5 Exciting Nigerian Honeymoon Destinations

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You just got married or about to wed. Expectedly, you may be in search of honeymoon destinations in Nigeria where you can enjoy the best of getaways with your spouse. From the expensive to the most affordable, you have them across the country. Here are 5 affordable as well as exquisite honeymoon destinations in Nigeria.

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1.The Whispering Palms Resort

Located in Badagry, the Whispering Palms Resort is truly an exciting beach with palms everywhere to give newlyweds a resplendent sense of an amazing hideaway. There is a mini zoo and an artworks centre at this resort. You will get a wonderful treat and you do not need to break the bank.

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2. The Obudu Cattle Ranch

The Obudu Mountain Resort is a natural expanse of forests filled with rare animals extending from Nigeria into the Cameroons. The Obudu Cattle Ranch features natural springs, wild animals, traditional chalets. It is a perfect place for newlyweds to escape.

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3. Epe Resort and Spa

The Epe Resort and Spa is located in Epe, Lagos State. You can enjoy a quiet time beside the pool with a wide array of Nigerian and foreign delicacies. It is a place that every intending honeymooner should consider to have their honeymoon.

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4. La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort

Located in Lagos, the La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort is a romantic getaway situated between the tropical Lagos forest and extending to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, offering an unhindered view of the lagoon. At this beach resort, you can enjoy the day swimming, fishing, strolling on the beach and bird watching.

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5. Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort

The Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort sits in Akwa Ibom State. It is the place to be for newlyweds that desire to stay away from city life. This is a pleasant hub where many new couples spend their honeymoons.


Must-see Historical Buildings When You Travel Around Nigeria

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Many people rarely consider adding visits to historical buildings to their itinerary when they travel. Such visits can help them expand their knowledge and can also be a great way to reinforce lessons. Some of these historical buildings have hands-on exhibits and tours which add to the visitors’ experience. This said, Nigeria has no shortage of these historic buildings, sites and landmark.

Here are some of the historical buildings you should visit:

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1.Mary Slessor House, Calabar

Built in the late 19th century, the Mary Slessor House once housed the iconic Scottish missionary Mary Slessor who was best known for stopping the killing of twins in Calabar. Rather than reside among her colleagues in the missionary quarters, she decided to stay among the Calabar people. The result of that decision is the Mary Slessor House in Ekenge, Calabar, which stands till today as a testament to her selfless service and courage.

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2. First Presbyterian Church, Calabar

Calabar is an important tourist hub because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean attracted attention from foreigners especially European missionaries and colonialists. The First Presbyterian Church in Nigeria was founded by Rev. Hope Masterton Waddell as early as 1846 and has endured as a lasting legacy of missionary work in Nigeria. It is also a wonderful place to visit.

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3. Oba of Benin Palace, Edo

This ancient building was first constructed around the 13th century by Oba Ewedo of Benin and later rebuilt by his successor, Oba Eweka II in the 20th. This building is a symbol of the enduring legacies of one of the most powerful traditional kingdoms in Nigeria and indeed West Africa.

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4. First Storey Building in Nigeria, Badagry

Widely reputed to be the first-storey building erected by foreigners in Nigeria, this building was once used as a primary school by the Methodist Church. Its foundations were laid by the famous missionary Henry Townsend in 1842 and completed in 1845 by Rev. Bernard Freeman and other notable missionaries. This historic building would later house the first African C.M.S (Church Missionary Society) bishop, Samuel Ajayi Crowther who translated the Bible from English to Yoruba.

Jury Appointed for the Nigeria Travel Awards

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Lagos, Nigeria, January 25, 2018— The organising committee of the Nigeria Travel Awards, organised by Jumia Travel, has announced the appointment of Folorunsho Coker, DG, Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) as a jury member for the 2nd edition of the Awards. Others include Michael Balogun, CEO Tour2Nigeria; Babatunde Onibudo, MD Pearlwort Hotel; and Omolara Adagunodo, MD, Jumia Travel.

