#TheAdventuresOfMuna Officially Launches Tomorrow

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Get ready for the launch of the #TheAdventuresOfMuna, a book designed to teach your kids safety tips through short stories authored by a seasoned safety personnel and advocate, Ugochi Obidiegwu, for your kids, wards and loved ones.


Ugochi Obidiegwu is the author of the “The Adventures Of Muna”. She owns The Safety Chic brand

Muna is your typical 7-year old African girl – happy, expressive and boisterous. Her day is filled with activities which have the potential to cause her harm, and so she needs a safety guide. Adventures of Muna is a collection of short stories about a typical day in Muna’s life and the safety habits she must learn in order to have an injury-free day. This kid-to-kid safety guide tackles various aspects of children safety, from preventing falls and handling strangers to surviving fires and using the roads safely. It passes the child safety message with simple language and familiar characters so that your child will both learn and remember.



This book launch will be one with a difference. Your purchase would ensure that an indigent child will also have access to the book. Therefore for every single book you buy, a child somewhere in Nigeria (Abia, Kaduna, Ekiti, Port Harcourt etc.) will get a book for free. Isn’t that “awemazing”?

Release Date: 16th September, 2017
Venue: Sahara Reporters, 13 Isaac John, Ikeja GRA
Time: 2pm prompt

Preview and purchase the Paperback format here https://www.amazon.com/reader/1522078029…

And get the Kindle format here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074S6MJ63?ref_=k4w_ss_dp_lp_ip


Prof Ogbechie, Olusola, Alabi, others to Speak at the Business of Education Summit


Edusko, an Edtech start-up that connects parents and students with suitable private schools within and outside Africa, is organising a discussion series, called the Business of Education. The maiden edition of the eventfocused on school leadershipis expected to have over 1000 school leaders in attendance.

According Edusko founder and event convener Jide Ayegbusi, it is expected to enable participating school leaders in Nigeria learn from business and thought leaders who are passionate about helping schools improve on their offerings and outcomes.

“As you may be aware, there is a growing body of evidence that school leadership has an impact on schools and students outcomes. While a lot has been discussed about our educational system and attributed its deploying conditions to poor implementation of curriculum, inadequate funding and poor monitoring, it seems we have not always looked to school leaders as harbingers of change. This year, we would be engaging with Nigerian school leaders and discussing the importance of school leadership in improving outcomes for our schools and students,” Ayegbusi said.

On the speakers and participants, Ayegbusi said: “We are expecting over a thousand top school owners, directors, administrators, education entrepreneurs, senior educators and key stakeholders in the Nigerian education sector. It’s high time our school leaders learned from experienced and business leaders who are passionate about how the business of education is being managed and are also willing to render practical assistance. So we are inviting these carefully selected leaders from different spheres of life to a panel discussion.”

Expected speakers and panellists at this event are: Chris Ogbechie, professor of Strategic Management, Pan Atlantic University; Lanre Olusola, life coach and founder Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy and Alex Goma, managing director, PZ Cussons Nigeria.

Others are: Biola Alabi, founder, BiolaAlabi Media; Gbenro Adegbola, managing director/CEO First Veritas Educational Delivery; Dr. Adebodun Sanyaolu, CEO Adkyke Consulting and Darrell McGraw, senior partner, Price Waterhouse Coopers Nigeria.

The event, which is scheduled to hold on 12 October, 2017 at Nelo’s Place, 2, Tomi Osikoya Drive, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja is free for all registered and invited participants.

The organisation behind this event, Edusko, was launched in 2015 to help private schools across Africa become more accessible and at the same time help parents make informed school choices despite their busy schedules. At the moment, over 4,000 leading schools are listed on the platform and more than 5,000 parents have used the platform in the last one year to place their kids in suitable schools. The company has presence in over 30 states in Nigeria and more than 10 regions in Ghana.



“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
~John Dewey

There are over 1,000 children living on the streets of Enugu State, Nigeria. We aim to make that statistic one less by RETRIEVING, REHABILITATING and REINTEGRATING them. Our aim is to take these children who have been ‘bent’ by the Streets and ‘straighten’ them by offering them opportunities to acquire formal education, life-advancement skills, etc. We already have 5 kids who will move on to Grade 9 (Junior Secondary School 3) in the 2017/2018 academic session, which has just resumed in Enugu. But we do not have all it takes to make this happen, so we come to you.

