5 Clear Indications That You Are A Social Media Junkie

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Social media has, no doubt, almost completely changed how we communicate. But, there is a point where the obsession with social media goes from harmless fun to an intrusion on your life. How do you know if you have arrived at this point?

These signs will definitely help:

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1.It is the first thing you do in the morning

Almost every social media addict will begin their daily routine by scrolling through what they have missed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more during your eight hours of sleep.

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2.Your friends only contact you via social media

Social media has made it possible to keep in touch with friends and family. If your friends use these apps to get in touch with you, it’s because they know you’re most likely already on them. Very few people now bother to make calls.

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3. You check your timeline and feeds at every location

There’s nothing wrong with checking your phone once in awhile. But when you scroll through your feeds or timeline at every location, you are simply engrossed or attached to social media.

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4. You hear imaginary notifications

It is a serious case of addiction when you start to imagine notifications in your head. Many of us have experienced the imaginary phone vibration causing you to quickly check your phone for a notification that never came.

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5. You monitor likes and retweets

Social media likes and retweets mean a lot to someone addicted to it. It has become a form of acceptance and after a while getting more can become an addiction. They keep monitoring who liked and did not like their pix.


Meet the First Female Governor of Abia State

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Dr Okezie Ikpeazu will today hand over the reins of power for 24 hours to 14-year old  Joy Ezechikamnayo.

The SS3 student and senior prefect of Intellectual Giants Christian Academy, Umuahia will be joined by members of her executive council drawn from all the Local Government Areas of Abia State.


Born 18th March 2003, Joy Ezechikamnayo, is the first One Day Governor of Abia State and will be sworn in by Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu today.

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Governor Joy emerged as top performer after a rigorous essay competition that lasted over a week and she is currently attending a leadership retreat with members of her cabinet.

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The 20 top performers in the essay competition were designated as follows:

1st position-Governor
2nd position – Deputy Governor
3rd position – SSG
17 others are Commissioners

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It will be recalled that Abia State maintained top position in West Africa School Certificate Examinations for a consecutive 3 years leading to the emergence of the state as the number one state in Education in Nigeria.

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Products of Abia State Educational system are also remarkable top performance award winners at various international tertiary institutions including Europe and USA.

Food Tourism: Africa’s Top Food Picks

African dishes are as colourful and diverse as the continent itself. Little wonder, many foreigners have chosen the continent as their choice destination for food tourism (culinary tourism).

Nigeria’s leading online travel agency Jumia Travel & no.1 online food ordering platform Jumia Food have identified 12 top dishes within the continent of Africa. So, whatever your purpose of traveling is, make it your goal to experience any of these dishes.

From Nigeria’s ‘Ofada rice’ which is best enjoyed with sauce and plantain, to Ghana’s ‘Waakye’ which is a rice & beans combination with spicy pepper sauce, to Kenya’s Nyama choma (barbecued meat), to Ivory Coast’s ‘Garba’ which is a popular dish made from Ivorian manioc sold in small street stalls.

Tell us which of these dishes is your favourite.


The FiT Score, Africa’s urban health and wellness index is available in Nigeria

Accra, Ghana – KASI insight, an award-winning research and advisory firm that provides reliable data and actionable insights from Africa, today announced the launch of the FiT Score (Nigeria), Africa’s first health and wellness index. According to the World Health Organization, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) will kill more than 40 million people per year by 2020 with an increasing proportion of the deaths in Africa. NCDs are the result of a combination of genetic, physiological, environmental and behavioral factors. The main types of NCDs are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory disease, and diabetes. Modifiable lifestyle behaviours, such as tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and the harmful use of alcohol, all increase the risk of NCDs.

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Rhonda is the co-lead health advisory at KASI Insight

“With the rise of middle class and increased urbanization, Africa will face new health challenges especially around noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and high blood pressure. The WHO estimated that 4 million people will die from NCDs related diseases in Africa by 2020. The FiT score provides data and intelligence regarding lifestyle behaviors and the prevalence of risk factors for NCDs.” said Rhonda Boateng, Health researcher and co-lead health advisory group at KASI Insight.

