her athletes winning three more gold medals in the powerlifting and shot put events to bring her total to seven.
Ndidi Nwosu competing in the 73kg of the powerlifting event outclassed her opponents with a lift of 14okg to win gold ahead of Souhad Ghazuoani from France who also lifted 140kg but settled for the silver and Egypt’s Amany Ali who lifted 17kg to get the bronze.
Another Nigerian, Bose Omolayo was the 79kg category champion with a lift of 138kg, beating China’s Lili Xu and Taipei’s Tzu-Hui Lin to the silver and bronze respectively while the third gold came via shot put where Lauritta Onye threw 8.40m to set a new world record.
GOLDEN MOMENT: Onye Lauritta jubilates after winning gold with a new world record in the women’s shot put F40.
GOLDEN MOMENT: Onye Lauritta jubilates after winning gold with a new world record in the women’s shot put F40.
With the three gold won yesterday, Nigeria sits atop the African countries with a total of 10 medals (7G, 2S, 1B) while Tunisia is now second with 10 medals (4G, 4S, 2B),
South Africa has eight medals(3G, 3S, 2B), Algeria nine medals(1G, 4S, 4B) and Egypt has seven medals(1G, 3S, 3B).
Meanwhile China maintained her lead on the overall medals table with 41gold, 33silver and 24bronze while Britain with 24 gold is second, Ukraine is third with 19 gold and USA remains fourth with 13 gold.

AU, AFRIMA release full nominees list …Public Voting starts September 12

The African Union Commission, AUC, and the 13-man Jury of the All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, have released the highly anticipated 2016 Nominees List for the Continental Categories of Africa’s leading awards project.

The 2016 AFRIMA Continental Nominees List was released to the public via the media and on the AFRIMA website on Tuesday, September 6, two weeks after the Nominees list for the Regional Categories of the awards were unveiled on Monday, August 22 at a Press Conference in Lagos. The 22 continental nomination categories include different music genres, as well as coveted categories of “Artiste of the Year in Africa”, “Best Video in Africa”, “Best Producer in Africa”, “Best Songwriter in Africa” and “Revelation of the Year in Africa”.

AFRIMA 3.0 Nominees

Editorial: Growing the Rural Communities through Sustainable Tourism

The responsibility to grow our rural communities is a shared one. In fact, majority of the tourism sites in Nigeria are located in most of the rural areas. Development in these areas are not as fast-paced as urban communities. Every year, rural development always finds its way to the government’s shopping list but somehow doesn’t make it to the priority list. Reasons for this might include, but not limited to, insufficient budget, lack of proper planning and measurable goals. Most of the tourism sites in the country domicile within these rural communities. It is therefore surprising why we are investing hugely to develop these communities, considering the fact that we are making conscious efforts to grow our tourism and travel industry into a melting pot.


Sustainable tourism implies that a tourist who visits a place tries to make positive impact on the environment, society and economy as well.  There are a good number of ways to do this: respect the people who call the location home, their culture and customs and the socio-economic system in the area. While it is not surprising that often times people tend to confuse sustainable tourism with ecotourism, whereas ecotourism is actually an aspect of sustainable tourism; this article will focus on the economic importance of ecological tourism (ecotourism).


Tourism has many merits, no doubt. One of its demerits is that it causes damage on the environment. Ecotourism, on the other hand, seeks to promote responsible travel to natural areas that protect the environment and advance the prosperity of the local people. It aims to provide a fun, relaxing vacation while protecting the surrounding ecosystem. It often works to train and engage the participants in an eco-friendly lifestyle. The adverse effects of hotels, trails and other infrastructure are reduced through the use of either recycled supplies or abundantly existing local building materials, recycling, renewable sources of energy and safe disposal of waste and refuse. If well managed, ecotourism will contribute actively to the maintenance of natural and cultural heritage, namely, inclusion of local and indigenous communities in its planning, development and operation, which reduces poverty and enhances intercultural & environmental understanding.


As a responsible traveler who is interested in minimizing the negative impacts of his tour and if you take special interest in local nature and cultures, ecotourism should appeal to you. Remote areas, whether populated or unpopulated and are typically under some kind of environmental protection at different levels are destinations for ecotourism. Regulating the number of tourists and type of behaviour will ensure limited damage to the ecosystem as well as contribute to the minimization of its impact.


