4 Critical Things to Consider When Choosing a Business Partner

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Sadly, great businesses can be and have been severely damaged by bad partnerships because many times, once a partnership is established, it can be incredibly hard to dissolve; this is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to be extremely careful and meticulous when choosing a business partner for their business.

Here are 4 critical things to consider when choosing a business partner:

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This isn’t just about whether the two of you are friends, it’s about how well his/her goals, values and responsibilities are aligned with yours. Take a look at the person’s personal life and how stable it is, consider carefully if the person is actually a good person, a good friend, not just how well you get along with the person. You might get along with someone well but when you consider things closely, the person might not actually be a true friend, he/she might not be capable of having your back when it truly matters. So, to avoid personal problems that can easily complicate your business, it is best to look well before you leap and consider how good a friend the person is. before going into partnership with him/her.

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2. Trust

This should be obvious to many entrepreneurs but many times, entrepreneurs choose people they don’t fully trust as business partners for one reason or the other. For one to be your business partner, there must be trust between the both of you. Choosing someone you don’t trust to be your business partner is simply a recipe for business disaster.

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3. Consider Consultancy

This is more or less the next best thing to do to avoid the cost of hiring someone as an employee when you can’t afford to. You simply hire the person as a consultant rather than hiring the person as an employee. This is also an especially useful alternative when dealing with people you don’t consider entirely trustworthy enough to go into a partnership with. Since you can’t afford to either offer them a partnership or hire them as employees, you can simply hire them as consultants to save cost. It is not always the best idea to offer every tom, dick and harry that is ‘good at the job’ a partnership because you can’t afford to hire them as employees; you can simply hire them as consultants and avoid giving away a part of your company only to regret it later.

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4. Consider Strengths

The strengths of your business partner should complement your weaknesses. It doesn’t make business sense if both you and your business partner have weaknesses in the same areas, one has to complement the other, or at least not be as weak as the other in the same areas. For example, if all your business partners including yourself are good at sales but weak at executing on an operational level, it will only spell doom for your business in the near future. It’s much better to keep some balance and bring in partners who will complement each other’s strengths.


Five Things To Consider Before Expanding Your Business

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Entrepreneurs are decision-makers. They take decisions on the path or direction to drive their business. One of such decisions they have to take is when to expand their enterprise. Whether you get it right or wrong, your conclusions will have a groundbreaking impact on your business. Obviously, you do not want to get such a key decision wrong and join the approximately 70% to 80% of startups that fail within 5 years in Africa. As such, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares the things you have to consider before expanding your business.

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1.A clear strategy

The strategy is laying a clear roadmap ahead for the company to achieve its vision and mission. Without this, your expansion may be a totally foolhardy risk.

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2.Stability of your financial report

You should look to the data contained in your financial reports to determine the viability of an expansion at the current moment. The reports should show increasing profits, a firm handle on salary payment and good control over purchasing expenses.

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3.Relationship with customers

The truth is most companies in their early days do everything to keep their customers happy, and during their expansion phase, they fall apart in terms of customer service. Take this opportunity to build a rapport with your target group to win them over to your side. This is essential if the relationship is strained. If you cannot keep your customers happy, you really have no business expanding because there will be endless complaints which will not only ruin the reputation of your business but can also lead to business failure when you start losing them.

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4.Effectiveness of your workforce

A business depends on a well-trained, effective workforce to handle day-to-day activities. If you can rely on your staff to do their work tasks in an efficient manner, no matter what conditions throw at them, you are ready to utilize this essential resource to expand your business.

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Funding is perhaps the most important. Without capital, the business expansion will be near impossible. One trending way to get funds is through venture capitalists or serial investors who are willing and ready to invest in viable businesses. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of them by pitching to them. If your pitch is endorsed, they will pump money into your business and you can then expand.

4 Insights That Will Change the Way You Think About Money

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Money can indeed be a very dynamic concept. There are a lot of lessons to learn and apply to be able to truly manage money and get it to answer to you.

Here are 4 insights that will change the way you think about money.