An education is something we take for granted. For the five (5) street kids we are sending to school, it is an unobtainable luxury. Please help in the creation of this important mission as we change lives by giving long-suffering and disadvantaged teenagers both the hope and the tools needed to live fruitful and happy lives.


We are so CLOSE to our GOAL. If EVERYONE who sees this post gave JUST N100, we would have enough funds for the entire academic session’s MATERIALS and TUITIONS. PLEASE HELP CHANGE A LIFE!

Below is what it will cost us to take care of the educational needs of each child this academic session:

ITEMS                                                           QUANTITY                                      COST PRICE

  • Shirt and short                                            5                                            4,000
  • Sandals                                                          5                                            2,500
  • School Bag                                                    5                                            3,000
  • White Socks                                                  5                                            500
  • Mathematical Set                                         5                                            400
  • 80 leaves long note Exercise Books 16 (200 each)                              3,200
  • Tuition                                                           5                                             1,800

TOTAL – N61, 600

TEXT BOOKS (2000 Each) X 16 X 5 Kids = N32,000


NB – For these five kids, it will cost N221,600.00 We are grateful for your help!



ENGLISH LANGUAGE – Intensive English for Junior Secondary School

MATHEMATICS – New General Mathematics for Junior Secondary


BASIC TECHNOLOGY – NERDC Basic Technology for Junior Secondary

SOCIAL STUDIES – Social Studies for Junior Secondary

BASIC SCIENCE – Basic Science for Junior Secondary

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – Comprehensive Physical Education for JSS

FRENCH – Bonjour L’Afrique

COMPUTER STUDIES – Computer Studies for Beginners

CIVIC EDUCATION – Civic education for JSS

HOME ECONOMICS – Home Economics for JSS



BUSINESS STUDIES – Spectrum Business Studies for JSS

AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE – Spectrum Agricultural Science for JSS


To donate, kindly send your token to:

GT Bank

Account Name – Straight Street Initiative

Account Number – 0254187084

‘Let us remember that One Child, One Teacher, One Pen And One Book Can Change The World. We must be determined that our dream of quality education for all will also come true’ – Malala Yousafzai


Four Countries With the Easiest Visa Procedures For International Students

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Over time studying abroad has actually become more accessible to students in a number of countries. You only need to do your research well enough to reveal these countries with good tertiary institutions and relatively easy visa procedures for international students, and take advantage of their offers. Here are four countries with the easiest visa procedures for international students.


Canada is considered as one of the top study destinations in the world because of its great universities, reasonable cost of living and beautiful environment and landscape. The country has quite an easy procedure for students to apply for study visas. The process basically requires the student to first apply for and gain entry into a Canadian university and then obtain a Canadian study permit, which is renewable for the length of the students study period. The best part of a Canadian study visa is that, not only can an individual study as an international student, he/she can also work as a student, obtain a post-graduation work permit, gain Canadian work experience and learn about pathways towards Canadian citizenship. Also, another great perk is that you can bring family members with you! You can learn more about studying in Canada by visiting the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website.



What is better than a country that has abolished tuition and fees at public universities? Nothing! Germany is such a country and another great place for international students to consider. Aside having an easy visa procedure for international students, it has a reasonable cost of living and some of the world’s finest universities. Basically, the process of getting a German study visa is to first gain admission into a German University, then complete a visa application and attend an interview. A positive outcome sees you obtaining a German study visa that allows you to study and work in the country. In addition, if you want to go to Germany just learn their language, you can obtain a language-study visa that lasts for a good two years and be on your way to learning the awesome language.


New Zealand

This is another country with an easy visa procedure for international students. Basically, you start by checking out the types of study visas the country offers and then begin your application process. You can also contact the program or university that accepted you and ask for their help in your visa application process; they can provide you with valuable information.



This country has such an easy visa procedure for international students that it can all be done online. Surprising right? Of course, you will need proof of your acceptance to a program of study and then the required paperwork. You can also contact the international students services office of the institution for assistance with the process, if you need it. An Irish study visa also gives you access to part-time employment depending on your program’s eligibility.


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Winning a scholarship isn’t as hard as you might think, there are certain tips that can help you maximize the process and achieve your goal of winning a study scholarship. Here are 8 helpful tips for getting a study scholarship.

Image result for scholarship application - Start Your Search As Soon As Possible

1.Start Your Search As Soon As Possible

When trying to get a study scholarship, you need to start your search as soon as possible because if you wait till the last minute you will miss half the deadlines. There are many scholarship schemes out there for you to take advantage of, you just need to start your search as soon as possible, even before your final year if possible. Be sure to consider scholarships from private foundations and government bodies, in addition to those of the universities you intend to apply to. Even company scholarship schemes, should be considered as long as you’re eligible.

