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Nigerians Dominate 100 Most Influential Africans of 2015

President Muhammadu Buhari and Dr Goodluck Jonathan have been named among the 100 Most Influential Africans in 2015 by New Africa magazine.


The publication, which was released yesterday, also has other Nigerians recognized. They include the UN Special Advisor on Post Development Planning, Amina J. Mohammed; AfDB’s new President, Akinwumi Adesina and a surprising addition in the form of Nigerian Diasporan, UK MP and Labour Party leadership hopeful, Chuka Umunna; World Bank VP and Treasurer, Arunma Oteh, and Nigerian industrialist, Aliko Dangote also makes the list.

The annual “100 Most Influential Africans of 2015,” according to a statement from the magazine, presents the continent’s definitive power list and profiles the continent’s top game changers in eight different fields: Politics (22); Public Office (four); Arts and Culture (21); Business (21); Civil Society (11); Technology (nine); Media (seven); and Sports (five). Among the 30 countries represented, Nigerians and South Africans dominated the list, with 20 and 16 personalities respectively.

Kenya, Uganda and Cameroon also feature strongly with eight, six and six entries each respectively.

Of the top 100 personalities, 65 are men and 32 are women, with the other three being groups of people. South Africa’s students, for example, were recognised this year for their role in South Africa’s #FeesMustFall and #Rhodesmustfall campaigns.

The publication said: “In one of the continent’s most dramatic and unusual elections of 2015, and Nigeria’s most significant in recent history, Muhammadu Buhari defeated his opponent, Goodluck Jonathan. Both are recognised in New African.

“Other Nigerians recognised include the UN Special Advisor on Post Development Planning, Amina J. Mohammed, AfDB’s new President, Akinwumi Adesina and a surprising addition in the form of Nigerian Diasporan, UK MP and Labour Party leadership hopeful, Chuka Umunna.”

South Africa has its fair share of political influencers, among them “the black leader of South Africa’s ‘white’ opposition” party, the DA’s youthful Mmusi Maimane who also makes the list as one to watch during the next elections.

4 things every traveler should know before renting an apartment


Vacations can be overwhelming when you have a crew of companions making the trip with you. Not only is it energy sapping, it can also be quite expensive. In most cases, the traveler looks to make the process more manageable, and usually, just rents an apartment rather than hotel room or suite.

With apartments, guests have the freedom to choose their own meals, planning it to suit their budget. They have more privacy, space and freedom to choose the length of their stay as a rental can be booked for weeks, months or even years. While booking an apartment can be very exciting, finding a good one can be quite daunting as you often have to choose from a seemingly endless list of options available.

There are a number of things the traveler needs to take into consideration when looking for a new place, and so lists 4 things every traveler should consider before renting an apartment.


Where is the apartment located? What is unique about the location? This is the first question any person on a trip must consider before doling out cash for payment.

It is important that you chose an apartment that is in close proximity to essential points of interest including tourist sites or the conference venue or office building for a team of business travelers as well as market, shopping malls, bank, nightlife and more.

It is also important to consider the environment within which the apartment is located to ensure adequate security and safety. If possible, check the crime reports provided by the local police department and, utilize all official  government information.


Cost of Rent

Every traveler has a budget and this eventually informs all the decisions they make when planning a trip. While seeking an apartment, it is important to cut your coat according to your material.

First determine your price span and set a maximum amount for the rent, then search within the range. Sticking to the amount you are willing and able to pay for your period of stay in rental fees ensures that you only look at viable options.


The size and type of rental building greatly affects the range of amenities offered.Depending on the number of persons on your team, it is important to decide on the size of apartment you are certain would accommodate everyone and still provide a measure of comfort.

If it is a group of 5 or 7 , you will need a large space to fit everyone adequately; and for business travelers who will eventually spend very little amount of time in the apartment, seeking out  a large house may be wasteful even if the budget is not an issue; rather choose a small apartment, as long as it has Wifi and other business friendly amenities, it should be fine.


The location is great; the price is great…but is it really worth it?  The amenities available within the facility determine how comfortable you will be throughout your stay.

First decide what amenities you think are essential to your stay.  Once you have acknowledged your necessities and “deal-breakers”, you can categorically strike out the apartments that fail to essentially provide your needs.

