4 Smart Ways To Use Tech In the Classroom

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The age of information and technology is at its peak and many are resorting to emerging technological advances to improve the quality of their lives and ease their work process. One of such people are teacher, lecturers and the like, who are steadily taking advantage of technology to enhance their teaching processes and lighten their workload. Here are 4 smart ways to use tech in the classroom:

1. Using Videos For Mini Lessons

This is a smart way to resonate effectively with visual learners. Teachers, lecturers and the like can add videos to your lesson plans to shake things up in a positive and interesting way for your students. They can also find or make relevant videos on specific topics or study areas, and play for students to listen to and learn from. This helps to further improve the students’ understanding of the topic or subject being taught. There are many websites that host teacher-made video content, which can help teachers with getting videos for mini lessons. TeacherTube, is an example of such websites, it’s like an education only version of YouTube.

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2. Organizing Live Videos

As a teacher or lecturer, you can actually co-ordinate live videos for your students and invite guest lecturers or industry experts to deliver lessons to your students using conferencing technology. What make this method so great for the learning is that, it makes it easier for guest lecturers or industry experts to help educate your students on related subjects, with little or no stress. It can really help to expose students to new ideas and lighten your workload as a teacher or lecturer. Additionally, you can ask your students to prepare questions while listening to the live lecture, and ask the guest lecturer about them afterwards to make the process more interactive. Skype and Google Hangouts are great conferencing technologies to use for organizing live videos, and Skype even has a list of guest speakers who are willing to voluntarily speak out about their topics of expertise.

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3. Set Up Student Blogs

Blogging can be a great creative outlet for students, especially for those in language arts classes and other writing-centric subjects or courses. WordPress is a great blogging platform to consider using and it can be used to host each student’s blog. Some of the products that students can create on the blog include: poems, short essays, movie or book reviews, diary entries from perspectives of historical figures or characters in a book or novel etc. Once you set up a blog for your students, blogging can easily become one of the easiest ways to introduce and use technology in the classroom.

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4. Infographics

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge that is intended to present information in a quick, clear and easy to understand way. It is a great way to summarize your lessons to your students in a visual, colourful and concise way. There are many free online infographic makers that teachers can take advantage of to create infographics to use as teaching tools in the classroom.


Sure Ways to Charge Your Smartphone Quicker


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You’re about to head out the door, but your phone desperately needs some extra juice before you leave. Thankfully, you can charge your phone faster … if you can separate truth from myth. If you remember your high school physics, electricity is measured in watts, which is a product of voltage (in the number of volts) and current (in the number of amps). Some chargers supply more voltage or amperage than others, meaning they will charge your phone faster (as long as your phone supports it — it will draw only as much power as it knows it can handle). Here are some guidelines to follow to charge your phone as fast as possible.

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Plug Into the Wall, Not a PC

Your laptop may be close by, but if you want to charge your phone as fast as possible, you’ll want to plug it into a wall outlet. The USB ports on your PC will charge your phone but may be rated for only 0.5 amps, compared to the one-amp (or higher) charger that came with your phone. So go find that charging brick and plug your phone into a wall outlet instead.

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Use a High-Amperage Charger

Not all chargers are created equal, either. For example, iPhones come with Apple’s small five-volt/one-amp power bricks, while iPads come with larger five-volt/2.4-amp bricks (though some older ones are five-volt/2.1-amp). If you plug that iPad charger into an iPhone, however, it will draw more power — provided it’s a relatively modern iPhone. Some older iPhones may not be able to use more than one amp, while others (like the iPhone 6) will pull around 1.6 amps from that iPad charger. Your phone will pull only as much current as it knows it can handle, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your phone as long as you use a quality charger from a trusted brand. That also means that the amount of time you save depends on your phone, its battery size and how much power it can draw.

Use a Compatible Fast Charger

Here’s where things get really confusing. You can get even more juice by using a special “fast charger” that increases the amperage and the voltage … if your phone supports it. There are a few different fast-charging standards, however, and not every phone will charge quickly with every fast charger out there. Many phones use Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard or some rebranded variant of it. And in those cases, the chargers are interchangeable.

Skip wireless charging

Wireless charging, while convenient, hasn’t reached the same heights as the latest wired chargers. Even “Fast Charge” wireless chargers, which charge more rapidly than standard wireless chargers, will take significantly longer to charge your device than a high-amperage charger like the iPad’s. For lounging around the house or even at the office during the day, wireless charging is great — but if you need power quickly, skip the pad and plug your phone in.