Image result for scholarship application - Apply To Every Scholarship To Which You Are Eligible

2. Apply To Every Scholarship To Which You Are Eligible

This is one of the best strategies to ensure you win at least one scholarship. If you work hard and are able to win more than one, you will have options to choose from. In addition, some of these scholarships are in form of monetary grants, and if you are able to win enough of these scholarships, the money can add up into what can sustain you as a full scholarship.

Image result for professional online profile examples

3. Ensure You Have a Professional Online Profile

This is more of a precautionary move, in case your online profile is considered during the screening of your application. Ensure you use a professional email address on your applications and clean up the content of your social media accounts, removing inappropriate and immature material.

Image result for Be Weary Of Scholarship Scams

4. Be Weary Of Scholarship Scams

There is nothing like a ‘guaranteed scholarship’ and you don’t pay an application fee for a scholarship. Don’t be too eager or desperate when searching for scholarships, so you don’t fall into the trap of fraudsters. Ensure you confirm the credibility of whatever private foundation or government body you intend to apply to, before going forward with the application. This is because there are some fraudsters out there posing as ‘scholarship companies’ to take your money and disappear. You, therefore, have to be smart about your scholarship search.

Related image

5. Keep A Good Record of All Documents

You shouldn’t be looking to get the necessary application documents together at the last minute, instead you should ensure that all documents that are likely to be required are ready or you at least have a way to easily get them ready when needed. You shouldn’t try to get needed documents together at the last minute to avoid making mistakes with your application and  missing important deadlines.

Image result for Consider Scholarships With Smaller Awards

6. Consider Scholarships With Smaller Awards

Scholarships with smaller awards are usually less competitive and easier to win, so you can consider applying for these. To maximize this option, you can apply for as many of such smaller scholarship awards that you’re eligible for, and work hard to win as many of them as you can. Eventually, the awards can add up to something significant enough to help you with most of your study goals, if not all.

Image result for Make Sure Your Application is Good

7. Make Sure Your Application is Good

Try to figure out what is expected of you on the application and be authentic with your delivery of this. Brush up your essay writing skills and refine them to excellence so this can help boost the strength of your application in the essay writing category. Basically, do your research well, and ensure you give all it takes to submit an outstanding application by all standards.

Image result for scholarship application - Apply To Every Scholarship To Which You Are Eligible

8. Don’t Be Deterred By Failure

Yes, you might get a few negative responses on your scholarship applications but it’s not the end of the world. Don’t give up. Even if you don’t win a scholarship on entry into higher institution, you can still continue to apply for some available to you while you’re studying. Eventually, you will get one because like most things in life, the most successful scholarship winners are the ones that keep trying. Don’t let failure stop you, let it be a stepping stone to your success story.


For choosing to #BeTheBest, HOW Foundation rewards Two Outstanding Students with Brand new Laptops

There are many ways to encourage excellence in Intelligent students and since The HOW Foundation, a Non-Profit Organisation, with key focus on Malaria, Prostrate Cancer, Youth Leadership and Mentorship, believes education is a key to help raise tomorrow’s leaders, they chose to reward some students with gifts.

Sometime at the end of 2016, a call was made for students who had made excellent grades in their results, to send in their results so that they may receive a prize and on Tuesday, February 14th 2017, they did just that.

Ms Antonia Ally, Ojeaga Aidenomoehi, Gbegaje Danrome and their parents.
Two brilliant students of St Gregory’s College, Ojeaga  Aidenomoehi and Gbegaje Danrome, were proud recipients of brand new laptops as a result of their excellence. They could barely contain their excitement and their parents were beaming with joy as well.
Apart from the parents and guardians of the two students, CEO of The HOW Foundation, Ms Antonia Ally presented the prizes with the support of motivational speaker, Mr Joshua Ajitena during the prize giving ceremony.
Ms Ally says “there is nothing like working hard towards a goal, whatever it is we want to give the children something to look forward to, motivation and reward go hand in hand, we motivate the children to be the best and we reward the best, we believe it’s the best way to keep kids encouraged”

The how Foundation is developing a strategic system where children with outstanding and consistent grades from public schools in Nigeria would be given an opportunity to apply for How foundation scholarships to top Nigerian and international Universities.