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Folorunsho Coker, DG, Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC)

The jury’s decision will contribute 50% of the outcome, while the other 50% will be from the public through a voting process.

Meanwhile, the award ceremony which was slated to hold today January 25th has been postponed to Thursday, February 1st, 2018. According to the Head of PR & Marketing for Jumia Travel, Olukayode Kolawole the change of date will provide ample time for more people to vote.

There 7 categories to be awarded include: Customers’ Favourite Hotel 2017, Customers’ Favourite International Airline Company 2017, Best Destination Website 2017, Jumia Travel’s Booking Award 2017, Traveler’s Choice Hotel 2017, Best Leisure Hotel in Nigeria 2017, and Best Business Hotel in Nigeria 2017

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Ibis Hotel Ikeja

The nominees for the Customers Favourite Awards are: Ibis Hotel Ikeja; Golden Tulip Festac; Federal Palace Hotel & Casino; Southern Sun Hotel & Towers; Owu Crown Hotels; Greatwood Hotels LTD; Newland Luxury Apartments; Citiheight Hotels; Pearlwort Hotel & Suites; Southern Sun Ikoyi; and Park Inn by Radisson.

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The nominees for the Customers’ Favourite International Airline are: British Airways; Turkish Airlines; Ethiopian Airlines; Air France; Etihad; Emirates; Egypt Air; & Rwandair.

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The nominees for the Customers’ Favourite Local Airline are: Medview Airlines; Dana Airline; Arik Air; Air Peace; Azman Air; Overland Air; and Aero.

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The nominees for the Best Travel Blog/Website are: TVP Adventures; Unravelling Nigeria; Travel With A Pen; EatTechTravel; Social Prefect; Irinajo; Naija Adventures; Khalid, The Workaholic; and Naijanomads.

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The nominees for the Best Business Hotel are: Ibis Lagos Airport; Pearlwort Hotel; Eko Hotel; Radisson Blu Anchorage; Rockview Hotel Classic Abuja; Presken Hotel & Resorts; Ibis Lagos Ikeja; Hampton Suites; Hotel Seventeen; and Tahir Guest Palace.

The awards aim at promoting Nigeria’s tourism sector, and responds to the need of encouraging hoteliers to improve the quality of their services for further advancement of their respective destinations.

In Nigeria, vote here.

Follow the Awards conversation on social networks: #JumiaTravelAwards2018


The Fashions Finest team is here again with The EPIC Show which is bigger, better and more packed.

The Epic Show would be a three-day event running from Friday 25th May to Sunday 27th May 2018; it will be three days of non stop fashion with a lot of activities for those in the business of fashion and for lovers of fashion.

Fashions Finest Africa debuted in Nigeria on Sunday 27th August, 2017 at The Guest House Ikoyi, Lagos, it was tagged Renaissance and it featured four amazing emerging designers SGTC Clothing, 1407, Sally Bawa and Nkadz. The fashion show was talked about for weeks in the fashion sphere as it surpassed all expectations.

The fashion extravaganza will kick off on Friday at noon with a Fashion conference where those who matter in the fashion industry will take on panel sessions. We will also play hosts to Exhibitors and our marketplace vendors giving the opportunity to fashion lovers to shop till you drop. The fashion show will continue on Saturday and Sunday featuring Student designers, New and Emerging designers and established designers out of Africa.

Fashions Finest Africa EPIC Show 2018 is set to take place at The Balmoral, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria.

Opinion: 10 Steps to Being A Successful Baby Boy By Dr. Joe Abbah

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When you hear the phrase “baby boy,” what comes to your mind? Being a man means not only that you carry yourself in a masculine way but also that you’re willing to work hard, control your emotions, and take responsibility for your actions. Learn the traits of a real man, and how to rise above your circumstances when needed from.