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1.Regardless of the Size of Your Paycheck, You Probably Already Make Enough Money to Become Rich

This nugget of wisdom was given by a man called David Bach, an American self-made millionaire. According to him, the amount of money you make has little or no bearing on how you can build wealth. It’s not so much about how much you make, but about how you can keep it. The key is to start as early as possible with savings and investments, no matter how little they might be. This will make it possible for you to reap the full benefits of compound interest.

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2.It Takes Time

The golden rule of savings and investments is really to think long term and start as early as possible. According to Warren Buffet, ‘It’s pretty easy to get well-to-do slowly. But it’s not easy to get rich quick.’ The money made in investments is by investing, owning and managing these investments for long periods of time.

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3.Secure Your Financial Future By Getting Paid What You Are Worth

If you know your worth in an organization, there is no reason to sit back and waste away in underpaid oblivion. You really have to ask for what you want, however, there is a right and wrong way to go about asking for a raise. It is recommended that when asking for a raise, you look at the range for someone with your level of experience in the industry, this can help you understand your worth. You can then ask for a raise based on that information. If you have tried all you can and your current company still refuses to value your expertise by paying you what you’re worth, it is best to immediately start looking for one that will.

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The Best Investment You Will Ever Make is in Yourself

Grant Cordone, another American self-made millionaire, said this as an advice echoing the one his mother gave him when he was younger. Investing in yourself will always give you a return that nobody can take away from you. Get the necessary education and skills you need, and also learn to give whatever job you find yourself doing your best, even if the job is only temporary.

Meet Malik Ado-Ibrahim – He is set to Introduce Electric cars into Nigerian market by 2018

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Malik Ado-Ibrahim is the chairman of Nigus Enfinity, an indigenous firm which is set to introduce electric vehicles into the Nigerian automobile market in 2018 and a local assembly plant for electric vehicles in 2020.

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Ado-Ibrahim said several countries across the world have set targets for the ban of petrol-fuelled vehicles with India targeting 2030, and the United Kingdom, 2040.

He said Nigeria and Africa need to look inward to be at the fore of the automotive revolution or risk becoming waste bin for banned vehicles from other countries.

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Ado-Ibrahim, who was the first African to lead the Formula 1 Team global race car competition in 1999, said his firm is already building a 100 megawatts (mw) solar power plant in Katsina and another in Adamawa state.

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According to him, the company has also partnered with Build Your Dreams, a Chinese firm, to import electric vehicles at affordable costs from 2018.

“We are also working with BYD to get a local brand and start an electric vehicle assembly plant for Nigeria from 2020. Gradually we will move to an EV with the African DNA starting in Nigeria,” he said.

In June, Elon Musk had unveiled the world’s cheapest electric car, which was priced at N11 million.

Introducing the third edition of Ola Ndi Igbo Fair – 18 December 2017


After previous successful editions in 2013 and 2015, Ola Ndi Igbo (Jewels of the Igbo people), the leading initiative dedicated to honouring and celebrating individuals of Igbo descent who have distinguished themselves in their profession on a global stage, will return for its third edition on 18 December 2017 in Enugu.

The theme for the 2017 Summit is ”Revitalizing the Can-do Igbo Spirit: Showcasing Innovations and Inventions from the South East.”

This year’s edition seeks to provide an avenue where local innovations and inventions from the people or residents of South East Nigeria can be showcased, provide cash incentives for innovators and inventors for more creative endeavours, harness local alternatives to local problems as a solution to the recession, and provide an avenue for networking opportunities between innovators, potential investors and the general public.

Mrs Oby Ezekwesili presenting the Innovation Marketplace Prize to Obinna Ukwuani in the 2015 edition

There will be a cash prize for the best innovator/invention, while the best 20 Inventors/Innovators will also have their capacity built in branding, marketing, running a business and financial management.

Oby Ezekwesili presenting an Award to Nnaeto Orazulike
Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili presenting an Award to Nnaeto Orazulike

Ola Ndi Igbo Fair, a biennial summit established by a group of passionate, credible and committed young Igbo Professionals in Nigeria and the Diaspora, is organized by the South Saharan Social Development Organisation with the aim of fostering a community of individuals of Igbo descent who are proud of their heritage and are committed to working collaboratively to promote the social and economic development of Ndigbo.