Mr Joshua Ajitena, Ojeaga Aidenomoehi, Gbegaje Danrome and Ms Antonia Ally
For more information on the HOW Foundation, please contact them on Twitter : @howfoundationng | Instagram @howfoundationng | Facebook –  The HOW Foundation | Website – http://thehowfoundation.org/

Meet Jide Ayegbusi: Through edusko.com, he is working towards providing solution to Nigeria’s Education sector

Jide Ayegbusi_Edusko Image.jpg

Edusko.com is nothing like the education sector has ever experienced. Edusko bridges the gap between good schools and parents, thereby making the right schools available accessible and affordable to students. Unlike school directories that you are probably used to, Edusko.com actively takes good schools right to the doorpost of parents and interested parents to the door posts of schools, with a most amazing ease and efficiency.

We met with the founder, Jide Ayegbusi. He took us through the journey of conception and growth of his Education Tech Startup.

Image result for jide ayegbusi

  • Give us a brief description of background (your family, education, childhood dreams etc.)

My name is Jide Ayegbusi. I’m the founder of Edusko.com. I’m from Ikare, Akoko North East local government area of Ondo State. I grew up from a humble home but my parents managed to give me education.In 2008, I graduated top 3 in my class with a CGPA of 4.05 to bag a BSc degree in Psychology (Adekunle Ajasin University). In 2009/2010, I participated in the mandatory one-year NYSC program in Bayelsa State where my published career book for secondary school students and other community development initiatives won me corps member of the year award.

Previously in my career, I’ve demonstrated remarkable abilities and achievements in Brand Management, Channel Management, Strategic Planning, Advertising and Project Management. I love writing; I have written well over a 100 articles featured in top media platforms such as Brandpower, BrandIQ, Lagos Television, Sportsday, goal.com, ideaslane.com, techpoint.com, vc4a.com, Brandish, College People etc.

Edusko_Entrance Exam Home slider.jpg

I’ve always loved quality education from my childhood even though my parents could barely afford it.My dogmatic ardour and fervour for quality and affordable education in Africa led my team to found Edusko.com.

Founded in mid-2015, Edusko.com is an edtechstartup that connects parents and students with good and affordable schools in Nigeria and beyond. I am currently inspiring a team of five in this organisation to connect thousands of Africans to over 20,000 good and affordable schools before 2019.

  • Considering that you became an entrepreneur, who had the greatest impact on you growing up?

My mother was such an incredible woman. She had an unflinching passion for entrepreneurship. I learnt from her zest for business and her gusto for success. Besides my parents, passionate entrepreneurs that I’ve read about and many that I came in contact with in person had in one time or the other had great impact on my becoming an entrepreneur.

  • What kind of jobs (if any) did you have before starting your business and what did you learn from them?

I sold insurance policies briefly for Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc before joining Mediaplus International, a leading integrated marketing communications company in Nigeria. Within two years of joining Mediaplus, I rose to become the Agency’s Brand Strategist. I left Mediaplus International to join Edumark Ltd, a leading education marketing outfit before pitching my tent with Vitafoam Nigeria Plc as sales manager. At Vitafoam, I successfully created channel opportunities and strategically positioned over 30 channel partners for financial growth, improved sales turnover and business expansion.

The sales and marketing skills I learned from these places have been very helpful.

Edusko Logo Image.jpg

  • What motivates you and how do you get through the day?

I close from work every day eagerly looking forward to the following day. I’m extremely passionate about success and I try to make every day counts.

  • What is your favourite part of your business?

I love marketing and I’m finding it interesting using my marketing skills to promote Edusko.com. Great product or service without acceptance from the market would fail abysmally, same as great product or service without awareness in the market. So communicating our brand values and promise to our stakeholders such as parents, students and schools is my favourite part of the business.

  • Is there anyone you work with that inspires you and how?

Although I’m an intrinsically motivated person, I’ve been blessed with a lot of great people in the past and present who have greatly impacted my life and career. I have such great people like Mr. Alex Goma, MD of PZ Cussons Nigeria;Mrs. Biola Alabi, Former MD of MNET Africa; Mr.Patrick Okebie, Chairman of Atlantees Group; Dr. Ghalib Fahad of Grenville International School; Dr. Nun Aiyegbusi an amazing uncle of mine and many more. I’m also blessed with brilliant young sharps in Edusko team who have keyed into the vision so passionately and are willing to offer their best despite the not-so-fantastic pay.

Edusko connects.jpg

  • When did you start your business and what convinced you to take the leap?