Secondly, when you have made identified your choice apartment, do a thorough check of the facilities. Inspect the toilet and pipes  for leaks, ensure all the lights or other electronic devices are operational, check the air conditioner, the heater, the walls and windows to see if they  lock properly and more. Thorough check reduces the risk of future eventualities.

Ford plant in Nigeria, another milestone for Coscharis – Maduka

The president of Coscharis  Motors, Dr. Comas Maduka has described the production of Ford vehicles from its plant in Lagos as another milestone in the history of the company. As part of its ambitious expansion in Africa, Ford Motor Company assembled the first Ford Ranger in Nigeria last week.


President/CEO, Sub-Saharan Africa Region, FORD, Jeff Nemeth (left)  unveiling the first Ford Ranger assembled in Nigeria  with  President/CEO of Coscharis Group,  Dr Cosmas Maduka, during Announcement of the Ford Assembly Plant on Tuesday, 17th November, 2015 at Coscharis Ford Showroom, Lagos, Nigeria

President/CEO, Sub-Saharan Africa Region, FORD, Jeff Nemeth (left)  unveiling the first Ford Ranger assembled in Nigeria  with  President/CEO of Coscharis Group,  Dr Cosmas Maduka, during Announcement of the Ford Assembly Plant on Tuesday, 17th November, 2015 at Coscharis Ford Showroom, Lagos, Nigeria

The all new 2016 Ford Ranger was presented to the press at Coscharis showroom in Lekki, Lagos in a ceremony attended by top Ford Management team from sub-sahara led by the President/CEO, Mr. Jeff Nemeth.

Other senior members of Ford team from Ford sub-Sahara Africa who graced the occasion include Mr. Ocker Berry, Vice President Operation, Rob Johnson, Regional Manager Sales and Aftersales, Alisea Chetty, Corporate Communications Manager, Eugene Prinsloo, Market Manager Nigeria as well as Claude Roux and Kobus Jansen in charge of Ford Nigeria SKD team.

Vision andpolicy

The Coscharis Motors boss who could not hide his excitement over the achievement commended Ford Motors for keeping to its words to assemble cars in Nigeria as the only place, outside South Africa where Ford is assembling cars in Africa. “I specially welcome our partners from Ford Motor Company who have immensely ensured that yesterday’s vision and policy is now a reality for us today,” he said.

According to him, Coscharis was glad to celebrate the confidence of the iconic brand, Ford, reposed in us to roll plant in Nigeria. He added that “this milestone marks another first in the evolution of the company towards remaining timeless in its relevance.

Dr. Maduka disclosed that the though the automotive policy was introduced in 2014, the idea to set up an assembly plant was conceived by his company four years ago which came to fruition last week with their reliable partner, Ford rolling out the first pick up, a Ranger from the plant.

Urging he Federal Government to give to the auto policy the best support it could, Dr. Maduka explained that the auto industry can create jobs and guarantee economic growth. On their part, he said: “Coscharis Motors as one of the leading indigenous automobile dealershipm is showing its commitment to substaining the automotive policy though the assembly plant which is basically a semi knockdown plant.

Ford, he said had supported them with all fitted equipment and technical backup as well as training their personnel to handle the assembly plant. Apart from the Ikeja plant, Maduka that another one is already constructed and will be ready for commissioning in 2016. The new plant when completed at their Awuyaya Lekki Group head office will produce more vehicles to meet Nigerians vehicles needs.

Also speaking, the Group Managing Director, Mr. Josiah Samuel stated that it had been their long time goal to create a strategic partnership between Ford and Coscharis beyond strict dealership representation,  adding that this official announcement of manufacturing, signals the long journey  to realising this all important objective.

According to him, it is not only leveraging on over 100 years of experience of Ford in manufacturing of automobile but without doubt the launch of our SKD/CKD operation will most certainly give further visibility to the Ford brand in Nigeria and catalyse our quest for continuous increase in market.

Mr. Samuel further explained that Nigeria is one of the largest auto markets in Africa and the seventh most populous economy in the world with a growing middle class of over 38 million and potential vehicle market of one million vehicles annually.  To this end, he said the Nigerian automotive industry with its current



Peaceful, affordable and presumably stress-free, Zamfara is a haven to get away from the shenanigans of the city. The state is peopled by Hausas/Fulani with a minute mix of other Nigerian tribes like Igbo and Yoruba.