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Dr Udemezue Ezekwesili believes the report captures the growing impact of Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa 

“Overall, the report is wonderful and insightful particularly with regard to the growing impact of NCDs in Africa and the relative financial constraints in the continent to fund the usually long haul of management of these class of diseases.” said Dr Ezekwesili Udemezue Samuel from Nigeria.


Prepared and released every semester, the FiT Score covers each country’s results. Detailed country analysis and data will be available upon request.


Amongst the 7 (Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Tanzania and Cameroon) countries, Ghana ranks first with a score of 64 and Cameroon ranks last with a score of 46.

  • On rating their health, 40 percent of respondents rank their health as excellent but 23 percent expect their health to get much worse.

  • On unhealthy habits, 26 percent of respondents smoke at least one cigarette per day, 38 percent consume alcoholic drinks (mostly once per month) and 2 percent consumer between 6 to 9 alcoholic drinks per day.

  • On healthy habits, only 5 percent of respondents get the recommended fruit servings per day (4 + servings), 5.1 percent eat the recommended vegetable servings per day and 1/3 of respondents exercise moderately at least 4 days per week.

  • On medical care, 69 percent of respondents had a doctor visit and recommended medical tests over the past 6 months and most popular medical tests are Diabetes, Blood pressure and Blood.

As a leading provider of consumer insights and related data products for emerging markets especially Africa, KASI Insight is dedicated to the ongoing development of insights into the health of Africans, and how the right lifestyle choices can prevent or reduce the severity and the impact of illness and disease. The FiT score provides supplementary evidence to help inform public health policy.

The first KASI Health Wellness index is based on findings of a KASI Insight survey conducted between February 17th and 27th, 2017. A sample of 3,500 urban dwellers in Africa from 18 to 65 years of age. After data cleaning and validation, the final sample was 3,369.

 CREDITS: This article is culled from https://www.kasiinsight.com/single-post/2017/11/30/The-FiT-Score-Africas-urban-health-and-wellness-index-is-available-in-Nigeria


9 Things to Do Right Now to Grow Your Company By John Warrillow

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A couple months ago you may have been surprised to see Stanislas Wawrinka beat Rafael Nadal to win the Australian Open. After all, Nadal was the clear favorite, having won all 26 combined sets in their 12 previous matches.

But Nadal’s lower back started to seize up in the first set, and Wawrinka was prepared to take full advantage. In fact, Wawrinka has been preparing for his moment in the sun since he was fifteen years old, when his parents pulled him out of school so he could focus on his tennis career. He turned pro back in 2002 and ever since then has been preparing for his shot at winning a Grand Slam.

Will you be prepared for your moment in the sun?

As a business owner, you too need to be prepared when opportunity strikes. The two most common reasons owners sell their business are:

Getting approached with an unsolicited offer; and
Having a health scare (e.g., heart attack, stroke, etc.) that lands them in the hospital.

In either case, you’re not in control of the timing, but you are in control of how prepared you’ll be when opportunity (or necessity) strikes.

Whether you want to sell in five or ten years, here’s my list of things to do right now to get your business ready to sell:

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1. Make sure your customer contracts include a “survivor clause,” stipulating that the obligations of the contract “survive” the change of ownership of your company. That way, your customers can’t use the sale of your company to wiggle out of their commitments to your business.

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2. Cultivate a group of a dozen “referenceable” customers that an acquirer could interview. When you sell, the buyer will want to speak with your customers; so you need a group of people – customers who are also friends – that would be willing to say good things about your company. In particular, the acquirer will be looking for assurance that the customer will keep buying after you leave, so make sure your referenceable customers are loyal not just to you but also to your business.

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3. Start tracking your Net Promoter Score (NPS). Increasingly, acquirers (both “strategics” and Private Equity Groups) have standardized on NPS as a way to predict the future of their portfolio companies.