Edusko was founded in June, 2015. The idea to found Edusko came in 2013 when I observed a huge gap in the process of finding good schools in Africa. I knew that success of a startup most especially in the education sector is dependent on the availability of quality data. So we used 2 years to self-gathered data that would be very useful for our business operations. We gathered this data to a reasonable level and founded Edusko even though I wasn’t too clear where the journey would lead us eventually. We had to break the ice knowing fully well that our business model shouldn’t be perfect to start the journey.

  • What challenges did you face and what mistakes did you make?

One of our early challenges was acceptance from the schools. The penetration was very low and the “top schools” were not willing to listen to us. Funding was also a major challenge. Edusko was bootstrapped with a very lean budget and this affected our scaling speed. One of the mistakes we made was to go to the media without any existing traction. We started approaching tech media for PR without any existing traction thereby exposing ourselves to possible competitions.

  • In what ways did you mature as a person during the process?

Our mistakes made us stronger and mature. We’ve learned a lot from these mistakes. We’ve also received a lot of constructive criticism from fellows who are genuinely interested in Edusko success. I’ve also learned that low funding brouhaha could be managed if one isn’t biting more than one can chew. In as much as we loved to scale Edusko as quickly as possible, we also realized the need to bootstrap it to a level where genuine investors would be interested in our model.

  • How were you able to grow your business?

The initial capital which was my personal savings helped in the early stage. We’ve been blessed with a highly motivated team and our individual skills are being used to grow the business. We are also fortunate to have started generating revenue six months after Edusko was launched. This fund is being reinvested to grow the business as well.

  • What principles/ factors helped you and your business succeed?

First, you must believe and have passion for what you’re doing as an entrepreneur otherwise, failure looms.

Second, you must not be in business for wrong reasons. At Edusko, we strongly believe that we are in business to bridge a huge gap we discovered in the African education sector. We are passionate about connecting parents with good and affordable schools in Africa and beyond with ease. This is what drives us and brings us joy not the revenue.

  • What are the words that keep you going in your business?

I love this statement and I’ve often shared it with my team: “Success is never by accident neither is failure”. In other words, success and failure are predictive. At Edusko, we strongly believe that we are on the path of success and this is what’s keeping us going despite myriads of challenges we face daily.

  • What is the next step for your business?

We are seeking funding to expand to other African countries. We also want to increase our capacity in Nigeria in terms of human capital, marketing and product development.

  • What is your vision for your country and for Africa as a whole?

I yearn for Africa where quality education would be available and affordable. For example, Nigerians spend N1.5trillion annually for foreign education. This is disheartening!

There are over 80,000 government approved schools in Nigeria; only a few of these schools offer quality education that can raise the kind of leaders we deserve. These few schools are unbelievably expensive and very few Nigerians can afford them. The middle class are between the deep blue sea and the devil; they can neither afford these schools nor allow their children to experience the below the ebb kind of education offered by the many poorly funded schools available in the country.

Another challenge faced by Nigerians is to identify good schools amidst over 80,000 jostling for their attention.

In our own little way, we’ve created a solution (edusko.com) that is already partnering with over a thousand schools in Nigeria and beyond. Fortunately, many of these schools are willing to provide affordable school fees to the middle class. At the moment, over 5,000 parentsvisit edusko.com on a weekly basis to search through over 3,000 good and affordable listed schools.

It is also our belief that in the future, the below average schools would up their games to have access to parents and students on edusko.com. Through this mean, we are ensuring quality education in Nigeria. The rate at which Nigerians travel abroad, spend millions of dollars for quality education would also reduce drastically and our GDP would improve.

Through edusko.com, the feature of many African youths look brighter; generation of quality, credible and responsible leaders would be created.


  • What advice do you have for people out there who want to start their own business?


Entrepreneurship for me is not just about starting a business and making money, it’s about problem solving. Opportunity for entrepreneurial success abounds where there many problems to be solved like we have in Africa. Think of a solution to one of these problems and you would become very successful.


Jide Ayegbusi

Founder, Edusko.com

Email: Jide.ayegbusi@edusko.com

Twitter: @jideayegbusi

Skype: jide.ayegbusi1

Edusko launches “Family and School Matters” animated series in Nigeria

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Edusko, leading Edtechstart-up that connects parents and students with good and affordable schools within and outside Africa, has launched a still animated series titled “Family and School Matters” to help Nigerian parents and educators understand parenting, child education, school issues and other related matters in a fun, illustrative and educative way.