Let me address my fellow men this afternoon. As the “King of Boys”, let me tell you how to be a Baby Boy. This is the . This Baby Boy life is not easy. You will have more foes than enemies. It’s a mixture of admiration and envy, but you’ll be a happy man. Here are the 10 steps to being a successful Baby Boy:

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In case you didn’t know, a Baby Boy works hard. Damn hard! He also works smart. He is strategic and doesn’t waste effort on unproductive activities. You need to work really really hard if you want to be a Baby Boy.

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Real good. Don’t go and join those yeye people that want to treat women like trash. The women will end up treating you like trash. Trust me. A Baby Boy treats his woman with respect. He notices her new hairdo and constantly complements her.

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 A Baby Boy is generally a happy guy. He laughs a lot and enjoys life. He notices the wonders of nature. The beauty of the rose, the melody of the nightingale, the beauty of the women folk. Don’t go and join “Angry Twitter” o. It’s for frustrated people, not Baby Boys like us.
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A good Baby Boy will be fit and keep his body in top top shape. At all times, you chest should protrude more than your stomach. A Baby Boy doesn’t eat everything he sees, just because he can. He exercises his body because he needs a fully functional body for both work and play

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You cannot be a good Baby Boy if you are a dullard. Baby Boys are sharp, well read and impeccably mannered. You need to read. You need to be able to take in the opinions of others and respect them, while being firm in your principles and convictions.


Grooming is VERY important in a Baby Boy’s life. Visit the barber often. NO DIRTY FINGERNAILS! Scrub your feet, abeg, if you can’t afford pedicures. Don’t have hairs sticking out of your nose and ears. NO BODY ODOUR! Good antiperspirant and subtle cologne. NO RAZOR BUMPS!

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A Baby Boy dresses well, in an understated way. Being fit, he looks like he was born in a suit. DON’T leave the label of your suit on its sleeve. Don’t be a bush man! No white shoes. No rainbow coloured fisherman pants. No loud jewellery. Nice watch. Nice belt. Nice shoes.

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A Baby Boy exercises his body by working out; he exercises his brain by reading; and he exercises his spirit by praying. Pray hard. Don’t be one of those bitter people that are angry with God. A Baby Boy knows he needs God. He needs the peace and hope that belief in God brings

He treats his female children like princesses and his male children like princes. He finds time to do homework with them. Quarrels with their mother NEVER extends to the kids. He also disciplines & guides them & gives them self belief.
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Finally, a Baby Boy has a good heart. He gives of his time & money to help others. He derives joy in the happiness of others. No inferiority complex. He is respectful of elders & treats the youth with respect. He protects the weak/vulnerable and fights injustice.

4 Popular Cultural Festivals in Africa


With Africa’s diverse array of cultures and spectacular picturesque locations, it is not surprising that Africa is home to some of best cultural festivals in the world.

Here are 4 popular cultural festivals in Africa:

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1.AfrikaBurn, South Africa

This is considered to be based on the popular US festival called the ‘Burning Man’. AfrikaBurn is considered the continent’s most alternative arts festival and it takes place in the Tankwa Karoo, an arid semi-desert area that’s located in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Everything that happens at the festival is really up to the creativity of the participants as they are given the leeway to create their own art works, their own music and their own performances. It’s such a great festival because of this dynamism; you have no idea of what to expect each year but you are guaranteed a memorable experience. It generally occurs annually between 24th to 30th April.

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2. Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, Morocco

This is an exciting musical festival that happens each year in the medieval city of Morocco. The festival presents a blend of lovely sacred music from around the world. You can expect everything from the whirling dervishes from Turkey, dancers from Bali and chanting Sufi mystics from Iran performed in breathtaking venues like centuries-old regal palaces and atmospheric garden courtyards. It typically occurs annually between 12th to 20th May.

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3. Zanzibar International Film Festival

This festival is widely known as East Africa’s largest film, music and arts festival. It takes place every year in the stunning island of Zanzibar and involves the screening of films from around Africa in venues across the island. An awards night is organized on the final night of the festival to round up the series of events that took place from day one, with exciting musical performances to liven up and create a carnival like atmosphere.