Tourists and residents of nearby communities need to be educated before departure through reading materials about the country they are visiting, location and the people, as well as a code of conduct for both the traveler and the industry. This information helps prepare the tourists.


Well-trained, multilingual naturalist guides serve to educate members of the neighboring community, students and the larger community in the host country. To do so, entrance and lodge fees for nationals must be reduced and free educational travels for indigenous students and those living near the tourist attraction should be encouraged.


In addition, it also helps increase funds for ecological protection, investigation and education through a selection of apparatuses, including park entrance fees, tour companies, hotels, hotel booking portals like Jumia Travel, airlines and airport taxes and voluntary contributions.


National parks and other conservation areas will only subsist if there are “happy people” around their borders. The inclusion and participation of the local community is critical to the success of ecotourism. These communities should receive proceeds and other physical benefits (potable water, roads, hospitals, etc.) from the conservation area and its tourist amenities. Campgrounds, hotels, chaperon services, restaurants and other enterprises should be run by or in partnership with communities surrounding a park or other tourist destinations.


For ecotourism to be seen as a tool for rural development, total economic and political control must be given to the communal, township, cooperative, or entrepreneur. This is the most challenging and time wasting idea in the economic equation and the one that foreign operators most often let it slip through the cracks or that they follow only partially or formally.


Tourism helps in building international understanding and world peace although this does not happen automatically; frequently in fact, tourism strengthens the economies of repressive and high-handed states. Mass tourism pays scarce attention to the political structure of the host country or struggles within it, unless civil unrest escapes into outbreaks on tourists. Ecotourism demands a more holistic method to travel, one in which participants try to respect, study about and profit both the local environment and local communities.


In many emerging countries, rural residents around national parks and other ecotourism attractions are sealed in contests with the government and transnational corporations for control of the assets. Eco-tourists should therefore be sensitive to the host country’s political environment and social climate and need to contemplate the merits of global boycotts called for by those supportive of democratic reforms.

Rio 2016 Paralympic: Nigeria wins first gold, silver medals

Image result for Nigeria wins first gold medal 2016 paralympics

Team Nigeria, yesterday, put up an impressive run at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, as Roland Ezuruike set a new Paralympic record of 190kg to win gold in the men’s 54kg category of weight-lifting, even as Latifat Tijani won silver in women’s 45kg.
His first lift of 185kg broke the previous Paralympic record before he extended it with his second lift of 190kg.
With this feat, Ezuruike has taken over the leadership in the 54kg category left vacant by former champion, Egypt’s Sherif Osman.
With his 189kg lift at the World Championship in 2014, which was his major international debut,  Ezuruike placed himself at the top of the rankings for the on going Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.
Ezuruike went on to win gold at the 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships, cementing his place amongst the world’s best.
In the same vein, Tijani, a power lifter, has won Nigeria a silver medal.
Tijani competed in the women’s 45 kg power lifting event, and performed great, but China’s Dandan Hu beat her to first place.

It was an intense competition between the duo that eventually saw Hu winning the game. Zoe Newson of Britain came third.

4 Ways To Promote Your Website For Free

4-520x343 (1)

Promoting your website is crucial to its success whether you’ve already taken your business online or still searching for a simple solution to create a professional website. If you have no previous experience with site promotion, you are likely to be worried about how to get instant traction especially if you have a sterling content. But you don’t have to get yourself worked up as Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal rolls out 4 places to promote your website for free.

Make sure search Engines know your Site

Most of traffic from the internet is gotten from search engines. Therefore, for you to effectively promote your website, you have to ensure that your website is searchable and recognizable by search engines by submitting your link directly to them. You can also take advantage of Search Engine Optimization.

Submit your site to Online Directories

Potential clients usually search online directories to find business solutions. So, listing your content to these directories is key for your website to greatly improve your site’s SEO. Do not forget to include location and business category. This will also help.


Share your contents on Social Media

Social media is another reliable way to promote your website. You share your content across the popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram amongst others.  Hence, if you have great content, other websites will use and link your website.

Email signature

This is often overlooked. But it is a very active way to gain engagement and traction for your website. Hence, whenever you send out an email, use a signature that features your website. The receiver of the email may want to check out your website through the link provided. This can also promote your website.