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4. Write a “teaser.” A teaser is an anonymous letter an M&A professional uses to solicit interest from an acquirer to buy your company. Writing your teaser now will crystallize the important attributes of your company and ensure you focus on the right metrics in the coming years. Your teaser should cover the Who, What, Where When and Why of your business:

  • Who: describe why your management team is a winner.
  • What: describe what you sell and why customers choose you.
  • Where: where are you located and what is the potential to expand geographically?
  • When: how long have you been in business?
  • Why: What are the strategic reasons someone would want to buy your company? Do you have a niche? Is your product a world-beater?

Carry your teaser around with you and update it constantly. Keep making decisions for your business now through the lens of how the results of your decisions would be perceived by a potential acquirer down the road.

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5. Identify 10 companies with a strategic reason to buy your business. Once you have a short list of potential buyers, study their M&A activity. What do they buy? What do they list as the strategic reasons for their acquisition in their media releases? Who are their lead corporate development executives?

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6. Do business with your short list. Once you have a short list of potential acquirers, try to do business with as many of them as you can. Companies buy companies they know; so if you can find a way to work with a potential acquirer (either as a partner, supplier or customer) it’s a chance for them to become familiar with your company.

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7. Professionalize your bookkeeping – there’s nothing that freaks a buyer out more quickly than sloppy books.

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8. Protect your gross margin. Oftentimes, when leading up to being listed for sale, businesses grow by chasing low-margin business. You tell yourself you need top-line growth, but when an acquirer sees your growth has come at the expense of your gross margin, she will question your pricing authority and assume your journey to the bottom of the commoditization heap has begun.

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9. Stop doing the selling. If you’re the rainmaker, nobody will buy your business without a soul-crushing earn out. Keep in mind that sales people take time to train and to hit their stride. Depending on your industry, it may take them a year or even two to start cranking out deals, so now is the time to hire and train them – not six months before you want out.


John Warrillow is the author of Built to Sell: Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You published by Penguin in 2011.

4 Popular Foods You Didn’t Know Could Make You Gain Crazy Weight

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It might surprise you to know that some foods you were so sure could hardly be a source of weight gain can actually be if appropriate portion/serving sizes are not taken. As a result, seemingly healthy foods might end up doing more harm to you than good.

Here are 4 popular foods you didn’t know could make you gain crazy weight:

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It might be surprising to some but cereal can actually be a significant source of weight gain. It can be just as bad as some junk foods depending on the serving sizes, and the quantity of sugar and milk added. When cereal is consumed out of proportion to the recommended servings, it more or less becomes a ‘sugar bomb’, a monumental source of calories and a valid source of weight gain.

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2.Fruit Juice

Though this is not actually a food, it can be a valid source of unexpected weight gain. The fact that a drink is packed with fruit doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for your waistline, or that it will automatically help you lose weight. This is why you should be careful with juice cleanses. Weight loss from a juice cleanse usually happens because the number of calories being consumed in the juice is drastically cut from what you normally eat. As a result, once the cleanse is over, you’re likely to see the weight immediately come back on.

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If you think you can’t go wrong with nuts, you might be surprised to know that you’re mistaken. Snacking on a bag or bottle full of nuts can cause you to pack on the pounds, thus the best way to eat nuts is as a condiment. However, if you must snack on nuts, be sure to watch your portion and not overdo it.

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Though Avocados are incredibly good sources of antioxidants, nutrients, heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and fibre, they are also high in fat and are very calorically dense. It is thus best to mind the quantity of avocados consumed. The fact that avocados are very healthy doesn’t mean it can be consumed in any quantity. If you’re not mindful of the quantity of avocados you consume, you can end up consuming more calories than you bargained for.


“Not defining their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and not understanding the target market are some of the challenges faced by hotel administrators in Nigeria’’ – Ijeoma Ugamah, General Manager, Maison Fahrenheit


In this exclusive interview, Ijeoma Ugamah shares some insights on challenges faced by hotel administrators in Nigeria and some useful advice for students and upcoming hotel administrators in the hospitality sector.