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4. Lake of Stars, Malawi

This festival has actually been named one of the world’s best by the UK Guardian newspaper. The Lake of Stars is a musical festival that takes place on the stunning shores of the Lake Malawi. It features the presentation of local Malawian music by local musicians played with bands and DJs from around the world. It explores a wide range of music from electro to Afro-pop, and while enjoying the lovely and entertaining music, one can enjoy a swim in the lake, relax on the sandy beach or get involved in one of the festival’s community projects.

The FiT Score, Africa’s urban health and wellness index is available in Nigeria

Accra, Ghana – KASI insight, an award-winning research and advisory firm that provides reliable data and actionable insights from Africa, today announced the launch of the FiT Score (Nigeria), Africa’s first health and wellness index. According to the World Health Organization, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) will kill more than 40 million people per year by 2020 with an increasing proportion of the deaths in Africa. NCDs are the result of a combination of genetic, physiological, environmental and behavioral factors. The main types of NCDs are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory disease, and diabetes. Modifiable lifestyle behaviours, such as tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and the harmful use of alcohol, all increase the risk of NCDs.

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Rhonda is the co-lead health advisory at KASI Insight

“With the rise of middle class and increased urbanization, Africa will face new health challenges especially around noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and high blood pressure. The WHO estimated that 4 million people will die from NCDs related diseases in Africa by 2020. The FiT score provides data and intelligence regarding lifestyle behaviors and the prevalence of risk factors for NCDs.” said Rhonda Boateng, Health researcher and co-lead health advisory group at KASI Insight.

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Dr Udemezue Ezekwesili believes the report captures the growing impact of Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa 

“Overall, the report is wonderful and insightful particularly with regard to the growing impact of NCDs in Africa and the relative financial constraints in the continent to fund the usually long haul of management of these class of diseases.” said Dr Ezekwesili Udemezue Samuel from Nigeria.


Prepared and released every semester, the FiT Score covers each country’s results. Detailed country analysis and data will be available upon request.


Amongst the 7 (Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Tanzania and Cameroon) countries, Ghana ranks first with a score of 64 and Cameroon ranks last with a score of 46.

  • On rating their health, 40 percent of respondents rank their health as excellent but 23 percent expect their health to get much worse.

  • On unhealthy habits, 26 percent of respondents smoke at least one cigarette per day, 38 percent consume alcoholic drinks (mostly once per month) and 2 percent consumer between 6 to 9 alcoholic drinks per day.

  • On healthy habits, only 5 percent of respondents get the recommended fruit servings per day (4 + servings), 5.1 percent eat the recommended vegetable servings per day and 1/3 of respondents exercise moderately at least 4 days per week.

  • On medical care, 69 percent of respondents had a doctor visit and recommended medical tests over the past 6 months and most popular medical tests are Diabetes, Blood pressure and Blood.

As a leading provider of consumer insights and related data products for emerging markets especially Africa, KASI Insight is dedicated to the ongoing development of insights into the health of Africans, and how the right lifestyle choices can prevent or reduce the severity and the impact of illness and disease. The FiT score provides supplementary evidence to help inform public health policy.

The first KASI Health Wellness index is based on findings of a KASI Insight survey conducted between February 17th and 27th, 2017. A sample of 3,500 urban dwellers in Africa from 18 to 65 years of age. After data cleaning and validation, the final sample was 3,369.