Breaking of the Kola

The first Summit was held at the Civic Centre Lagos State in 2013 and inspired a range of initiatives to promote development in Igbo land including the creation of an entrepreneurship and vocational training centre for youth in the Southeast, a soul searching summit titled “Olu Ndi Igbo and a business training programme for Igbo traders in markets across Nigeria.”

Dancers and Choir performing at Benefits Concert
Dancers and Choir performing at Benefits Concert

The 2015 edition took place in the South Eastern city of Enugu with the theme: Leveraging the power of entertainment, media, technology and education for changing paradigms and future realities.

Veteran musician, Bright Chimezie, rolled back the years with his Zigima sound

This edition will welcome submissions from Africa and around the world, and will feature an ambitious program of talks and events in partnership with international and local institutions to broaden the reach of the fair and further diversify its portfolio of exhibiting and promoting innovations and inventions that are connected to Ndi Igbo and Igboland.

Chigurl and Nkem Ifejika of BBC were the hosts in the 2015 edition

Works of art such as poetry, short stories, artistic paintings and sculptures, as well as basic research reports and observation records shall not be accepted.

Deadline for submission of application is on 18 October, 2017. Interested participants should visit www.olandiigbo.net for more information and to complete the Application form.

For adverts and sponsorship, contact Rita on +234 (0) 9092 403 119, E:mail Rita@Southsaharan.org or info@olandiigbo.net

5 Reasons We Love Android Devices

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The debate on which is the better operating system between the iOS and Android operating system is a debate that will probably never be concluded, however, it is impossible to deny some of the impressive features that the Android operating system offers. Here are 5 reasons we love Android devices.

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1.It’s Affordable

Buying an Android device is unlikely to devastate your bank account, and for that affordability it remains an attractive option to many. With varieties of devices, designs and specs, Android devices really have something to suit every budget range and offers a true and enjoyable smartphone experience. Android’s affordability is what has driven and continues to drive its worldwide dominance.

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2.It Allows Customization

Another strong feature of Android devices is the fact that it allows customization. Unlike most Apple devices, Android devices let you choose any level of customization you want and this flexibility is what really appeals to most smartphone users. This is because many smartphone users generally tend to want to explore the limits of their devices, and they typically like having the ability to freely customize and play around with features and design of their phones.

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3. It Allows For Multi-Tasking

Some might argue that iOS devices also allow multi-tasking, but what they cannot deny is that the level of multi-tasking that iOS devices support, does not come anywhere near the level of multi-tasking some Android phones offer. Samsung phones are a good examples of Android phones that have great multi-tasking features. This is one area that Apple is more or less playing catch-up to Android devices.

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4. Its Seamless Integration With Google’s Services

Android devices integrate seamlessly with Google’s varieties of services, and this works just great because Google is largely considered the ‘king of the web’. Apple and iOS doesn’t seem to be able to keep up in this area, and have had to yield to accommodating more Google services on their platform. Unfortunately, the seamless integration enjoyed between Android devices and Google services, is not replicated in the integration of iOS and Google services.

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5. There are Widgets!

With widgets you can ‘see all the information you need at a glance’ without having to open an app. Widgets are a major advantage Android devices have over iOS devices, mainly because even with Apple’s recent launch of widgets on their iOS devices, it still remains very limited on iOS compared to the widgets of Android devices that are more unbounded and offer more varieties.

Prof Ogbechie, Olusola, Alabi, others to Speak at the Business of Education Summit


Edusko, an Edtech start-up that connects parents and students with suitable private schools within and outside Africa, is organising a discussion series, called the Business of Education. The maiden edition of the eventfocused on school leadershipis expected to have over 1000 school leaders in attendance.

According Edusko founder and event convener Jide Ayegbusi, it is expected to enable participating school leaders in Nigeria learn from business and thought leaders who are passionate about helping schools improve on their offerings and outcomes.