Don’t Worry About Switching Your Phone Off (or to Airplane Mode)

You may have heard that your phone will charge faster if you turn it off or put it in airplane mode. This seems logical: After all, if your phone is using less battery, then it will charge faster, right? In practice, though, this usually doesn’t make a big enough difference to be worth it. So even if it does charge your phone faster, it won’t save you nearly as much time as any of the above methods will provide, and it’s probably not worth the inconvenience of keeping your phone off for all that time.

Mobilising Nigeria’s Tech Space For Economic Growth

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The price of crude oil has been crashing after years of successive boom. Nigeria as an oil producing and a dependent nation has immensely benefitted from this oil explosion since its discovery in Oloibiri in 1956. Reports showed that Nigeria earned N77.348 trillion from the oil and gas industry from 1999 to 2016.

For oil, the country abandoned and abdicated agriculture as soon as sweet crude was discovered. Even when agriculture monies were used to build the cocoa house in West, the groundnut pyramids in North and the large expanse of oil palm in the East; every exited the farm for oil fields. As at now, only scraps of the agricultural investments are left.

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Fast forward to the present day, oil is no longer the bride that once behold everyone. As expected revenue is thinning. The government has resulted in borrowing to finance its project. Recently, Nigeria got $328 million loan from China to boost the ICT Sector and it is appealing to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund for assistance.

At the same time, the government is looking to diversify the economy in order to move it from a mono-economy reliant on oil to a multi-economy.

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One of the sectors it is massively pursuing is technology. The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has made it his top agenda to use technology to drive economic growth.

Interestingly, before the government recognised technology as a goldmine, young Nigerians are already pushing the frontiers of technology. These Nigerians are utilising fintech, healthtech, foodtech, propertytech, traveltech, ecommerce and socialtech among others, to tackle social problems and provide much-needed employment.

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Flying Doctors Nigeria

In this case, Jumia has provided jobs for thousands of Nigerians and at the same time empowered millions more. This is possible because Jumia has over the past six years been able to move from just been a retail store to an ecosystem where you can buy anything and perform any transaction. You can now order food, book hotels and flight, buy groceries as well as make payments. The aim is to keep the customer within the ecosystem and of course, Jumia is clearly achieving this aim.

These creative solutions have attracted million dollar investments from venture capitalists. For example, Fintech startup, Paga, raised $10 million from Global Innovation Partners et al for global expansion.

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Also, we have seen the impact of technology in Agriculture. Presently, digital farming pioneered by the likes of Farmcrowdy, Thrive Agric and Crop2Cash provide more insights and information to enable farmers to make informed decisions.

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Arone Team. Left to right: Valentine Ofoegbu, Johnchemberleen Ajuagu, Emmanuel Ezenwere, Charles Njoku, Kenechukwu Ezema. and Emmanuel Ikpe

The tech space needs to be properly and effectively harnessed so that it can lead economic growth. One of the first things Nigeria must do is to come up with a framework or policy to back up the technology industry. The reason for this is to ensure there is continuity so that the next administration won’t sideline the painstaking efforts of the government. This legal policy will help create an enabling environment for the tech space to thrive and survive. It will also bridge the gap between decision-makers and ICT practitioners.

Furthermore, there is the need to promote local and international collaboration among the tech startups in the country. This collaboration can be in the form of technical support and data exchange. This will ensure that startups have a longer lifespan and actually help Nigeria.

Importantly, innovation is key to the survival of the tech space. Tech companies have to continually innovate to remain relevant. This can be done through tech and innovation hubs where startups can discuss the latest trends in the tech space.

26-Year-Old Nigerian Silas Adekunle Is World’s Highest Paid Robotics Engineer

Meet 26-year-old Nigeria entrepreneur Silas Adekunle, who is currently the highest paid robotics engineer in the world!

After graduating from the University of the West of England, he founded Reach Robotics in 2013, a company which aims to infuse gaming and augmented reality to perform functions.

per The Guardian:

He gained experience on robotics within a space of 4 years and also became a team leader of Robotics In Schoolsprogramme, a programme which encourages and pays attention to students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). It was during his involvement in the programme that he thought of developing robotics to make education more entertaining for STEM students.

In 2017, Mekamon, the world’s first gaming robot was born. A part of its unique feature is the ability to customize the gaming bot to perform personalized functions. His initial launch of Mekamon sold 500 bots, generating $7.5 million.