 CREDITS: This article is culled from https://www.kasiinsight.com/single-post/2017/11/30/The-FiT-Score-Africas-urban-health-and-wellness-index-is-available-in-Nigeria


African Music Superstars Battle for AFRIMA 2017

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The All Africa Music Awards is set to reward the best of African artistes
from the continent. This has led to a massive voting campaigns by
nominated artistes of different countries who rely on the love from music
lovers at home and in diaspora to win the 23.9 Carat plaited gold AFRIMA
trophy. The AFRIMA 2017 main awards ceremony is scheduled to hold on 12th
November 2017 at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos by 4PM.
The nominated artistes are pulling up their sleeves to slug it out with
their regional and continental music contemporaries and legends at the
Image result for afrima 2017
Southern African female nominess have some scores to settle at the 2017
AFRIMA Awards. Amanda Black and Babes Woduno started a fresh beef at the
South Africa Music Awards23, when Amanda Black beat Babes Woduno to SA’s
Best Female Artiste of the Year awards 2017.  She might get her rep back
if she sweeps all contestants to win the Best Female Artiste in Southern
Africa at AFRIMA 2017.

Image result for Amanda Black Babes Wodumo Nasty C

Old rivalries in SA might rear its head at the Awards as AKA gets nominated in the same category as Nasty C and Emtee.
Other stars battling for recognition and rep are SA Jah Prayzah, Legend
Jazzist, Hugh Masekela, and Nduduzo Makhatini.

The Cameroonians divas claim to run the show in the Central Africa region,
as five nominated music divas bring to battle their different musical
styles to win the 23.9 carat gold award. The Gabonese Popstar, Bussine and
the Angolan pop queen, Nsoki is in the game to burst their bubble and win
the award for their home countries. Meanwhile the King of Central Africa
will emerge when Angola’s star RnB Sensation, Anselmo Ralph and Hip Hop
star, Big Nelo while charges against DRC Makossa star, Fally Ipupa and RnB
International Ke Black and Pop Star, Maitre Gims and the Cameroonians Pop
artistes, Jovi and romantic RnB singer, Mr Locko.

Four Tanzanian divas are gunning for the awards for the Eastern region,
Vanessa Mdee, who won the 2014 AFRIMA awards in the same Best Female
Artiste in Eastern Africa category. She is pitched against Tanzanian love
singers Feza, Lady Jaydee, and Nandy. Uganda’s Juliana Kanyomozi is a
music big fish who will clash Kenya’s Victoria Kimani despite her West
African and East African base. The singer and TV celeb, Chess Nthussi is
also nominated alongside Ethiopian Grammy nominee, Wayna Wondwossen.  The
rest is up against Diamond Platnumz who might add another AFRIMA award to
his shelf this year? The multiple AFRIMA winner is up against his fellow
Tanzanian arch rival, Ali Kiba. The Kenyan DJ and Pop star, Mura KE, and
Hip Hop star, Octopizzo are also going to challenge the Tanzanian. Other
stars in this category are Kibrom Birhane, Sinishaw Legesse and Henok &
Mehari Brothers from Ethiopia and Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo.

Image result for wizkid davido Tiwa savage, mr eazi tekno

West Africa boasts of a huge media presence, crisp videos and ecletic
sounds. The Nigerian music divas on the list, Aramide, Seyi Shay, Tiwa
Savage, and Yemi Alade will contend with Ghanaian pop-star, Becca, Malian
Grammy Award winner, Oumo Sangare and Senegalese Pop-singer, Viviane
Chidid, to prove which star has the most dynamic voice to win the gold
trophy.  Nigerian Arch-rivals, Wizkid and Davido may have yet another
face-off at AFRIMA. Other stars ready to upturn the game are Cote
D’ivoire’s DJ Arafat, Guinea’s MHD, Nigeria’s Mr Eazi, Runtown, Tekno
and YCEE.

The Female and Male music stars from Northern Africa may have the
advantage of votes from their rave ratings on Youtube. These northern
artistes trump their regional counterparts with popularity as huge as
Algerian singer, Cheba Maria’s 4 million views to French Montana’s
487million views.

The awards ceremony is a world-class event that hold annually with live
performances from star-studded artistes and television broadcast to 84
countries around the world. Tickets can be purchased on the AFRIMA
website, nairabox.com, and ariyatickets.com.