Until recently, the state was part of Sokoto state. However, with the creation of new states on October 1st, 1996, 14 local governments were carved out of Sokoto to make up Zamfara with its capital at Gusau.

Furthermore, Zamfara is endowed with virgin forests, mind blowing landforms and a cultural heritage that is predicated on its rich history as well as religion., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal brings you the sights and sounds of the tagged as ‘Farming is our pride’.


Top Three Sites

Kuyambana Game Reserve

This is a large expanse of land which has been reserved with hunting and human encroachment restricted. These kilometres of land was set aside by the government to preserve animals and plants, especially rare species. Hence, wide variety of animals can be found in this area from hyenas to lions and elephants as well as birds. It is 100km from Gusau.

 The Kalale Hippopotami pond

The Kalale Hippopotami pond is where hippopotamus have found an abode. As amphibians, they crisscross the pond and land for survival. It is a sight to behold. However, make sure you keep a respectable distance away from the animals. It is located in Dangulbi area of Maru local government.

Kwartarkwashi Rock/water spring

This crystal clear spring gushes out as it adds beauty to the Kwartarkwashi rock. The rock’s history dates as far back as Kwatarkwashi town itself. Attraction to the rock is hinged on the spiritual significance which the rock possesses. However, the embrace of Islam which is the domineering religion in Northern Nigeria has eroded this belief. However, Kwartarkwashi Rock/water spring still attracts visitors from different parts of Nigeria and indeed the world.



City king Hotel & Towers Limited, Gusau Hotel, Moonlight Guest Inn, Copas Haven Motel, Zangimbana Suites and Guest Rooms are amongst the hotels travellers and visitors can spend the night after a day of traversing the various attractions dotted around Zamfara.

These hotels can be booked on at competitive prices. Interestingly, there are varying stars of hotels readily available for visitors to patronize.


‘’Bukkas’’ or local restaurants are some of the best places to visit to have a taste of Zamfara cuisine like Tuwo Shinkafa. However, if you want to raise the bar in terms of eating, you can check out Twinkles and Mr. Biggs in Gusau, the capital city.


Going to the market which stays open on specific days is the best option for buying souvenirs, clothes and other consumables. However, if you decide to take it a step higher, there are local stalls where you can buy fashion items and perform other transactions. Blessed Success boutique, IzyPolzi Royal enterprises and Crowncopier business are some of the local stalls in Zamfara.

Fun fact

The Hippopotamus in the Kalale Hippopotami pond has become notorious for visiting homes to take away food items of the residents of Dangulbi neighbourhood. So, whenever you visit the pond, enjoy the sight but safeguard your food!

How to guard your phone from viruses

Most people already know how essential it is to protect their computers from viruses, however many smartphone users are take a longer time in applying the right security for their hand-held gadgets.

Considering how much information is stored on mobile devices, it is important to take a few precautions towards safeguarding private information such as bank account numbers and emails., Africa’s largest hotel booking portal highlights ways to protect your phone from viruses and other tech dangers.

Step 1

The first and most common step usually is to protect your smartphone with anti-virus software which you can purchase from your phone’s app store or download off the internet.

Step 2

Activate a PIN password, lock pattern or facial recognition lock on the device when it’s not in use. This way no one has access to your OS without your permission.

Step 3

Avoid suspicious websites when surfing the internet as viruses can be transmitted through malicious weblinks. Whenever you receive an email or text message with an unidentifiable link in it, delete the message without clicking on it, even if it comes from a friend, as it may rout you to a virus-infected website.

Step 4

Stick with downloading documents or apps from reliable sources only as applications from third-party webpages can expose your phone to risk.

Step 5

‘Jailbreaking’ is a term used when people intentionally modifying the settings of their device in ways that are outside the usage policies of the manufacturer. When this happens, the phone may lose its firewall settings and become prone to attack from viruses.

Step 6

Protect your data by encrypting the files stored on the phone as this shields files such as documents, contacts, calendars and email attachments from prying eyes. Encryption can also be carried out in an external memory card after the security measure is activated through the phone.