Image result for mark zuckerberg in NigeriaImage result for mark zuckerberg in Nigeria


The visit of Facebook’s CEO,  Mark Zuckerberg , to Nigeria has created so much buzz around the country and even the world. Nigerians have posted so many memes and comments on the social media. Read on to discover 5 lessons we have learned from the legendary visit.


Lagos is undoubtedly the heartbeat of Nigeria

Image result for mark zuckerberg in Nigeria

Since Abuja became the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, there have been arguments over which of the two cities -Abuja and Lagos- is the actual heartbeat of the Nation. For those who are still in doubt, the visit of the famous CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to Lagos has proved that the city is indeed the core of our nation. The social media genius could have visited to any other part of the country, but he picked Lagos. Of course, he visited Abuja later on, but that visit seemed more like an afterthought.

Image result for mark zuckerberg in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Jollof rice reigns supreme

What more is there to say? Mark Zuckerberg, a well-travelled member of the world’s top class who has probably tasted the best of meals around the world, gushed about Nigeria’s favorite meal- Jollof rice! That certainly is enough to prove that the meal indeed reigns supreme.

There are too many talents in Nigeria

Image result for mark zuckerberg in Nigeria

In Mark’s own words: “This trip has really blown me away by the talents of young entrepreneurs and developers in this country, and making a difference and making a change. It reminds me of when I wanted to start Facebook. I wasn’t starting a company at the time but wanted to build something to see if it would work. And that is what I see people here do, pushing through challenges, building things that you want to see in the world. You are not just going to change Nigeria and the whole of Africa but the whole world.”

Simplicity should be a core value for any searching for success

Image result for mark zuckerberg in Nigeria

Even President Buhari commended the simplicity of Zuckerberg as he thanked him for sharing his wealth of knowledge with Nigerian youths, and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. Although Mark is among the world’s richest men, he does not dress lavishly or engage in impulsive spending. In Buhari’s words: “In our culture, we are not used to seeing successful people appear like you. We are not used to seeing successful people jogging and sweating on the streets. We are more used to seeing successful people in air-conditioned places. We are happy you are well-off and simple enough to always share.’’

The future of Nigeria lies in the hands of the youth

Image result for mark zuckerberg in Nigeria

There have been Memes suggesting that Mark Zuckerberg may have boycotted the older men who play key roles in the Nigeria’s telecommunication and media industry as he understands that the future can only be driven by young talents. The CEO mentioned that he was blown away by the talent and level of energy of the Nigerian youth that he saw at the Co-creation Hub in Yaba, Lagos, and this surely reaffirms the belief that the future of Nigeria certain lies in the hand of its youths.

2016 Rio Paralympics: Team Nigeria Arrive Rio

Nigeria Paralympians

Team Nigeria’s contingent to the 2016 Paralympic Games has arrived in Rio, Brazil. The 35 member contingent departed Abuja on Sept.1, 2016.

News Agency of Nigeria report that 23 athletes will represent Nigeria in the games where six of the athletes will feature in Para- Athletes, 14 in Para-Power-lifting, while the remaining three will take part in Para-Table tennis. The athletes are with 12 officials, including coaches, medical personnel, helpers, loaders and team administrators, accompanied the team.

Anibeze said that the minister had urged the team before its departure, to compete fairly and be of good behavior at the games.

“I bring you warm greetings from the father of the nation, President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Mr President sends his goodwill and encouragement which is reduced to, “Go and make Nigeria proud.’’

“I congratulate you for qualifying for the games at a time the country is undergoing trials.

“One thing that amazes me about you is your determination, commitment and patriotism.

“As you go for the games, compete fairly, honestly and give it your best,’’ Dalung was quoted as saying during the departure ceremony.

The minister also urged the athletes to comfort themselves and allow officials accompanying them to resolve any crisis that may arise.

“Whatever problems you may encounter, let us manage it very well, the idea of escalating our problems does not speak well of us as Nigerians.

“We at the Ministry of Youth and Sports have resolved that any athlete, who goes out to represent Nigeria, will receive his or her bonus directly.

“All allowances will be paid to you before the games end,’’ Dalung said.

Lucy Ejike, the Team Nigeria captain, had thanked Solomon Dalung and the Permanent Secretary both of ministry of sports, for making it possible for the country to be at the games.

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