Jumia Travel, Jumia Food to Reward Customers Big at Black Friday Concert

Nigeria’s leading online travel agency, Jumia Travel and Nigeria’s number 1 online food ordering website, Jumia Food have revealed plans to reward both their new and returning customers with fantastic giveaways and deals at the upcoming Jumia Black Friday concert scheduled for November 18, 2017 at the King’s College, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The companies made the announcement through their Head of Public Relations, Olukayode Kolawole while addressing journalists in Lagos on the expectations from this year’s Black Friday festival which will kick off November 13th and end December 13th, 2017. “This year’s Black Friday will be the biggest sales event ever experienced in the country as there are as high as 80% discounts across all the Jumia platforms: Jumia Mall, Jumia Travel, and Jumia Food,” Kolawole said.

The exclusive 2-in-1 concert and shopping event will feature Nigeria’s finest artistes including Simi, Falz, Wande Coal, 9ice, Mayorkun, Niniola, Sound Sultan, Skales, Lil Kesh, Pencil, Jimmie DJ Consequence, DJ Cuppy, Nedu to thrill attendees to exclusive app flash sales and lots of exciting giveaways including a N500,000 shopping voucher.

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Speaking on some of the special offers on Jumia Travel, Omolara Adagunodo, Managing Director of Jumia Travel said there will be up to 80% discount on hotel & flight bookings; over 20 holiday packages to choose from (local & international) and lots of fantastic deals. “There will also be lots of giveaways at the concert, such as a free night stay at a 4-star hotel in Lagos, a free return ticket from Lagos to Accra and many more,”Adagunodo added.

On the other hand, Jumia Food Managing Director, Olamide Bada described the deals that will be available on Jumia Food as mouth watering. “We have a long list of vendors on our platform who have offered us amazing discounts and giveaways in the spirit of the Black Friday festival. While many of our customers will have direct and face-to-face interactions with us at the concert, others who might not be able to attend can still benefit from these offers. For instance, we will be offering a buy-one-get-one-free on Sharwama & Co between 11th  November through Dec 12th; 30% off the entire menu at Beleful; and many more.”

“There will also be lots of offers on Jumia Party. For instance, you can buy one Martell Blue Swift and get 24 Apparel Hat with Purchase; Martell XO – Free Holiday Bag with purchase; Chivas Extra – Free TT Dalk Wallet or card holder with purchase,” Bada added.


Niniola’s ‘This is Me’ Debuts


Coming on the heels of her debut album ‘This is Me’, singer, songwriter and performer Niniola has signed with Kobalt Music Group, an independent rights management and publishing company. Her manager Michael Ndika made the announcement during a media parley to celebrate the launch of her new album.

Displaying L-R Olisa Adibua- Niniola- Michael- Nelson Ononiwu.JPG
L-R Olisa Adibua- Niniola- Michael Ndika- Nelson Ononiwu

“Niniola is a very talented artiste who has achieved a lot within three years that most people don’t know about. She got signed on to Kobalt music in July ​for publishing which is a deal that will make her write music for international artistes. Kobalt is about third or fourth biggest publishing company in the world. So in the next couple of years will see Niniola writing songs for international acts.”

Displaying Niniola This Is Me9.JPG

Niniola rose to fame in 2013 when she emerged the third runner-up on MTN Project Fame season 6. Her debut album according to the artiste is a snippet of what she can do as she sampled different styles of music while staying true to her unique afro-house genre.  It is a 13-track album that features dancehall reggae king, Patoranking,  hip-hop Apala musician, Terry Apala, Devin Di Dakta and Charmant.

Her ingenuity has not gone unnoticed as she was a nominee of the Nigeria Entertainment Awards as well as the upcoming All Africa Music Awards where she will also perform.

The 30-year old singer is the sixth child of her parents.

Displaying Niniola Autographing A Fan's CD.JPG
Niniola Autographing A Fan’s CD

​Niniola is currently signed to Drumroll Records”