According to the report, Adekunle has received support from organizations including London Venture Partners. Reach Robotics has also signed a deal with Apple securing exclusive sales in its stores. He was also listed in the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe: Technology.

Adekunle, described as the smartest robotics engineer in the world, says the secrets to his success are: balance, sharing ideas, time management and being true to yourself.

Five Exciting Things You Can Do With a Virtual Reality Headset

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While virtual reality might seem like a recent technology, that’s far from the truth because we’ve had bits and pieces of it before. Since the 1960s we have seen prototypes of immersive stereoscopic videos, motion-tracking headsets and interactive Google Street View-like experiences. The fact is that it is only in recent years that the technology has matured and been made available for the public. Do you often think of things to do with a VR headset? Are there experiences you wish you could do that you think are impossible? It’ll surprise you to hear what you can do with a VR headset.

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1.Feel Free Like a Bird

Humans have always been inspired by the flying of birds as is evident in many inventions. It’s only natural that it should be one of the things to do with a VR headset. Unlike other inventions, with the VR headset, you are the one doing the flying.

2. Exploring Places

With a VR headset, you can have the experience of your favourite destination right in your bedroom.

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3. Artwork in 3D

Creating art with the Tilt Brush is definitely one of the things to do with a VR headset. The 3D effect of the strokes is mind-blowing.  You can go around your work and have some of the paintings suspended in mid-air. The kind of images you can make is limitless. They range from abstract to representational and realistic. Even if you can’t paint, you’ll still be able to use the brush as a spray can.

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4. Dining at a Choice Place

Being able to eat wherever you choose is amazing. This is not limited to restaurants alone, but even open space, in the air, or surrounded by animals. Sony is presently working on this VR experience.

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5. Better Blueprints for Architects

Deciding your house design is another thing to do with a VR headset. Arch Virtual creates VR apps for architectural companies. This app doesn’t have a pre-built house for you to look at but open spaces. With computer models as the digital blueprints, Arch Virtual creates a three-dimensional animation of the interior. Once in the Oculus Rift D2K, you can examine every part of the building.

5 Big Announcements at the Apple Event

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Apple has launched the new iPhones (iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max) at its Cupertino headquarters in California on 12th September. The company with a market capitalisation of $1 trillion also unveiled a relatively affordable iPhone: iPhone XR. So, for those who missed the event, we highlight some of the key announcements.

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1. iPhone XS and XS Max

For the event, Apple launched three new main versions of the iPhone including iPhone XS, XS Max and a third phone: iPhone XR. These iPhones are sleek, sophisticated and you will definitely get value for your money. Below are the key specs for the new phone:

  • Both the XS and XS Max have two 12-megapixel lenses on the back. It also has a new feature called Smart HDR, which seamlessly blends several different image frames into a single image. The function is intended to make photos look sharper and have more natural light.
  • A new chip: The “A12 Bionic” chip is said to make the iPhone more powerful than ever.
  • Both the iPhone XS and XS Max are offered in three colours: gold, silver, and space grey.
  • There are three storage options for each: 64GB, 256GB, and for the first time in an iPhone, there is the  512GB option.
  • Both the XS and XS Max will  support a dual-SIM card system,
  • The iPhone XS Max starts at $1,099, with 64GB of storage, and goes all the way up to $1,499 with 512 GB of storage.
  • The iPhone XS starts from $999.Image result for iPhone XR

2. iPhone: The iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR is a bit similar to the iPhone 5S. Coming in at $749 to start, it’s not exactly inexpensive. It is, however, comparatively less expensive than the iPhone XS ($999). It’s also, size-wise, directly in between the new iPhone XS and XS Max, the iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch LCD screen.

The LCD bit is important because it’s part of the reason the XR costs $250 less than the XS. The iPhone XR is internally nearly identical to the more expensive XS and XS Max. It’s got the same A12 Bionic chip, powered by the same supporting hardware. It’s got a similarly powerful battery that should carry most users through at least one day of use.

It loses 3D Touch, perhaps another measure of the LCD screen and it only has one of the two 12 megapixel cameras found on the back of the iPhone XS and XS Max. But, it has one incredible feature that neither the XS or the XS Max has: It comes in yellow.

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3. The Apple Watch Series 3 Upgrade

If you’re in the market for an Apple Watch, and you’re looking at the Apple website’s comparison page trying to make up your mind, it’s hard to argue with hard numbers: The Apple Watch Series 3 is $120 less expensive than the equivalent Series 4, and it’s nearly identical. Better still: It’ll get the update to WatchOS 5 when the new software arrives next week before the Series 4 is even available.