“As you may be aware, there is a growing body of evidence that school leadership has an impact on schools and students outcomes. While a lot has been discussed about our educational system and attributed its deploying conditions to poor implementation of curriculum, inadequate funding and poor monitoring, it seems we have not always looked to school leaders as harbingers of change. This year, we would be engaging with Nigerian school leaders and discussing the importance of school leadership in improving outcomes for our schools and students,” Ayegbusi said.

On the speakers and participants, Ayegbusi said: “We are expecting over a thousand top school owners, directors, administrators, education entrepreneurs, senior educators and key stakeholders in the Nigerian education sector. It’s high time our school leaders learned from experienced and business leaders who are passionate about how the business of education is being managed and are also willing to render practical assistance. So we are inviting these carefully selected leaders from different spheres of life to a panel discussion.”

Expected speakers and panellists at this event are: Chris Ogbechie, professor of Strategic Management, Pan Atlantic University; Lanre Olusola, life coach and founder Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy and Alex Goma, managing director, PZ Cussons Nigeria.

Others are: Biola Alabi, founder, BiolaAlabi Media; Gbenro Adegbola, managing director/CEO First Veritas Educational Delivery; Dr. Adebodun Sanyaolu, CEO Adkyke Consulting and Darrell McGraw, senior partner, Price Waterhouse Coopers Nigeria.

The event, which is scheduled to hold on 12 October, 2017 at Nelo’s Place, 2, Tomi Osikoya Drive, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja is free for all registered and invited participants.

The organisation behind this event, Edusko, was launched in 2015 to help private schools across Africa become more accessible and at the same time help parents make informed school choices despite their busy schedules. At the moment, over 4,000 leading schools are listed on the platform and more than 5,000 parents have used the platform in the last one year to place their kids in suitable schools. The company has presence in over 30 states in Nigeria and more than 10 regions in Ghana.

4 Best-Kept Secrets of Business Success

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Business success typically requires hard-work, commitment and dedication. However, there are a couple of secrets, the knowledge of which can help significantly drive business success.

1.Have a Worst-to-Best Scale

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The best way to avoid bad business decisions is to first recognize them, and one of the best ways to do this is by evaluating your business on a worst-to-best scale. Once you are able to recognize bad business decisions, it will be easier to eschew them, then identify the best options for your business and pursue them, which can significantly help to drive business success.


2.Create Visual Reminders of Long-Term Goals

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When trying to achieve business success, it’s easy to get ‘caught up in the daily grind’ and do things that are familiar, rather than things required for growth and profitability. Having visual reminders of your long-term goals can really help to create ‘tangible reminders’ that can help to keep your business focused on growth and profitability. It will help to serve as a constant reminder of your goals and help to keep you on track to achieving them.


3.Welcome Honest Feedback and Criticism

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Over time, this has become less of a secret to most people, however, it is still a vital factor for business success. Feedback and criticism are good because they both help you realize the faults or failures in your business or business offerings. It important to learn how to effectively process criticism by receiving, assessing and letting go of hateful or negative criticism, and evaluating and acting upon constructive criticism. In addition, you should ensure that you solicit feedback from your target audience, open all channels of communication to receive this feedback and be gracious when receiving feedback. This way, people, especially your target audience, are more likely to be supportive of your business venture.


4. Pay Attention To Your Intuition

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A number of successful business people, Warren Buffet for example, have credited their intuition for helping them make some of their toughest business decisions. Intuition is in fact real, and it is not very wise to ignore it as a business person. If something about a business decision doesn’t sit well with you, then it is probably defective. Intuition comes from deep within your subconscious and is derived from previous life experiences; it’s more or less your true self speaking, which is why it is usually not wise to ignore it.

“To grow the international market, we need a strong domestic market”- DG, NTDC

The Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), Mr. Folarin Coker has said that for international tourism market to grow, Nigeria needs a strong domestic market because domestic tourism is the only form of sustainable tourism.

Coker made this remark during his keynote address which had the theme Maximizing the Potentials of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry: The Role of the Government” at the just concluded Nigerian Hospitality and Tourism Conference which held in Lagos, organised by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency.

The bedrock of tourism is not the big footprint of foreign brands but rather, the many cottage industries manned by passionate indigenes. That is what allows tourism be the largest employer of labour in the world, even over the oil industry,” Coker added.