Jovago Tip

Another key tip for fishing out viruses is by checking your data usage for unusual charges every month. If you notice you are spending more on invisible apps you didn’t download, your phone may most likely have been hacked or hit with a virus.

Akwa Utd win first Nigerian title

Akwa United claimed their first-ever domestic title in Nigeria following their 2-1 win over Lobi Stars in the Federation Cup final on Sunday.

Nnamso Edo and Abdulafeez Awakan put the Promise Keepers two goals ahead before substitute Nanen Barnabas Imenger scored a late goal for Lobi.

Akwa United-01

Lobi head coach, Justin Tenger, had to name a defensive starting line-up that included Iorliam Gwaza, Felix Osia, Terna Ikpeen, Anthony Agbaji and Samson Gbadebo.

Leading scorer in the Cup competition, Friday Ubong was back in the Akwa United squad alongside the impressive duo of Awakan and Aniekpeno Udoh.

Yusuf Adio nearly gave Akwa United the ?initiative as he ghosted through Lobi’s backline but ran into traffic just when he tried to hit the ball.

In the 24th minute, Aniekpeno had a sight of Lobi’s goal but dragged his shot wide.

Two minutes later, Akwa United goalkeeper Olufemi Kayode had to make himself big to stop Moses Bunde from opening score inside the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos.

Akwa United 02

But Akwa United continued to press high up against a defensive Lobi side and won a free kick just 25 yards out.

Edo stepped up and curled the ball over the Lobi wall and past goalkeeper Agbor Ekoi in the 36th minute to break the deadlock.

Lobi offered little going forward as it was apparent that they missed Tony Okpotu, Enockela Akleche and Abdulrahman Bashir who have been instrumental in ensuring that they stayed up in the Nigerian top-flight.

Tenger realising that his defensive approach has backfired, turned to Imenger, and then Mohammed Farouq Umar in place of Ikpeen.

Umar nearly proved an instant hit within two minutes of coming on, but failed to convert a scoring chance after Akwa United goalkeeper found himself in no-man’s land.

The game then took a swing of back and forth before Awakan’s half volley from the edge of the box in the 70th minute doubled Akwa United’s lead.

Indeed, Akwa United were living to their sobriquet, the Promise Keepers.

But the Uyo club had to endure a nervy end when Imenger struck in a direct free kick in the first minute of added time in the second half to reduce the deficit.

Akwa United 03

The victory means Akwa United have not only won their first major title but will play in the Caf Confederation Cup for the first time.

4 reasons Nigerian celebrities should get their own apps

Celebrity apps.jpg

There is no doubt that the app market in Nigeria is getting flooded and some developers are now beginning to find it difficult to  get their ideas noticed. Truth be told, most of these apps which are available in the market lack the ‘zing’ that some developers in other parts of the world have already termed – celebrity apps.


It is undeniable that the Nigerian society, especially those in Lagos, is utterly fascinated with the upper-class, elite and famous, and as such, there are opportunities for developers to key into the obsession and garner for themselves a slew of new clients, expanding both their customer base and the domestic app market at large . These personalities and celebrities, on the other hand, also get for themselves a platform that offers them a myriad of benefits strategic to their personal brand portfolios. It is a win-win.

Godwin app

Apps are gradually evolving into something that any celebrity is expected to own, like a personal website. Currently, the Kardashian clan and the Whalerock Digital Media (the designers) are leading in this area with their various apps already launched into the global app market; and a great number of other celebrities around the [western] world are falling in line behind them. In Nigeria however, Korede Bello’s Godwin app is still one of the few that have come close to getting with the program.


Could it possibly be that the local developers, as well as celebrities are unaware of the benefits to this trend? And if so, what are these benefits that they stand to gain?, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking service offers 4 reasons why celebrities in Nigeria need to get their own apps.


A platform for self-promotion and brand expansion

The celebrity app serves as a huge addition to the celebrity’s personal brand portfolio, as it not only enhances their brand, but also promotes them on a larger sphere.  It gives them a chance to communicate effectively to a wide range of groups, including fans and critics, creating room for benefaction and support of their brand, as well as ensuring loyalty amongst fans.