Tell us a little about yourself, as it relates to your function in Maison Fahrenheit?

My name is Ijeoma Ugamah  and  I am  the General Manager  of  Maison Fahrenheit Hotel. Being the general manager means I oversee the day to day running of activities in the hotel and ensure that all works as it should for the pleasure and comfort of the guests.

What amenities can guests hope to enjoy from a hotel like yours? Any idea on some of the fun activities they engage in while they lodge here?

The lobby of the Maison Fahrenheit is an architectural delight and a poignant source of admiration for guests. The LA Spiga restaurant is a nice private spot in the hotel where guests can enjoy diverse and exotic drinks, as well as mouthwatering local and continental cuisines like Lamb Curry etc. Maison also features a private outdoor pool perfect for water aerobics and tropical Pinacolda, as well as the ever popular outdoor rooftop lounge.

In a few words, tell us what makes Maison Fahrenheit unique compared to other hotels and suites?

Well, first of all, Maison Fahrenheit is the first lifestyle hotel in Lagos, meaning we are more than a boutique hotel.  Maison has an Eat. Play. Stay culture embedded into the hotel’s operations to ensure guests enjoy their stay from the moment they walk into the door. Our service culture is also unique, as we are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that we offer guests impeccable service all through their stay in the hotel.


What can you say are some of the major challenges faced by hotel administrators in Nigeria? Any words on possible solutions to these challenges?

Not defining their hotel’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and not understanding who their target market is. Hotel administrators need to be able to define their USP and understand their target market, otherwise they are going to get it wrong and fall short in the delivery of impeccable and satisfying service to guests.

As a manager of this hotel, can you share one or two of the lessons you have learnt on travel and hotel management that can useful to students and upcoming hotel administrators in the hotel and tourism sector?

An important lesson I have learnt is the importance of defining your target market as a hotel. It simply boils down to the fact that as a hotel, not everyone can be your guest. The sooner you understand that as a hotel administrator, the easier it’ll be to keep your guests happy and deliver exceptional service to them. Also, it is also necessary to invest in marketing. After spending all that time defining your target market, how are you going to reach out to them or connect with them if you don’t market? Investing in marketing can help take your hotel out of obscurity and bring it into the ‘line of sight’ of your target market. Additionally, you should be strategic in your  thinking. As a hotel administrator, you should always have a plan because anything can happen and you have to be prepared for it.

For those looking to work in the hospitality sector in Nigeria, what will be your advice to them?

I’ll say they should have a passion for service. The hospitality sector is a service industry and you need to have a passion for service to thrive in it.

4 Best Foods To Eat When in Ghana

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Ghana is a beautiful and brimming West African country that is rich in culture, tradition and delicious cuisines.  A lot of Ghana’s culture reflects in its local cuisines and you can clearly see the brilliant way Ghanaians induce the use of local crops and food sources to produce their tasty and mouth-watering cuisines.

Here are 4 awesome and best cuisines to eat when in Ghana:

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This is a popular traditional Ghanaian dish that basically consists of cooked fermented corn, which is served as orange sized balls along with often highly and deliciously spiced soup or sauce and fried fish or meat. Banku is frequently served alongside boiled rice, fried plantain or yam.

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This delicious meal is pronounced by the Ghanaians as ‘Wa Chi’. This meal shows the love of Ghanaians for rice and beans and is one of the spicy Ghanaian foods that can be eaten with either fried fish, egg, spaghetti or fried chicken. Waakye is really one Ghanaian dish you shouldn’t miss eating when you’re in Ghana. It offers a truly memorable culinary experience for your taste buds.