Meanwhile, the managing director of Jumia Travel Nigeria, Omolara Adagunodo, in her welcome remark stated some of the laudable initiatives the online travel agency has embarked on as part of efforts geared towards promoting travel and tourism within the country.

According to her, at the time the company was entering the market some 5 years ago, it was noticed that data on the travel industry was not available. The company therefore took it upon itself to invest in the production of such data every year.

In the last five years of our existence as a company, we have been involved in notable endeavors that sought to move the industry forward. One of the very first things we noticed at a time was the lack of data in the travel industry. As you all know, data is indeed crucial to the planning and development of any sector. So, we took it upon ourselves to invest in the production of a report on the Nigerian hospitality industry. We produce this report yearly in every African country we have our operation,”Adaogunodo said.

The conference had two panel discussions with relevant travel practitioners as panelists. The theme “Using New Media to Merchandise Major Nigerian Sites, Destinations & Places to Drive Tourists Footfall” was discussed by Chiamaka Obuekwe, Founder of Social Prefect Tours; Funmi Oyatogun, Founder of TVP Adventures; Wonu Lamidi, CEO of Diamond & Pearl Tours; Lola Daniyan, Founder of Unravelling Nigeria; and Michael Balogun, Founder of Tour2Nigeria.

Managing Current Hotel Trends to Anticipate Future Customers Needs” was the theme of the second panel discussion which had Damilola Koya of Eko Hotel & Suites; Anthony Shisler of Fahrenheit; Omolara Adagunodo of Jumia Travel; Jeff Fischer of Welcome Centre Hotels; and Paul Okojie of Golden Tulip.

The Nigerian Hospitality and Tourism Conference is a yearly event being organised by Jumia Travel Nigeria. Its objective is to bring the key players in the industry together to share knowledge and information with the growing circle of travel and tourism enthusiasts in the country. It’s a free to attend event.




It’s not as impossible as you might think to start a business while working a 9-5 job. There are certain ways to make it work and Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 ways to start a business while working a full-time job.

1.Be Committed

Commitment is one of the major things that will help you get through the hard and difficult times of starting a business while working a full-time job. To help with commitment, you can write a list of all your necessary activities and prioritize them. Try to lessen your involvement with or the time you give to activities that are not very relevant, and invest that time in your new business venture. It might not be the most convenient thing, but you have be determined to sacrifice as much as you can to make it work, without jeopardizing your full-time job or spreading yourself too thin. This is why prioritizing your activities is very important.

2.Consider Your Strengths, Interests and Weaknesses

To help you successfully start a business while working a full-time job, you should take an inventory of your strengths, interests and weaknesses. Your strengths and interests can culminate in you having some of the necessary skills to drive your business success. For the skills you don’t have but are necessary for the success of your business (in other words, your areas of weakness), you can take time out to learn the skill, or outsource or hire someone else who has the required skill and can help you pick up the slack.

3.Be Sure to Validate Your Business Idea

This is very important because a business can’t be successful if there is a lack of market need for its offerings. You should thus ensure that you validate your business idea before starting a business based on it. A business needs a lot more than the passion of its founder to be successful and sustainable. Ensure your business concepts and product ideas are fully thought out, useful and properly researched, and that there is ongoing feedback from your customers or target audience about your product or service. This is one sure way to guarantee business growth.

4.Outsource as Much as You Can

You might have the skills to do virtually everything related to your business, but because of your full-time job, the fact is that you just don’t have the time. This is where outsourcing comes in, to help you pick up the slack and move your business forward. Focus on doing what you can do better than anyone else, and outsource the rest. To help save cost, you can consider outsourcing to people that will be willing to work for free or at a low cost. You can also consider offering some of the shares of your business to some of these people for coming on board, rather than paying them cash, if you consider the skills they are bringing into your business extremely valuable and vital to the growth of your business.

5.Try Not To Blur the Line Between Your Business Work and Your Full-Time Job

When push comes to shove, you’re still being paid to work for your employer so you should ensure that you take care of the work for your full-time job when you need to. Avoid abandoning the work for your full-time job to take care of your business work. Give to Caesar what’s Caesar’s.