A solid source of revenue

Although no celebrity will openly admit it to their fans and followers, money is a pivotal part of what they do and serves as a huge motivation. While these apps are presented as a platform through which these celebrities can interact with their fans and keep them up-to-the-minute with their activities and personal life, it is also a huge opportunity for them to generate more revenue and increase sales. The apps could be offered at a certain price, and if offered for free, will certainly have in-built features that users would have to buy to gain a better experience. Also, celebrities can advertise their branded products including calendars and perfumes, as well as their art – music or films and gain more sales.


Attract new followers and grow fan base:

There is no denying that the fans are of utmost important to the celebrities as these day, they can make or break them. Releasing these celebrity apps creates a platform from which these idols can give their followers and likers unprecedented and exclusive personal access to their lives, creating room for interaction with fans in real time – a huge step in building fan relationship and a fan community.

A means to stay in vogue

In this digital age, you rarely find fans expressing love or showing allegiance to our idols stalking them for autographs or sending off postal orders to join their fan club. Fans now explore less analogue options by following these idols on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and Snapchat, as well as downloading their apps. Having an app that is accessible to your fans not only gives the celebrity an opportunity to tap into the social media boom, thereby staying in vogue with the trends, but also presents them to their fans and the world at large as tech-savvy, an endearing trait for any celebrity in this current times.

At the start of Nigeria’s U-17 love affair

Nigeria U17
When Nigeria lifted the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Chile earlier this month, it was the side’s record fifth time – 30 years on from their first success at what was then the U-16 World Championship in China. In between those successes the Nigerians have dominated the event, reaching eight finals, including four of the last five.

Disappointingly for Nigerian fans, the country has not been able to repeat that success at other levels. The country’s U-20 team has twice made it to the U-20 World Cup final, losing both, while the Super Eagles have qualified for the finals of the FIFA World Cup™ five times, but never managed to get beyond the round of 16. talked to some of the heroes of the Golden Eaglets at China 1985 to see if they had any insight about the current crop’s success and the achievements of the new class of stars.

Unlikely success
Fatai Atere nearly never made it to China in 1985. “It’s actually a funny story,” the defender remembers now. “I was just one of many players invited to train with the Golden Eaglets ahead of the first-ever U-16 World Cup. At the time I was only 13 years old, and I was seldom given the chance to actually play in the time leading up to the tournament. But in one of the sessions, a player was injured and the coach saw me sitting on the sidelines. He noticed that I was not wearing my boots and he asked me why. I told him that I did not think I was going to get a chance to play. He told me that if I did not immediately put on my boots and enter the field of play, I could go home and need not come back.

“So I put on my boots and played. I changed the complexion of the game and from that moment on, I was in the starting line-up.”

The 13-year old Atere played in every game the Golden Eaglets played in China, including the final which they won to be crowned as the first world champions at that age level. Two years later he captained the side that again made it to the final. Atere missed out on the semi-final and final though after picking up an injury.

Atere says that the pressure on the youngsters now is far greater, but he thinks the team that recently emulated the 1985 heroics can push Nigerian football to bigger heights. “The team that won in Chile has some tremendous players and I think they can go far. I was particularly impressed with the captain, Kelechi Nwakali, and the top scorer Victor Osimhen. They are certainly players who can take Nigerian football forward and both of them have been called up to train with the U-23 side.

“When we played, we had little chance of being used at a higher level. But things have changed between then and now. The tournament is of course much bigger and the preparations are so much better. When we went to China, many people did not even know that we went. Today the while country was behind the side, and the players can concentrate on simply playing football.”

Coming full circle
Captaining the 1985 team, and thus having the honour of being the first ever captain to lift the trophy was Nduka Ugbade. Ugbade is certain that without the success he and his compatriots had in China 30 years ago, future generations of Golden Eaglets would not have been as successful. “When we came home with the trophy and medals, everybody understood what could be done. All the generations that came after us went into the tournament knowing that Nigeria was as good as any other team in the world. I think if we had not won, Nigeria would have probably won one or two tournaments, but not as many as we have. Since China, every two years all footballers of that age have the dream of playing for the Golden Eaglets and they work really hard to achieve that goal,” he told

There is another thing that draws a line from the class of ’85 to the present one. As he was in 1985, Muhammadu Buhari is Nigerian head of state. In 1985, he was head of the Supreme Military Council, but lost his position at the end of August 1985 when he was ousted. In May this year, he was democratically elected as Nigeria’s new president. For Ugbade the elections represents the hope of a promise fulfilled. “When we won in 1985, we were each promised a house and scholarships. That never happened after Buhari was ousted, but he has now promised that he will fulfill that promise made all those years ago.