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4. The Apple Watch Series 4

There are two new versions of the Apple Watch in two new sizes: 40 and 44 mm. The screens are 30% larger, according to Apple and they stretch further to the edges than ever before. The Apple Watch Series 4 is an update, but not a major one. It’s got a new, more powerful chip (the “S4”) at its core that promises “up to two times better performance.” The accelerometer has been improved to detect drops and can auto-dial emergency services when necessary.

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5. Bonus: iOS 12 will launch on September 17th

With iOS 12’s arrival next Monday, September 17, Apple is making some major upgrades to its mobile operating system. Perhaps most importantly of all, iOS 12 brings a major boost to older iPhones: 40% faster app launches, 50% faster keyboard pop-up, and a 70% speed increase in camera opening. In short, it will make older iPhones feel new-ish again.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Game Console

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It can be difficult to decide which console is best for you.

To make things somewhat easier, we share a list of things you have to think about before you make your purchase.

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Game Type

It is very likely that you have a preference for certain types of games. Some people prefer sports games while others prefer shooters. Chances are that there is even a series that you just can’t do without. It is important that you do not end up with a nice new shiny console but the games you like to play are not available for your console.

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It is important that you research what the consoles can deliver in terms of performance so that you are not disappointed afterwards. If you are a power user you don’t want to end up with a console that does not live up to your expectations.


Think about how much money you are willing to spend to buy a game console. Gaming costs money, not only the initial costs for the console but also the games and peripherals.
You will want to avoid spending more than your budget permits. You do not want to be in a position that you can’t afford to buy the game you were waiting for a long time for when it is finally released.

Online service

Most consoles offer an online service. Both the cost and what is included in these servers vary. If you are going to play online a lot, you will want the best service available. Stable servers, no downtime and cloud storage.


The way your data is stored and the maximum disk capacity are very important.
If you plan on buying digital versions of games, you might run out of disk space very quickly. With the PlayStation, it is very easy to add some extra storage with an SSD (solid state drive).

Ask friends

What console are your friends playing on? Chances are you want to play online with them. Having the same console as your friends have a lot of advantages. One of which is that you can borrow that game that they already finished for example.

From Cream to Code: Seun Agbeye’s Developer Journey

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Seun Agbeye’s journey into software development began where many young people’s dreams begin: a Hollywood blockbuster film. Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible franchise was all the rave, and Seun – like many other teenagers back then – was enthralled by the story.

“I have always been obsessed with technology but I never knew what I wanted to do with my life. Everything changed after I watched “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”. In the movie, there was this guy, Benji Dunn, that could build literally anything from scratch. Then I googled the movie, the role the guy played in the movie, and I came across words like ‘Software Engineer’, ‘Software Developer’, ‘Software Expatriate’, ‘Computer Scientist’, e.t.c. All those words I came across in my research were buzzwords to me, so, I googled each one of them and things became crystal clear to me,” he says.

Seun had racked up a reputation as an excellent barista and ice-cream scooper at one of the popular cafes in Lagos, Nigeria. He was working to save enough money for a college education. He was going to study Systems Engineering and be just as good as Benji Dunn. In the meantime, though, he just didn’t quite know how he’d get his start in technology.

“If you want to learn how to code, talk to me”

Remember that scene in Terminator 2, where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character tells young John Connor, “Come with me if you want to live,”? It’s arguably one of the most iconic lines in movie history. As the story goes, John Connor does go with the T-800 and the rest is history.

Seun traces his access into tech to a chance meeting with a gentleman known as Joseph Agunbiade at the mall where he was working. Mr. Joseph was sporting a shirt on which was written, “If you want to learn how to code, talk to me.” Seun did talk with him and there began a mentor-mentee relationship, where Mr. Joseph would introduce him to the world of software development. At this point, Seun was unsure if he still wanted to follow through with his plans to go to college or use all the money he’d saved until then to buy himself a laptop and keep learning software development.

It was not an easy call. Saving the money for college was a long shot, but so was the thought to leave that dream and pursue technology.

“How I Came to Andela”

“I heard about Andela 3 years ago from Michael Rosenberg,” says Seun. Michael and a team of Andelans had taken a table at his restaurant on a particular day. They were celebrating, and Seun had overheard everyone address the man as Michael. When he made Michael’s order, he took special care to spell his name on it with the cream. This got the man’s attention and they struck a conversation, where Michael tells him about Andela and how he could join the fellowship and get paid as a software developer if he can make it through the rigorous 2-week Bootcamp. It didn’t take long for Seun to make up his mind after that.