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This is a popular street food in Ghana and is one of those foods that best portrays the ‘taste of Ghana’. Kyinkyinga is basically beef kebab and is typically prepared using steak meat or liver and is crusted with peanut flour. The meat is typically first marinated in chilli marinade and coated with peanut flour, before it is cooked on skewers that are placed vertically in front of a fire. The peanut floor gives the kebab a crunchy texture, and the sweetness of the flour helps to counterbalance the spicyness of the chilli marinade.

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This is Ghanaian beef and spinach stew and is another awesome meal from Ghana. This is one traditional Ghanaian meal that has remained significant and popular over the years. It is an easy to prepare meal that is also very affordable. It’s ‘hearty, spicy and full of greens’, which makes it a very healthy meal option. It basically consists of a combination of red tomatoes, peppers, leafy green spinach and of course beef.

4 Critical Things to Consider When Choosing a Business Partner

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Sadly, great businesses can be and have been severely damaged by bad partnerships because many times, once a partnership is established, it can be incredibly hard to dissolve; this is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to be extremely careful and meticulous when choosing a business partner for their business.

Here are 4 critical things to consider when choosing a business partner:

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This isn’t just about whether the two of you are friends, it’s about how well his/her goals, values and responsibilities are aligned with yours. Take a look at the person’s personal life and how stable it is, consider carefully if the person is actually a good person, a good friend, not just how well you get along with the person. You might get along with someone well but when you consider things closely, the person might not actually be a true friend, he/she might not be capable of having your back when it truly matters. So, to avoid personal problems that can easily complicate your business, it is best to look well before you leap and consider how good a friend the person is. before going into partnership with him/her.

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2. Trust

This should be obvious to many entrepreneurs but many times, entrepreneurs choose people they don’t fully trust as business partners for one reason or the other. For one to be your business partner, there must be trust between the both of you. Choosing someone you don’t trust to be your business partner is simply a recipe for business disaster.

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3. Consider Consultancy

This is more or less the next best thing to do to avoid the cost of hiring someone as an employee when you can’t afford to. You simply hire the person as a consultant rather than hiring the person as an employee. This is also an especially useful alternative when dealing with people you don’t consider entirely trustworthy enough to go into a partnership with. Since you can’t afford to either offer them a partnership or hire them as employees, you can simply hire them as consultants to save cost. It is not always the best idea to offer every tom, dick and harry that is ‘good at the job’ a partnership because you can’t afford to hire them as employees; you can simply hire them as consultants and avoid giving away a part of your company only to regret it later.

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4. Consider Strengths

The strengths of your business partner should complement your weaknesses. It doesn’t make business sense if both you and your business partner have weaknesses in the same areas, one has to complement the other, or at least not be as weak as the other in the same areas. For example, if all your business partners including yourself are good at sales but weak at executing on an operational level, it will only spell doom for your business in the near future. It’s much better to keep some balance and bring in partners who will complement each other’s strengths.

Culinary Tourism: Enugu Hosts Nutritious Food Fair 2017

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People travelled for different reasons in the past. Some travelled to visit families, others to attend a ceremony such as a wedding or birthday or a religious programme, while some others travelled to enjoy a few days of quiet and relaxation at some place far away from home. In the last decade, people have started traveling for a different purpose: to discover and taste the food in cities, rural areas and countries throughout the world. This type of travel has become what is now known today as culinary tourism or food tourism. Its purpose is to visit destinations primarily to taste and experience different foods that are popularly growing in different countries.

From November 28-30 2017, mega livelihood and income generating opportunities will be facilitated for 3000 participants during the Nutritious Food Fair holding at the Michael Okpara Square Enugu. This will ultimately pave the way to success for a new generation of micro-, small- and medium-scale businesses and investors in the nutritious food sector.

HarvestPlus conceived the Nutritious Food Fair (NFF) as an umbrella advocacy and enterprise platform to drive the production, marketing and consumption of nutritious foods in Nigeria. The Food Fair has as primary objective to strengthen public and private sector partnerships to increase and sustain the production and consumption of more nutritious foods, promote and encourage investment in the nutritious food sector and stimulate government’s policy support for nutrition interventions.