“For my team-mates I hope that this happens as they deserve it. After all, I think they deserve some of the credit for the Golden Eaglets success, even now in Chile.”

Buhari calls for intensified collaborative efforts against terrorism after Paris attacks

paris-attack-afpNigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday called on world leaders to intensify collaborative efforts to combat the scourge of terrorism across the world after a series of fatal attacks claimed by Islamic State were unleashed on France.

France’s President Francois Hollande described the attacks as  ‘act of war’.

“President Buhari calls on all peace-loving nations of the world to intensify ongoing multilateral cooperation and collaborative actions aimed at bringing the scourge of international terrorism to a speedy end for the benefit of all nations.” his media aide Garba Shehu said in statement on Saturday.


Shehu noted that the President was shocked by the attacks and commiserated with the government and the people of France.

Shehu said “President Buhari has received with great shock & profound sadness, news of the dastardly terrorist attacks on innocent civilians in Paris. On behalf of the government and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Buhari conveys his heartfelt sympathy to President Francois Hollande and the people France.”

France was in a nationwide state of emergency Saturday after a night of horror in Paris when gunmen sprayed restaurants with bullets, massacred scores of concert-goers and launched suicide attacks near the national stadium, killing at least 128 people, according an AFP report.

At least eight militants, all wearing suicide vests, brought unprecedented violence to the streets of the French capital, in the bloodiest attacks in Europe since the Madrid train bombings in 2004.

Armed with AK47s and shouting “Allahu akbar”, four of the group marched into a rock concert at the Bataclan venue in eastern Paris, murdering at least 82 people and taking dozens hostage.

Interested in Nigerian art? Here’s how to buy your first piece

Nigeria has a vibrant art culture with exotic bronze collections from Benin City and northern Nigeria dating as far as the 4th century on display at globally renowned galleries. As the festive season draws near, collectors across the world are making the trip to these parts of Africa where flourishing historic cultures will be on display.

Although the world of art can be intimidating, especially if it’s a green field for a prospective buyer, there are key tricks to the trade a budding connoisseur can learn to raise one’s confidence level before making the first purchase., Africa’s largest hotel booking portal shows you how.

"Head with Crown" Wunmonije Compound, Ife 14th-early 15th century copper alloy Photo: Karin L. Willis Credit: Fundacion Marcelino Botín/Museum for African Art; © National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria.    “Head with Crown” Ife 14th-early 15th century copper alloy

  1. Do your research

Every piece of art you find is either a great investment or a sink-hole. Taking time out to study the textures, colours and medium can hone your intuition at discerning quality items from adulterated objects, saving you a ton of money in the process.

Visit galleries and museums often and discuss with other collectors and artists to help you make a sound decision before buying.

  1. Set a budget but be flexible

For most art lovers, the things which they regret the most are the works they thought were timeless but did not buy even when they had the chance.

As with real estate, the value of a solid piece only goes one way…up! So before you head out to that auction, determine how much you are willing to spend, factor in all the hidden costs such as shipping, framing, insurance, add a little extra in your wallet, just in case something else catches your fancy and bargain.

  1. Ask for a discount

There is no harm in asking, “Is that your best price?”

In the world of art, the price listed on display is usually not the actual price on offer for the work. Armed with this knowledge, you can ask for a discount when purchasing from a gallery that is keen on growing relationships with a new clients.

  1. Buy what you love

Before you walk to an auction, glean through the catalogue and pick out pieces that you love. Do some investigation on the selection items and trust your heart when you come to a conclusion. Remember that it’s necessary to physically see the items you are considering before making a down payment as things generally look better in pictures than real life.

  1. Keep everything

Proper documentation and invoicing can save you from a ton of stress when an investment goes awry. Try not to throw anything away. Receipts, pictures and all other paperwork are things used to authenticate and value a piece if you decide to resell in future

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