According to Edusko founder Jide Ayegbusi, the start-up is committed to helping families and educators understand critical issues that hover around child rearing, child development, education, parent-teacher relationship, sex education, discipline, financial literacy and many more.

“We’ve discovered that a lot of parents don’t have the time to read thousand-word articles to learn better ways of parenting. We want to help these parents learn more using still animation that can convey the narrative in less than 30 seconds. We also want to help the schools learn and understand better what’s going on within their students’ families,” Ayegbusi said.

Speaking about the animated characters, he said,“We’ve chosen the characters that reflect the lives of many busy parents in the city. These parents are faced with the challenges of excelling in their careers while also trying to be the best parents to their lovely kids.

“Our characters comprise: Mr. Barwa Macaulay, a middle-aged father who is a senior manager at a leading bank and his beautiful wife Tiwa, a 35 year-old personal assistant to the CEO of a leading telecom company. Chuba and Sandra are their children – 8-year-old boy in grade 5 and 3 year-old girl attending home school respectively.”

Bukola Bello, Edusko content manager said, “Each season of the Family and School Matters shall last for 3 months. We would sponsor each weekly episode on social media and members of the public would have the opportunity to share their thoughts.”

Edusko was launched in 2015 to help parents and students find and apply to good schools amidst thousands jostling for their attention. In less than 2 years, over 3000 schools have been listed, over 500,000 parents have used the platform to find good schools and over 2000 students have been directly referred to the schools.

Schools ranging from crèches, nursery and primary, secondary, tertiary,special schools in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, UK, Canada, United States and China are freely available for finders on edusko.com.

Key things prospective college students should know about Nigeria

Nigeria may not be considered a first world country, but the quality of education offered within the state is quite high and as such, students from outside the country visit for full-time study or exchange programs in the local colleges and universities.

College in Nigeria, like it is in any part of the world, can be an exciting adventure:moving away from home, meeting new people and finally getting a true taste of independence. There are however a few things these college students who intend to visit Nigeria for education should first know about the state.

Here are 5 important tips to help them make the most of their experience.


The Nigerian culture is different from yours

The way of life in Nigeria will certainly be different from that which is the norm wherever you are coming from. Rather than shy away from the new Nigerian lifestyle, embrace it. College is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone, try a lot of new things and meet all different kinds of people. Do not just hang with other international students, get involved in as many things as you can, make sure you meet both international and Nigerian students as that is the best way to experience, learn and adopt the Nigerian life.

Do not believe everything you see on the news

Just because you saw a recent article saying that Niger Delta militants are invading Lagos and it is the start of another civil war doesn’t make it true. In an age where everyone tweets his or her opinions, it is hard to discern the real news from a skewed fabrication. While it is important you stay current on the local news, be sure to ask yourself: What evidence did the reporter provide? Is that source named, authoritative, independent and credible? Sifting the news you get is a good way to ensure you never get a heart attack by some of the headlines that newspapers around the country carry.

There Are Opportunities for Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid

The general idea is that Nigeria is a poor country and so there are no opportunities for students, especially international students to gain any form of scholarship, grant or financial aid. This is not true. Some universities offer partial to full scholarships for international students. Also, there are many organizations and foundations that offer grants and financial aid, you just need to be able to research properly, ask your school’s admission office and show all requirements.

Grades are NOT everything

This may sound like Greek to you right now as your needed admission was based on grades, scores in the JAMB, WAEC or GSCE. You, however, need to realize that when you get into the Nigerian college, it is a different ball game. Key thing is to find a balance between fun and work, because after you graduate, your grades may not be entire all that qualifies you for a job and even more. When you look back at your years in college, you probably will not remember if you got an A or a C in ENG 101, but you will remember the awesome memories with your friends and colleagues as well as other experiences you garnered. Keep in mind that Grades, while important, are not everything.

Nigerian student graduates with 5.0 CGPA from Russian University


A Nigerian student, Victor Olalusi,from the prestigious Russian National Research Medical University has emerged as the best graduating student with a grade point of 5.0 in the faculty of Clinical Sciences.

Victor, the genius as he is fondly called by his peers, previously had the best WAEC result in 2004, after which, he Emerged as JAMB best Science Student with an amazing score of 322. He was also Cowbell Prize award winner in 2006. His name was in the Medicine first merit list in OAU. He made the highest OAU post UME Score of 325.

He was equally given Federal Government Scholarship in Medicine and surgery in 2006.Victor’s University degree result is indeed a record no one can break, but can only equal.