He broke the news to his family and told his mom he’d rather use the money he’d saved up to buy a computer and give software development his full attention. He quit his job as a barista, where a promotion was imminent, applied to the fellowship and the rest, as is commonly said, is history.

Today, Seun is a developer at Andela, working as a web developer and building products that add value to the company’s operations. He works with Python and has also worked with different Javascript frameworks/libraries like React, React Native, AngulaJs, and Meteor.

“Some of the things I have worked on that I am really proud of include:

  1. My first Npm package (Dropfiles)
  2. My first full stack Javascript application (Andela boot camp project) built with Node, React, Postgres and ExpressJs.
  3. My first Mobile app (Quickhelp) design with Sketch

Those things I mentioned above are not a big deal to me anymore, but at the time I was working on them, they were, and I am really proud that I challenged myself to complete those tools with no prior experience doing such things.”

When asked if the journey has been worth it and how, Seun tells us: “Yes, my journey into the “software land” was worth it because I have proved to myself that I can be useful to both myself and the world. My curiosity and drive for greatness has changed the “Mission Impossible” to “Mission Possible“.

NB: Andela is looking for passionate software developers to take on a full-time, paid employment opportunity with them. Think you have what it takes to be an Andela developer? Apply to the fellowship.

Safety Rules For Preventing Electrical Hazards at Home

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A safe home environment is not always enough to control all potential electrical hazards. You must be very cautious and work safely at home especially when you are dealing with home appliances.

In line with this, we discuss safety rules to help you prevent any electrical accident in your home.

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1. Check each extension cord before use

Ensure that the extension is completely free from cracks, tears, or abrasion and that power extension cables haven’t been knotted, which can cause conductor damage and increase the risk of shock or fire.

Related image

2. Keep extension cords in a safe place

The force of you stepping on your extension cords can cause the conductor to break, a problem that can lead to electrical fires. Because it occurs in the core of the cable, conductor damage isn’t always obvious to the eye, so play it safe from the start by guarding the cords with heavy-duty cord covers.

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3. Ensure that all electrical components stay dry

It’s one of the key rules of electrical safety: don’t mix electricity and water. Store power tools and cables above water level when not in use and never use electrically powered tools in a wet environment.

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4. Never modify electrical plugs

When using any home appliances, under no circumstances should you modify an electrical plug so that it will fit into a socket – doing so only increases the likelihood of shock, electrocution, and fire.

Use the right extension cord for the job

Before you plug in, make sure that the wattage rating of the extension cord you’re using is greater than the power requirement of the equipment it’s powering. Using an extension cord to supply more wattage than it’s rated for can cause conductor strain, overheating, and possibly even fire.

Five Computer Accessories To Make Life Easy

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Very few people leave home without their smartphones, their tablets, their laptops, and often with all three, or more of these devices. With so many digital devices to carry around, it is not surprising that there are still a few computer accessories that are essential for the efficient running of your day to day life.

Considering how mobile you have become, there are certain computer accessories that make life a lot easier. Here are a checklist of the most necessary computer related items that will make your life easy.

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1.A memory card

This goes without saying: you will never have enough memory on your devices. Luckily, most digital devices like phones, cameras and tablets have SD card expansion slots. Memory cards range in capacity anywhere from 4 to 64GB’s, so you will never run short of memory if you are prepared. Always keep a spare memory card handy.

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2. A portable USB hub

There are times you may need an extra USB port on your Tablet or notebook. Running out of USB ports is a common problem; however, it can easily be solved with a portable USB Hub. The portable USB Hub will ensure that you can add a number of additional devices to your Laptop, PC or other devices.

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3. Flash drive

Leaving home without a flash drive these days is like leaving home without your keys. A flash drive is essential for carrying extra files or for transferring information from one device to another. Keep one handy for emergencies.

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4. Car charger

In today’s world we are always on the go; running out of power between meetings and the office is always a strong possibility. Power for your devices is usually at a premium and a car charger for your devices is essential.

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5. Surge protector

Having your device blow up in your hands can lead to a serious crisis. So, when you are charging your devices, you cannot always be sure of the quality of the electricity you are getting and a surge protector becomes essential, especially if you are charging them away from home.